6 Seat vs 7 Seat Configuration and ease of access

6 Seat vs 7 Seat Configuration and ease of access

I am having a hard time choosing between the 6 and 7 seat configurations. I have 4 kids and currently have a minivan with captains chairs in the middle row, which makes accessing the back row easy for small children. Does anyone have experience with the 6 seat configuration? I specifically want to know if kids getting in are able to access the third row seats by passing between the seats in the middle row of the six seat configuration or do you still have to move the middle row seats forward to get in the back? Any other thoughts on accessing the third row seats would be greatly appreciated.

loganboyd | 25 april 2016

You can definitely pass through the middle, that is the biggest reason for getting 6 over 7 when you don't need 7 seats. That said, you have 6 people from the get go anyone extra would have to ride in the frunk ;)
There's only one option if you want to carry 7 people.

Brian Vicars | 25 april 2016

You will also find better rearview mirror visibility.

aesculus | 25 april 2016

As Elon says, go for the 6 seat unless you absolutely need the 7.

Brian Vicars | 25 april 2016

Save getting cold knees.

lilbean | 25 april 2016

Reasons I chose the six seat configuration:
1. No obstruction out the rear window along with the third row headrests folded
2. Easier access to third row
3. Leg room for third row passengers
4. Ease of hauling long items
5. More storage capacity
6. Less claustrophobic for all passengers
7. I don't want more than 5 passengers in my car