Cancelled Test Drive

Cancelled Test Drive

I'm frustrated. I thought I had a solid game plan of scheduling a test drive for 10 AM on the 31st, with the intent of being first on a salesman's schedule and then putting the reservation down afterwards. I was called last night and they cancelled all test drives for the 31st. Oh well. I guess I get to wait in line with everyone else.

PhillyGal | 29 maart 2016

Blessing in disguise - In the time it would have taken you to drive the car, 50-100 people will have had their reservations in already.

Plus this makes total sense - it needs to be all hands on deck. Have fun anyway, the spirit of the day should be pretty great.

Shesmyne2 | 29 maart 2016

"All hands on deck" is what I was told when I volunteered my time as an Ambassador to my local service center.
I think the employees are as excited as we are!

Have a great trip to and at the Event.

Still Grinning ;-)

PhillyGal | 29 maart 2016

@Shesmyne - What a wonderful idea for you to volunteer. Have fun as well!

ST70 | 29 maart 2016

cancelled test driving what car? | 29 maart 2016

@kevin: my plan is to slip into the frunk of one of the two showroom cars at closing tomorrow night when no one is looking. I'll be waiting inside the store when they unlock the doors, first in line. :-))

kevinwolfe | 29 maart 2016 Love it!
@ST70: The model S. I've ridden in one and pleased enough to have no reservations about, well, making a reservation.

PBEndo | 29 maart 2016

Sorry george, I am already hiding in the frunk and it ain't big enough for the 2 of us.

Haggy | 29 maart 2016

That is indeed good news. It means that when people do line up, chances are that Tesla will have all available staff doing nothing but taking reservations. They will still want to have as many deliveries as possible for the end of the quarter so I can't speculate as to whether they will try to have all hands on deck for reservations, but I expect that the sales people will do little more than manning their iPads or computers to have people key in their information.

Bighorn | 29 maart 2016

Yeah, that plan was never going to work.

Chunky Jr. | 29 maart 2016

"A" for effort, though.

danCE | 29 maart 2016

I spoke to my local store today to confirm details and they are expecting that each reservation will take about 3 minutes. Name, email address, phone no., and credit card swipe. That's it. Done. Next!

jbunn | 29 maart 2016


You know you won't be able to test drive the model 3 anytime soon, right. And if you want to drive the S, just do it anytime you want.

Chunky Jr. | 29 maart 2016

@ jbunn : I don't think his plan was just to drive an S - he wanted to set it up so he could be there at 10am to make a reservation for Model 3 without having to wait in line.