7 seat versus 6 seat configuration - need help please

7 seat versus 6 seat configuration - need help please

I am scheduled to get a 7 seat configuration since I have 4 children and often seem to bring along one friend or another but have an alternate back up if 7 seats doesn't really work.
I am worried about the claustrophobic aspect of the 3rd row. I am not looking for any Model X bashing but some honest feedback from those who have had people in the 3rd row for more than a test drive. Are they prone to feeling more car sick with the limited visibility? Is there enough room for 2 5'6" children in the 3rd row? I'm trying to avoid spending $115k on a car that my children get car sick in the back. Have people who bought 7 seat wished they got 6 seat or vise versa?

Thank you in advance for anyone's unbiased thoughts (I know that may be hard as I too love Tesla and my P90DL MS)

socalsam | 28 maart 2016

Get the 6 seater. Much more utility and the middle opening will give more room to the 3rd row.

DarthB | 28 maart 2016

I got the 7 seater but I think 6 seater is the best option if you are 100% sure you won't need the 7th seat :) For me, my fear of that 5% use case got me to go with the 7 seater....

rdainer | 28 maart 2016

after seeing both in the test drive - 6 seats. If you desperately need 7 with 4 kids....this isn't the car for you :(

carlk | 28 maart 2016

Most people think 6 seat is the best.

cbentinck | 28 maart 2016

DarthB, how is the back of the 7 seater, kids okay with it.
Unfortunately, I a awaiting delivery in 1 week and so it will cost me $5k to and another wait to change at this stage but better that than a car that only really takes 3 of my kids.
Any and all other experiences greatly welcomed.

Thanks again

Triggerplz | 28 maart 2016

I ordered the 6 seats and will get a custom armrest/console made and installed between the seats

rdainer | 28 maart 2016

@triggerplz - will you share where you get it made? A console is key I think....refrigerated too :)

elguapo | 28 maart 2016

I got 7 seater for reasons in OP's post. I have a child who is 44" tall and it is relatively tight for him back there. Now, he is still in a low back booster, so that may be part of it, but it's tight back there. As others have said, unless you really need it, go with 6.

Also, the second row middle seat doesn't have a ton of legroom either because the front center console comes back a bit and the headroom is low due to "spine" required for FWDs.

No regrets from me as I needed 7, and when I move second row forward a bit, kids have more room in 3rd, but second row has less room.

Triggerplz | 28 maart 2016

@rdainer it's Dimico upholstery shop at 1337 Delsea Drive Deptford New Jersey 08096... 856-853-8181..They couldn't give a price yet as they need to do measurements I'm expecting delivery end of April. That's the first place I'm taking it.. Yes I'm in the no MX sales tax state. :)

teslagiddy | 28 maart 2016


"I have 4 children and often seem to bring along one friend or another"

I think you just answered your own question. Get the 7 seater. So what if the kids in the back are cramped for the 20 min ride to soccer practice? What is your alternative? A gas guzzling Expedition? An Odyssey with the oh-so-cool "lightning bolt" window? No thanks!

rdainer | 28 maart 2016

@triggerplz you can tell them I'll order one too ;) ultra white ...cooling system built in if they have that ..I'm kidding you don't have to say that but you can if it will get you a discount or something and I'll follow through

pvetesla | 28 maart 2016

Basically I agree with most here.

Sat in both 6 and 7 seater and drove the 6 seater and sat as a passenger on the 7 seater. I'm 6'2ish and the middle second row seat was tight and I hit my head on the center cealing area that holds the springs for the falcon doors. It also made the rear 3rd row feel very cramped and closed in. The 6 seat option opened up the interior and made it feel spacious. If you don't need 7 seats it's the best option.

kuchkd | 28 maart 2016

I struggled with this same decision, and ultimately chose the 6-seater ... the visibility on the 7-seater is poor/impracticable, so those situations where I have more kids to carry, I will resort back to the mini-van. 90%+ of the time the six seater will be right for our family of 6 (and dogs)

elguapo | 28 maart 2016

@kuchkd I wouldn't make the decision on visibility alone. I drive with the third row headrests down (but seats up) when no one is there and visibility is fine, even with second row middle headrest blocking a bit.

There are so many sensors and the rear camera, that I think the bigger item for a decision is the lack of room for people in 3rd row.

elguapo | 28 maart 2016

My Odyssey has more room in the third row, but it is an enormous pain to get to kids back there for buckling or anything else, especially if you have center seat in second row in place and/or child seats in second row.

Access to third row in the X is super simple and easy. I can buckle my kids easily and have a rear facing seat stay in place in second row. Lots of moving pieces with this decision - pun intended.

Triggerplz | 28 maart 2016

@rdainer are from this area ?

cbentinck | 28 maart 2016

Thank you all for your help! I have 7 seats on the way but am going to see if I can switch to 6. Thank you again for taking time to help us with this dilemma!

rdainer | 29 maart 2016

@triggerplz I'm in DC but happy to drive in my X :)

Triggerplz | 29 maart 2016

@tdainer Family got a florist shop there Johnnie's florist 2000 Georgia Ave

rdainer | 29 maart 2016

I know that florist! I drive by sometimes! small world :)

darlin | 29 maart 2016

I ordered the 7 seat due to the 3 dogs I have. They each have a seat belt harness that keeps them in their respective seats, yet allows them to turn around.

That way, in case of a wreak (they are not accidents, someone did something wrong) they can not become a deadly missile.

The 7 seats gives me the most options for carrying people, dogs or a combination of the two.

Most states are starting to crack down on those that drive with their dogs on the laps. Thank god.

carlshome | 29 maart 2016

After test driving six and seven seaters in Fremont, I choose the six seater for better rear visibility, a more overall spacious feeling and the ability to put long items in the car with the rear seats down.

Roamer@AZ USA | 30 maart 2016

We have a six and a seven. If I did it over they would both be six.

I thought my daughter would run her car with the kid seat in the center. We found it more difficult to reach into the center of the car to buckle the straps. So now the kid seat is on the left side it is painless to buckle up the straight jacket....I mean connect the seat belts.

Only draw back, there is no area next to the seat for snacks and iPads to be within reach when you put a kid seat in a six seat car. But then if you put it third row there is a seat next to the kid seat. But then you are back to the harder to buckle in problem.

Nothing is ever perfect. Get something ...give up something.

aesculus | 30 maart 2016

Only draw back, there is no area next to the seat for snacks and iPads to be within reach when you put a kid seat in a six seat car.

Sounds like you need the 'soon to be announced' snack and iPad center console that also doubles as a ski rack and lumber carrier. :-)

Triggerplz | 30 maart 2016

@roamer maybe you should do like me when my MX arrives I will have a custom made armrest/console installed between the second row seats not only will you have a place for the snacks you can store your iPad inside the console..

junham11 | 28 augustus 2018

Here is the comparison between 6 seater vs 7 seater with photos. Hope it's helpful.

Triggerplz | 28 augustus 2018

Wow reaching back over 2 years

Triggerplz | 28 augustus 2018

I'm sure the OP was helped by now

KurtX | 28 augustus 2018

Give some credit, did not post referral code in forum and generated some summarized content...

bonhari03 | 29 augustus 2018

Still an interesting discussion. I have ridden in the 3rd row in our six seater. It is surprising comfortable, particularly because I can stretch a leg out between the second row seats. The 7 seat or a console would prohibit that. I'm 5'10" (in a good mood) and 200lbs. This car never ceases to amaze me.

Sc0rPs | 30 augustus 2018

7 seat is not as claustrophobic as you may think, I got this build for a couple reasons. First is growing family, relatives, friends, etc. etc. along with pets which Second allows those rear seats to lay down flat when not in use making very large cargo space and pet area. Of course have the pet cover & all :).