Different Door Handles?

Different Door Handles?

Does anyone know why the door handles on the grey car were different from those on the red and silver ones?

david | 2 april 2016

Probably just trying ideas in the prototypes. I would assume when it ships one of those will be the one and only option.

Tstolz | 2 april 2016

Just hope they are mechanical!

minderbinder | 2 april 2016

Could just be a prototype thing. However, it may be that the high-end model will have motorized pop-outs like the S. The ones used in the test drives were clearly mechanical - you can see it in the videos.

proven | 2 april 2016

Someone mentioned that the grey car was an earlier prototype and the handle shape was reused from the S/X. And yeah, in the videos you could see that the handles were mechanical. Press on one end and the other end pops out to pull on

jordanrichard | 2 april 2016

minderbinder, did you actually find a video where the handles were used? Every video I have seen the doors are already open from the previous people getting out. So I never saw the handles actually being used. I did notice that the Tesla employees were actually pushing the doors closed fully vs just lightly pushing the door and let it close on its own.

cquail | 2 april 2016

The hockey stick door handles are cool.

matt | 2 april 2016

Here is a short clip I created from Bjørn's YouTube video. The attendant pushes the back of the flush 'L' door handle to manually pop the door open.

Source: Bjørn Nyland YouTube channel

skygraff | 2 april 2016

They don't seem to be using it as a pull. Wonder if it's a temporary that isn't yet secure enough for constant use (didn't want one to fall off in front of press so told attendants to avoid) or if the mechanical actually isn't the final plan; already seeing smudges from the pressing.

Like the mechanical idea but wonder if they'll lock flush when in gear because I could see a dust speck causing those to catch the wind.

Thanks for the clip, Matt!

cchouston | 2 april 2016

I was at the event and can attest to the fact that the handles in both test ride vehicles were pop out lever action handles. In fact the interior levers, at least in the back where I was seated (the silver car) were nonfunctioning. A sign of the test mule nature of the car. The red car stayed on the stage and though its handle shapes were the same as the silver car, it was a rolling chassis with no running gear. It was pushed on to stage during a blackout prior to the cars driving on to the stage.

danCE | 2 april 2016

Having the handle pivot from the back won't make it into the final product. The problem is that as the car is moving forward, the wind will catch the leading edge and pop it out. If they go with a mechanical pivot, it will certainly pivot from the front or, more likely from the top as shown on one of the other prototypes.

Also in the video (thanks, Matt) notice how pushing the handle barely moves the door and the actual opening is done manually by the Tesla rep grabbing the edge of the frame and pulling. These handles are barely functional, something they dropped in for the launch only.

tedirelan | 2 april 2016

A good video to see both front and rear handles is "u-tube"... /watch?v=umSgvubQZ5c

tedirelan | 2 april 2016

The formentioned video shows the handles at the timestamp of 8:50.

cesker | 2 april 2016

Observed exactly the same thing - and while those on two of the three prototypes appear to be mechanical reverse-opening handles, that would not be a new design. Pontiac (and likely other GM stablemates) used a reverse-opening lever handle on the 1969-1972 Grand Prix - and, no, they did not flip open at speed (springs, folks, springs, and laminar flow.

cephellow | 2 april 2016

They won't flip open in the wind. That is plain dumb. I always admired the handles on the Mercedes 300 gull wing coupe, this is the same type of design. Very cool, I hope they stay.

jamilworm | 4 april 2016

I am starting to have concern about the way I think the door handles are supposed to work. I think for the handles on the right side of the car, you are supposed to push in the fat part with your thumb and then grab the protruding skinny part with your fingers and pull to open the door. On the left side you would need to use your left to open it.

I think that is affirmed by this video:

That kind of sucks if you need to use a particular hand to open the car door. There are a number of reasons that you might not be able to use a particular hand - you are missing one hand/arm, you have a disability that affect one arm, you have a broken arm, you happen to be holding something in that arm... It seem ridiculous that you couldn't open a door with either hand. I hope they come up with a better handle design.

Oh and I don't think a good answer is to press with your pinky if you need to open the door with the "wrong" hand.

mos6507 | 5 april 2016

Then they should probably have a Model S motorized door handle option.

Nic727 | 5 april 2016

Handles are ugly. I hope it will be something automatic or a better way to open the door than that.

Haggy | 5 april 2016

I'd prefer to see the pop out handle over the motor driven one simply because it seems as if they can get cars to production faster. Having a handle that will cost $1000 to replace out of warranty isn't a good idea for a car in that price range.

Red Sage ca us | 8 april 2016

I... don't like them.

It could be done a slightly different way. Mainly, I don't like the contour of the part that swings outward. It seems to be a pinch point in both directions.

hcwhy | 8 april 2016

They look just as cool but there's less to go wrong and four less motors on the car. That's an improvement in my book.

Rocky_H | 13 april 2016

@Haggy, +1 Yeah, they really REALLY do not need to put motorized door handles on this car. They are a reliability and cost nightmare.