Model 3 Reservation Tally - By Country

Model 3 Reservation Tally - By Country

Is there any data on how many reservations have been made by country?

Luckily someone started this Model 3 tracker:

Right now, approximately %61 of sales are shown to be in the US, but this is a small sample size of ~3500 total reservations.

If more people register on this site, I think we can get an idea of where we will place (Ultimately determining whether or not a tax credit will be achievable).

dsvick | 28 april 2016

No, there is no official posting anywhere on the reservations by country or even region within each country.

As far as figuring out where you place there are so many other variables that are going to go in to when any person gets delivery that at this point it is all guess work and speculation. There are several other threads here (I know, searching sucks) that go into quite a bit of detail on all the factors involved. There are also several articles and posts about why most model ☰ reservations will get the tax credit, as well as several about why they won't.

Nothing is definite at this point ...