bioweapon defense mode button

bioweapon defense mode button

Is this going to be standard or can I upgrade to it?

mos6507 | 27 april 2016

I hope that it's an option but I have a feeling it will be reserved for S and X.

It depends on whether they want to intentionally limit certain premium features to the S and X. If they have a ludicrous mode 3 I would think they'd be willing to also have a bioweapons mode, but there also needs to be space for the filter as well, and there may not be enough.

dd.micsol | 27 april 2016

Elon said at the unveil safest car ever. I'm assuming yes it will have bioweapon mode-it's just a filter function. Know that the rubber seals would have to hold.

Mike83 | 27 april 2016

Keeping the pressure in the car higher than outside prevents air coming into the vehicle.