Dimensions of Model 3?

Dimensions of Model 3?

Would anybody happen to have the exterior dimensions of the Model 3 concepts? I've got a friend who is very interested in pre-ordering, but he has a VERY tight garage.



dd.micsol | 7 april 2016

contact tesla directly for more info.

jordanrichard | 7 april 2016

This doesn't give you exact numbers, but go to youtube and type in Model 3 in the wild. there is a video of one in silver following a MS and the difference in size is quite pronounced. The MS is 16 ft long and I am guessing that the M≡ is/will be 13 ft long.

Xerxes5 | 9 april 2016


Xerxes5 | 9 april 2016


chris | 9 april 2016

Elon Musk said it would be about the size of an Audi A4. Although it looks smaller than that in the video referenced above.

Red Sage ca us | 9 april 2016

For some reason, Mollom will no longer allow me to post images from my Google Drive here.

EVino | 9 april 2016
Red Sage ca us | 9 april 2016

EVino: What is the source of these dimensions?

traisters | 9 april 2016

Is there any information about the interior dimensions?

jordanrichard | 10 april 2016

traister, all anybody knows is what you know or would know from watching the videos of the reveal or test rides.

EVino | 10 april 2016

Red, found on the net. I believe it's a CAD estimation after superimposing on the Model S.

Lubdub | 10 april 2016

In the past there was an estimate of 20% smaller than the S. So maybe 13 ft?

Beryl | 10 april 2016

I want interior dimensions also. It was stated that the modified dash design helps provide more legroom but I need to know shoulder/head/hip room front and rear. This is important for long distance (1000+ mile) trips. My take with larger (adult) passengers:
Model S - 4
Model X - 5
Model 3 - 3

anstockton | 10 april 2016

From a high-resolution side-view picture of the M3 "in the wild" in good sunlight, I get an upper limit of ~179 inches if you assume that the wheelbase is the same as that of the MS (I doubt that it would be longer), and ~176 inches if you assume that its height is the same as that of the MS without air suspension (or similar to that of the Audi A4 or BMW 3 series). Of course, this could change by a bit in the final version, though I hope not by too much.

jordanrichard | 10 april 2016

Does anyone bother reading what has already been written over and over again.....

No one here knows any specs about the car other than what was mentioned in the reveal.

george210 | 10 april 2016

The Audi A4 is legth 186" width 73".
Elon allegedly stated that the Tesla Model 3 will have a size like the Audi A4.

Red Sage ca us | 10 april 2016

While looking for something else, I found this, which I wrote sometime last year:

I would suggest it look nothing whatsoever like a Volkswagen e-Golf, Ford Focus Electric, Nissan Leaf, BMW i3...

It needs to be beautiful. It will compete against some really nice looking cars: ACURA ILX, AUDI A4, BMW 3-Series, Cadillac ATS, Jaguar XE, Infiniti Q50, Lexus IS, Mercedes-Benz C-Class...

It may have exterior dimensions similar to a Compact car, but I believe it will be classified as Midsized due to the interior and cargo space gained by having an electric drivetrain.

I expect the first two body types released will be a Sedan and Crossover. Europe may see a Wagon. It will be a long while before a Coupe, or Convertible/Cabriolet is released. You won't see a car in the Civic, Corolla, Elantra, Focus segment for nearly ten years.

cephellow | 10 april 2016

@jordan- relax, let us have fun speculating, you're not our mommy.
The tires on the silver m3 prototype are definitely Michelin pilot sport 275/30 ZR20s(from a close up photo of the wheel) Same rims as in the model 3 photo above. Those are definitely 21s on the model S above. So I believe the scale of the model 3 photo above is larger than the scale of the photo of the S. The model 3 may be a bit less than roughly 180 inches estimated in the drawing.

yongliangzhu68 | 11 april 2016

@anstockton: Since it is a totally new platform it is unlikely to coincidentally have the same wheelbase. Also I (vaguely) remember reading or hearing comments that it was (or appeared to be) taller than the MS.

Hi_Tech | 11 april 2016

@EVino: +1
I know this is only estimates, but really helps to see them aligned next to each other like this.

yongliangzhu68 | 11 april 2016

@cephellow: Agree, with so little hard facts and figures, what the hell else is there to do other than debate the unknowns.

PhillyGal | 11 april 2016

'tis far better to reserve now and cancel later than to reserve later and have to wait FOR-EV-ER to get the car. After the "part 2" reveal, what if reservations double?

jordanrichard | 11 april 2016

I have no problem with speculating or coming up with a wish list. So my remarks are not directed that way. It is more about people asking for set specifics when none are available and has been stated as such multiple times.

bob | 12 april 2016

From what I have heard many times the wheels are 20" so using that measurement on a photo, the car is 14 feet long bumper to bumper. Then again I wish Tesla would give out some simple information like this, considering many of us have put a hold on a car that we hope will fit in our garage.

chris | 13 april 2016

That would make it more the size of an Audi A3, not the A4 as Elon referred to. My concern now is that is going to be too small.

bj | 13 april 2016

Based on the drawing above, Model 3 will be only about 12cm longer than a Nissan Leaf (i.e. 4.57m vs 4.45m) which I find seats 4 adults comfortably, and 5 at a pinch. Given EM pointed out the ways they are maximising interior space in the Model 3, I expect it to feel a bit roomier than the Leaf.

Hi_Tech | 13 april 2016

Wow, talk about detailed speculations! I'm impressed!
I'm going with what's been said by TM. It'll be the largest interior space in it's class. It'll be in the class of A4. Seeing those on the road, I feel comfortable with the size.

jordanrichard | 13 april 2016

Though it won't give you set numbers, it will give you scale. Go to Youtube, look for "Model 3 in the wild". There is a video of a silver M≡ pulling up behind a silver MS. The contrast is quite striking along with the similar looks. It is definitely a "mini-me".

george210 | 13 april 2016

The Audi A4 is length 186" width 73".
Elon allegedly stated that the Tesla Model 3 will have a size like the Audi A4.

And just in case…
The Audi A3 is length 175.4” width 73".

FREE ENERGY | 14 april 2016

You are all estimating the lenght in mm, that´s correct, Tesla Motors do the same :-)

jordanrichard | 14 april 2016

Well, the MS is 196", making the A4 only 10 inches shorter. Now, if you watch the video of the silver Model 3 behind the silver MS, it looks a lot more than 10 inches smaller.

PhillyGal | 14 april 2016

@Chris - What defines too small? The M3 has fantastic cabin space and head/leg room for even the rear passengers, plus can seat 5 for real. If it also has class leading cargo space due to the frunk, how do the exterior dimensions matter?

jordanrichard | 14 april 2016

PG, since you were there, how much shorter than a MS was it? Would you say it is indeed an Audi A4 size car?

Hi_Tech | 14 april 2016

@PG - (as Jordan mentioned) Since you were there, how did the trunk look? Could you put 2 large "check-in" bags (roughly the 28" variety) in the back and at least a "carry-on" in the front? Just to get an idea on the size of the trunk spaces for us that were not as fortunate.

yongliangzhu68 | 14 april 2016

@ Ø: In the US we never adopted the metric system. Now we are stuck with somewhat of a hybrid system. However all most all specifications and measurements are in the feet and inches (sans alcohol and engine displacement). Tesla as well as all (I know of) car manufactures also uses feet and inches on their US site.

I wish we had switched over but that train left the station in the mid 70s at 100mph (or is it 161kph?). :)

EVino | 14 april 2016
Red Sage ca us | 14 april 2016

wj: Actually? The US officially adopted the Metric System in the 1800s.

Wikipedia -- Metric Act of 1866

yongliangzhu68 | 15 april 2016

@Red Sage ca us: The Metric Act of 1866 permeated the use but did not mandate. In the Metric Conversion Act of 1975 it was stipulated as a conversion act and to use metric as a preferred method. It was never implemented to any degree. In US we rarely use the metric system. Judging by your user name I assumed you lived in the US (ca us=Calf) and/or would know this, but you know what they say about assume. :)

Again all car manufacture sites (as well as just about all industry) list specifications in feet and inches (sans engine displacement) in the US. Only occasionally do they sub text with metric measurements.

I wish we had made the with years ago, but now it would be very inconvenient for me (and it's all about me :) ). Also being athletic (runner, biker and weight train) and a little obsessive I'm confronted more often with metric conversions.

Hi_Tech | 15 april 2016

@Red - "Adopted", as in the ugly step-child? ;-)

Red Sage ca us | 15 april 2016

wj: 1975... I turned eight that year. Hey, I learned the Metric system in Third Grade. Who knows what the [HECK] my classmates were doing?

Hi_Tech: Well, they hadda use sumphin', right?

bob | 19 april 2016

I've got a great diagram I came up with showing the Model 3 being 168" (14'-0") long but I can't figure out how to post it here.

adoh2010 | 19 april 2016

It will be around the size of an A4 "Elon Musk", have a wheel base that is shorter than the model s "Engineer/driver in one of the test ride videos". Seeing that the A4 is 10 inches shorter than the Model S and that the Model 3 has the wheelbase further stretched out compared to the model S I see a wheelbase that's no more than 4 inches shorter. The model S has a wheelbase of 116" so the model 3 will be at least 112", the 3 series is 110".

JeffreyR | 19 april 2016


Check out the Tips & Tricks for how to post pictures. Basically you need to use a standard HTML <IMG> tag.

yongliangzhu68 | 20 april 2016

JeffreyR: I have tried reading it more than one and it is very disjointed and confusing. I use Photobucket site for hosting and here is a link to a pic. Can you post the exact syntax needed to post this image. Of course I had to add 3 spaces to get past Mollon.

http: //i38 .photobucket .com/albums/e148/Julien321/Screen%20Shot%202016-04-02%20at%208.23.01%20PM_zps5zz5ytsp.jpg

Red Sage ca us | 20 april 2016

Hmmm... Spam filter won't allow me to post it either.