Cars you have owned

Cars you have owned

A little lighter subject here - maybe we can learn a bit about where everyone is coming from:

In college - I bought a used 77 VW Diesel Rabbit and then after a year replaced it with a used 80 VW Rabbit - Very functional and could actually fit a lot of crap. Probably bought them because my dad had owned Rabbits.

First new car - 87 Acura Integra, 5 speed, loved that car and drove it into the ground. Was only around $10,300 at the time, but being cash-strapped, I opted for no AC, lol, but with the tilt sun-roof it was surprisingly not unbearable.

Currently - 2001 Volvo S60, 5 speed. Enjoy it very much - it is a shame that Volvo and so many others have dropped manual from their lines. It seems like these days to get a manual, you are almost limited to the cheapest crappiest car or the most expensive sports car.

Also currently - When the kids started driving, I needed another car and wanted to go greener - and got a 2009 Camry Hybrid. I took that car over for a while as the kids were forced to drive manual. Though these days, I am in the Volvo more. I am very proud that when my oldest daughter bought her first car - she chose a 5 sp manual - she enjoys driving.

Other than that, some family sedans / vans for the wife that are not notable. I have been holding off on buying something new for myself until such a time when I could get excited about the car (like I felt with the Integra as a kid, or my Volvo 15 years ago) and in 2 short years that time will come.

How about everyone else? - a little tidbit or back story on some of your vehicles would be good to hear.

slasher0016 | 4 mei 2016

Previously owned:

1989 Ford Probe - Heavily used, I drove it almost to the ground (180,000) when I finally dumped it.
1999 Suzuki GS500 (motorocycle) - First bike
2001 Suzuki GSX-650 (motorcycle) - First new motorcycle
2002 Acura RSX-S - First brand new car, I ordered it the same day it came out (test drove and put deposit down)

Currently Own:
2005 Honda S2000 - Bought new in '05, the ICE car I will probably keep forever or until it no longer runs
2008 Suzuki GSX-750 - Bought used in '09
2013 Audi S4 - Bought new in 2012, got one of the very first B8.5 series S4s (will be replace by the Model ≡)

2018 Tesla Model ≡ - Reserved on first day, will at least get AWD-P series, hope to spring for ludicrous if reasonably prices

slasher0016 | 4 mei 2016

I wish i could edit my grammar... but yeah ignore the grammar mistakes above!

damonmath | 4 mei 2016

1970 Datsun 280Z - First car
1984 Renault Fuego - Second car after totaling the Datsun
1985 Toyota 1/4 ton pickup - Drove for 8 years, all through high school and college
2001 Ford Focus ZX3 - First BRAND NEW car ever financed
2004 Volvo V40 - Owned used
2004 Volvo V70 - Owned used at the same time as the V40 (x-wife's car)
2001 Mercedes SLK320 - First used Benz
2003 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad cab - Second BRAND NEW car financed - drove for 6 years (best truck ever)
2008 Mercedes C350 - Second used Benz
2010 Mercedes E350 luxury sedan - Third used Benz (still own)
2010 Mercedes E550 coupe - Fourth and last Benz (still own)

2014 Tesla Model S85 - Third BRAND NEW car financed (still own)

warren_tran | 4 mei 2016

Previously Owned:
1990 Camry: Bought it from working two summer job at Freightliner part plan. Many heavy manufacturing hours to earns those money. That car is reliable and took a lot of abuse from me.

1993 Mitsubishi Diamante: College car. Drove it until it pretty much dead

Current Fleet:

2004 Volvo S40: My first new car and owned it since then. Many custom upgrades and decently quick.
2007 Tc: Wife ride
2011 Volvo XC60 T6 Rdesign: Family ride that can haul ass.

Future: Tesla Model ≡ to replace my aging S40

JeffreyR | 4 mei 2016

Fun subject. May want to move it to General Section.

1986 Ford Escort "Pony", stick (used)
1987 VW GTI, stick (used, college car borrowed from my brother)
1985 Acura Integra, stick (well used)
1999 VW Passat V6, stick (new)
2000 MB E320 (used from family, only has 67K miles and I put 20K of those on it in last three years)
2017 Model ≡ ('soon-day')

As you can tell I got most of these cars used, and so they are in order of when I drove them.

swingshiftworker | 4 mei 2016

I've owned over 50 cars in my lifetime. Currently own:

2008 BMW 335i
2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser
2002 Ford F250 4x4 Diesel
2002 Toyota MR2

adoh2010 | 4 mei 2016

I'm one of the youngest over here it seems like. I just turned 25 today.

My first car was a 1999 Perdoua Kancil "5 speed ". Sold it and moved to USA
2003 Chrysler PT Cruiser "Complete POS". Transmission went bad without warning
1998 Honda Accord 5 Speed. Sold
1999 Acura CL 5 Speed. Sold
2003 Honda Accord 5 Speed. Sold
2004 Honda Accord 5 Speed. Sold
2001 Lexus GS300. The one I'll drive till I get my model 3.

lolousa | 4 mei 2016

Hi everybody, Bonjour tout le monde ,

Renault 19
Peugeot 208
Honda Civic


BMW X3 35i F25 :)

Next Tesla ...

storm3163 | 4 mei 2016

1998 Infiniti FX gone
2003 BMW 530i gone
2007 Range Rover Sport traded
2012 Jaguar XF traded
2012 Jaguar XJ driving Now
2014 BMW 320i gone(lease)
2016 BMW 320i wife car

fritter63 | 4 mei 2016

'74 Chevy Vega (yeah, I know. First car. $350)
?? Opel Wagon (had to readjust the rocker arms at the top of every hill)
'70 Olds Cutlass (pretty good car)
'68 Chevy Chevelle Malibu (REALLY regret trading that in for $200 after college to get my first new.....
'86 Toyota 4x4 (212K miles before I had to trade for something the kids could fit into)
'90 Toyota Corolla All-trac Wagon (the "large hail magnet").
'97 Dodge Caravan (Wife's soccer-mom-mobile)
'99 Dodge Ram Quad Cab Long Bed 4x4 (still got it, 140K miles)
'08 Scion xB limited edition (still have it, incredible car, 125K miles)
'13 Nissan Leaf (leased, stop gap waiting for the the Bolt or M3).

And the one I'll never sell..... '00 Harley Davidson Fatboy

PhillyGal | 4 mei 2016

1994 Chrystler LeBaron GT Convertible (for $900 in 2005)
1998 Ford ZX2
2008 Scion tC - First new car, very deeply loved!
2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe - Purchased new and disliked pretty shortly thereafter; can't wait to trade for Model 3

20% custody: December 2014 Tesla Model S85 with AP

PhillyGal | 4 mei 2016

Forgot to mention - Also had a motorcycle. A Yamaha Virago. It collected a lot more dust than miles...

Acura Integra
Subaru WRX (taken too soon; literally stolen off the street)
2-door Wrangler
2011 4-door Wrangler (first new car)
Dec 2014 Tesla Model S

artC | 4 mei 2016

1955 very well used Chevy Business Coupe(no back seat) - bought with my cousin when we were teenagers
1960 used VW Bug - during college
1966 Pontiac LeMans - 1st new car
1975 Saab 99 - over 130K miles, great transportation.
1988 - Chevy S10 PU
1991 - GMC Sierra PU
1960 - Corvette - Red w/white coves -sold
2000 - Corvette convertible - traded in for:
2006 - Corvette coupe - sold
2006 - Prius - still driving it

tesla | 4 mei 2016

Fun thread. Autos are such mile markers in your life.

1965 Chevrolet Impala - First car. Paid $10. Sold it for $15 with a blown engine to a gas station attendant in the middle of the night. We slept on the beach and hitchhiked home next day. Best deal I ever made on a car.

1966 Honda 50

1971 Honda 350

1971 Dodge Charger

1964 C-series International Pickup truck

1974 Norton 850 Commando

1955 Harley Panhead (shovel uppers)

1975 Ford Mercury sedan (called it the 'Mercruiser'. Could ram any car in traffic and not dent)

1976 Honda 750

1977 Mazda Rx7

1967 Fiat 124 sedan

1965 Volkswagen Beetle (built a 1776 motor for this with a cam, a counter-weighted crank and other goodies. Ran like a bat out of hell. Did nothing to the brakes and suspension).

1967 Volkswagen Beetle

1975 Toyota Corolla Coupe

1981 Volkswagen Westfalia

1989 Harley FLHTC full dresser

1993 Infiniti G20

1976 Volvo 240 Station Wagon

1991 Honda Accord

1985 Volkswagen Westfalia

1989 Honda Civic

1992 Honda Accord

1984 Dolphin Motorhome

1989 Honda Accord

1984 Toyota Pickup (2WD)

2003 Chevrolet Aveo (Lemon. Had to sue GM to buy it back)

1993 Toyota Corolla Sedan

1994 Toyota Corolla Wagon

201? Chevy Bolt (I know, I know)
201? Telsa Model 3

cchouston | 4 mei 2016

1963 VW beetle
1967 Saab 96 two stroke
1968 Volvo 144S
1972 Datsun 510
1972 BMW 2002
1982 VW Jetta
1983 Saab 900 Turbo
1985 VW Golf
1986 Saab 9000 Turbo
1991 VW Passat
1994 Volvo 850 Turbo wagon
1996 Volvo 850R wagon
1998 Porsche Boxster
1998 Volvo XC70
2000 V40
2003 Mini Cooper S
2004 BMW 1150R
2005 Saab 9-3 Aero
2006 BMW K1200R
2007 BMW 328xi wagon
2009 Audi A4 Avant
2010 Volvo XC70 (currently owned)
2011 Audi TT
2014 Tesla S85 (currently owned)

...and liked them all...but the Tesla most of all!

mntlvr23 | 4 mei 2016

Thanks all, it is particularly interesting when people have added some info on each.
@JefferyR - I have a hard enough time to follow the M3 board, much less the general, lol. You said 85 Integra, I thought that the company came here in late 86.
@swingshift - that is a heck of a lot of cars - hopefully you were buying and flipping them
@ PhillyG - lol 20% custody. I will be shooting for 80% custody and need to know his secret
@Coastal - I see lots of cars, many closely spaced by a year or few, but nothing less than 22 years old (other than the lemon)- are you missing some?

tesla | 4 mei 2016

No, that's everybody I recall. I have gotten into the habit of buying 20 year old Honda's and Toyota's. Price range around $2500. I'm a miser, and this method has worked well, financially. I always put in a bottle of Zmax engine and tranny treatment and the cars just go and go (I have some good Zmax stories. It actually does work).

I likely would never have bought a new car again if the 100% electrics had not come along. I put less than 5K miles annually on the road now, so the M3 will be one of the most uneconomical investments I have ever made. And I can hardly wait to do it.

ps - I had listed the Impala as the best deal I made on a car... the worst deal I ever made was on that Volvo wagon. The sloooooowest car I've ever driven. Bought the car for $300 from a couple of Israelis that I picked up hitchhiking. They lived in a Kobutz and had come to the US on vacation, bought the car in Florida and drove it to California, and were then selling it for plane fair home. The car was parked because it was making a "really loud noise", which turned out to be just a bad exhaust manifold gasket. However, through a series of stupid decisions I ended up putting maybe 3K into what was really a piece of junk. Live and learn.

warren_tran | 4 mei 2016

@cchouston I see you owned a lot of Volvo in the past. I wouldn't mind 144 or 142 as a cruiser. Interesting that many on here own Volvo at some point in their life.

logpu | 4 mei 2016

197? Chevette (used)
1985 Mitsubishi mirage (1st new car)
1988 Honda Accord (2nd new car)
1996 Honda Accord (3rd new car)
2005 Acura MDX (4th new car, still own)
1967 Dodge Dart (used)
1973 Pontiac Firebird (still own)
1951 Chevy Pickup 1/2 ton (still own)
1973 Ford Ranchero (still own)
2011 MB C300 (used, still own)

Watt fun | 5 mei 2016

60 Vauxhall Victor, 62 Vauxhall Cresta, 65 Corvair conv, 65 Corvair coupe, 66 Corvair conv, 73, Mazda RX-3, 73 Datsun 510, 77 Renault 5, 63 International bus, 82 Plymouth Horizon (worst car ever made), 87 Mercury Tracer, 94 Pontiac Sunrunner, 63 Corvair conv, 61 Corvair Rampside, 53 Kaiser Manhattan, 49 Kaiser special, 53 Packard, 53 Willys Aero Eagle, 60 Studebaker Hawk, 00 Pontiac Sunfire, 63 Studebaker Wagonaire, 03 VW Jetta TDI wagon, 57 Studebaker Champion, 57 Studebaker Commander, 57 Studebaker Champion, 64 Studebaker Commander, 12 Toyota Prius C. I think that is most of them. I still have 6, 2 new and 4 antiques (3 Stude, 1 Kaiser)

PhillyGal | 5 mei 2016

@mntlvr23 - The secret is going to a state school, then you don't have astronomical student loans.

ssarker | 5 mei 2016

Here's my list. Not too exciting until 2013!!

1994 Geo Prizm: my very first car, donated in 2004
1999 Toyota Solara: technically, my husband's car, but my daily driver 2000-2005, traded in with >100k miles for hybrid Toyota Camry in 2012
2004 Toyota Sienna: enough said. Sold to Carmax in 2013
2013 60 kWh Model S: 49,4xx miles. Plan is for MS to replace my husband's Camry (or trade-in if he doesn't want it) when I get my Model 3.

brede | 5 mei 2016

63 cars in my lifetime, 49 of them was Citroen
Next will be Model S 2 weeks, then Model 3
Video of 60 first on YouTube: user Bidda3514

dachuyn | 5 mei 2016

Never owned european cars. Always thought that european car will break soon after one leaves the dealership ..

tesla | 5 mei 2016

Watt fun, geez, I thought my list was eclectic when looked at in total. What is up with all the Corvairs? I actually owned ONE. Forgot to list it. And Ralph Nader was right. I did asphyxiate myself one dark night on a lonely highway. Fell asleep at the wheel even with the window cracked.

brede, I think you win in the qty category. Had a friend who was nuts about Citron Maserati's.

eriklarsonaz | 5 mei 2016

The M3 will be my 43rd car (I'm 41) the list is about as wild as it gets. I have it somewhere.

Watt fun | 5 mei 2016

I forgot at least four--a 1956 Panhard Dyna, an 86 Peugeot turbo sedan, and an 87 Peugeot turbodiesel wagon and a 1954 Kaiser Manhattan with the supercharged flathead six. Actually, I was quite accomplished at fixing Corvairs. The later ones had the Corvette rear suspension and were fantastic cars in their era if set up correctly which most weren't. Plus, they leak oil like sieves until Viton seals came along. I counted 41 different spots that my 65 Monza 140 convertible actively leaked engine oil until I got busy. I got adept at all sorts of complicated mechanical stuff including switching transmissions, rear axles for different ratios summer and winter, and clutch and carb tuning and rebuilding, ring gear replacement. The first two, at age 17, were convertibles were 140 hp 4 x1 carb engines. I sealed the heck out of them--air-cooled convertible heating in -25F winters tolerated zero leaks of exhaust, oil, gasoline or stray heat. That was then. Now, I want pure electric drive only.

carlgo2 | 5 mei 2016

53 Buick convertible with straight 8 with 3 speed column shift! Worth a fortune if it still exists. Cost me $75 wrecked.

59 Austin Healy Sprite now worth some money. Used to autocross it and it took me through college.

TR-3 junkmobile for quick turnaround.

62 Ford Falcon Ranchero kept this awhile. It was ok and useful. Put in bigger motor.

51 Chev with twin carbs! No heater or anything else actually.

49 Chev pickup broke and sold within a few weeks.

64 Corvair Turbo! Awesome turbo lag.

89 Ford SHO! New, great until it began to fail in every conceivable way. Very disappointing.

Mustang 5.0 affordable fast, just as today

Mustang 4cyl incredibly slow. I drove an MB turbo 4 and it was terrific. Just shows...

Chev El Camino never could get this to run right.

Subaru kid's college car

69 Fiat 124 Sport coupe New and loved it. Had DOHCs, 5-speed and 4-wheel discs before they were common.

73 Beetle reliable in the Beetle way

VW Squareback

Old VW double cab pickup used as a work truck. Still see it around town.

72 VW van totally unreliable and expensive to repair. Horrible.

72 Volvo served its purpose. Really a crude car.

64 Porsche 356 I loved that car. Wins concours events today for new owner.

69 Alfa Romeo Duetto This one too, very reliable.

65 Alfa Romeo Duetto never did restore this one.

2005 BMW X5 by far the best of them all.

2000 Tundra New and still have it. I think 99% of these are still used daily.

Honda Accord slugged along for years as you would expect from a Honda. It take 10 minutes to sell a Honda.

Honda Civic Si New and sold for a profit! 8000 rpms. Blew away some fancy cars.

A handful of motorcycles

A couple of company cars, the NarcMobile standing out.

Damn, I know I forgot one or two.

Mostly bought cheap old cars cuz they were interesting, or restorable for profit and I could fix them and keep them running. Some would be worth a lot of money today. I had a wife and two kids and we all drove long distances in different directions every day from a rural location. Keeping up 4 high mileage cars exerts a toll I can tell you, but we couldn't afford 4 newer cars. I generally drove them into the ground and got a lot of use out of them as I have fix-it skills and lots of tools and a garage.

Model 3 (or Y perhaps) coming up. Nuff said about that...!

cchouston | 5 mei 2016

@warrenttt yep, lots of Swedish iron. I am 1/2 Swedish, speak the language and spent a lot of time there and picked up three of my cars (2 Volvos and 1 Saab) via european delivery. If you live close to PA and like Volvos you should make a point of coming to the Carlisle Import and Performance Nationals the weekend of May 20-22. Lots of import car clubs, including Volvo Club of America, show up with lots of beautiful cars.

semyonovslav | 5 mei 2016

First Car / First Crash / First Ticket - 2000 Ford Mustang GT ( modded)
Now 2011 Subaru Impreza WRX (modded)

warren_tran | 6 mei 2016

@cchouston I live in NW and used to attend IPD annual sale garage. Now with family, I don't have time for any of those car events...Been in the Volvo game since 2003.

RichardKJ | 6 mei 2016

In order of acquisition:
1966 Buick Special (used)
~1970 VW Beetle (came with wife)
1974 Toyota Corona wagon
1965 MGB (used)
1981 Toyota pickup
1985 BMW 535i
1970 Mercedes 280SL (used)
1995 BMW 540i
1997 Ford Ranger
2000 BMW 540i (1995 version totaled)
2007 Toyota Camry Hybrid
2014 Tesla Model S 85 (June - pre AP)

Still own the last two. Model 3 reserved to replace the Camry.

Tesla-David | 6 mei 2016

1971 Vega GT (worst car on the planet!)
1968 VW Bus
1979 Mazda RX7
1981 Mazda RX7
1996 Acura Integra
2005 Prius
2010 Prius
2012 Tesla Model S (S85)
2015 Tesla Model S (S85D)
2017 Tesla Model ≡

skwok | 6 mei 2016

Let's see...

1980 Pontiac Phoenix
1985 Mercury Cougar
1990 Pontiac Sunfire
1995 Ford Ranger
1997 Chevy Camaro
2002 Chevy S10 Blazer
2006 Hyundai Sonata
2011 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid
2013 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid

The first 3 were very well used by the time I got them. The rest I purchased new and aside from the ranger and the 2011 HSH were paid off before they were traded in for newer models :) Once our Model 3 is ready we'll decide if we keep the 2013 HSH or if we stay a one car family and trade it in :)

skwok | 6 mei 2016

Oh... my 1990 pontiac was a sunBIRD :) Sunfires didn't come til later.

artC | 6 mei 2016

I forgot:

69 Fiat 124 Sport coupe. I remember the insurance guy asking if was a 4 speed(the were charging higher premiums for them) I said "no" because it was a 5 speed.

63 extremely well used International Harvester PU we bought when building our house. Leaked oil like a sieve. I used to pull into a gas station and say: "Fill up the oil and check the gas!" :) Paid $100, kept it 2 years and sold it for $50.

brede | 7 mei 2016

coastalcruiser: my brother owned a SM back in 1978---- dark green

KP in NPT | 7 mei 2016

1979 Honda Civic (AKA "Pooper" because it probably needed a new muffler) - Bought for $500 in high school. Finally died.

1986 Cherolet Chevette (Parents bought me High school car, then went to my brother when I went to college.)

1984 Mazda 323 hatchback - Died (or, cost to repair was more than car was worth)

1992 Toyota Paseo (The first car I financed) - traded in for:

1998 Honda Accord kept until I moved to Boston - that car is STILL RUNNING! Owned by mom's neighbor

2002 BMW 325XI - Single car shared by DH and I in Boston. Sold this when we got Model S

2004? VW Taureg - Total POS in that it had constant electrical issues Only had a couple of years.

2007 Lexus IS250 - my current car, which will be replaced by Model 3.

2015 Model S70D. :)

dee.singh1 | 7 mei 2016

My list is kind of short compared to what is going on here.

1984 Toyota Celica GT ( was my cousin's car that I bought from him ) Automatic

1994 Toyota Pick Up ( first new car ) 5 speed

2000 Toyota Celica GTS ( fell in love with the commercials for it ) 6 speed *Still own

2010 Honda Fit ( wife's first car ) Automatic *Still own

Soon to be Model 3 to replace my Celica

inconel | 7 mei 2016

In the last 15 years:

Acura RSX type S
Golf GTI
Audi S4
Porsche 911 Turbo
Tesla S P85D
"Soon" Model 3

cephellow | 7 mei 2016

72 Suzuki GT380 2stroke triple MC-schuykill expressway and Philly winters on that thing.
Yamaha DT 100 dirt-bike fun at the quarry
76 CB550F - bulletproof bike when I came out to California
86Suzuki GSXR- 'the rack' was a hoot, was eventually stolen.

71 Saab 99- fuel injected, heated seats, transaxle and 4 wheel disc brakes-not bad for 1971

74? Fiat 128- cardboard box with wheels, but who knew you could drift a front wheel drive car..

72? Honda AZ-600 coupe 'the shoe' 2cylinder 600cc car with 10" tires, totally fun to drive

Datsun 510- great great car, floor boards eventually dissolved- that car passed from friend to friend for $200 every time.

80Pontiac Ventura 231V6 was decent distance commute car, nothing else- but for some reason I liked the interior-black pleather

86 Suzuki Samarai ragtop

86 Suzuki Samarai tin-top- loved both of the Samurais, were increadible on forest service roads in Yosemite area in the winter- wishing I kept the tin-top.

Fiat-X19 great car, loved it, super reliable, really fun to drive in the Santa Cruz mountains, had a frunk and trunk mid engine with a targa top. Sold it to an auto crosser friend.

67 Alfa Duetto- nothing ugly anywhere on that car- art in motion. Only minus was chasing small oil leaks.

75 Toyota FJ-40 Land Cruser. Lots of straight 6 torque. Had the 4 speed- engine compartment cluttered with tubing for emission controls, wish Toyota had used fuel injection on that one.

90 Mazda Miata. Put over 400,000 miles on that car, it was always fun to drive.

1965 Volvo 122S- great design. I wish modern cars had wing Windows.

Nissan 240SX- meh- always felt like a heavy car. Happy to sell it for more than I paid for it.

BMW Z4- bargain price (less than a used Miata) with all the goodies, 18" wheels, silky smooth 6, 6 speed gearbox, great sound system. When all of the stability and traction controls were turned off, the car truly had great driving dynamics.

2005 Volkswagen TDI wagon, B99 biodiesel. Still own it, 269K miles but rigorously maintained giving it to my daughter for college.

1950 Willys Wagon- my daughters project car, taking up space in my garage next to my 16' dinghy- so it's outside for my

Late 2014 Tesla P85DL 40K miles- first car I ever bought new, paid cash, all the options. First car I've had to trust someone else to work on- since I can fix anything with wheels-what has this Motorhead to do? Can't wait for the model3, I will like having a smaller companion for the S and no ICE in the driveway.

tommyalexandersb | 7 mei 2016

1986 Honda civic, 1994 Honda Accord, and currently driving a 1990 Honda Accord. Stepping up to a fully loaded model 3 minus the tow hitch, assuming/hoping its no more than 70k. Anyone upgrading from a older car than me? I doubt it haha. I hate my car, but have never been able to afford a new one until now, I'm only 25 so it's not as weird to still be driving a beater car, but it still sucks. Can't wait to get my tesla!

alnrench2 | 8 mei 2016

I've owned quote a few, but my last car was a 2011 Chevy VOLT serial number 313. Back in 2010 I was getting tired of waiting for an electric car to come to market ( besides the tiny Roadster ) that I ordered the Volt from the first batch coming off the line. Volts wouldn't be available for sale in Florida for another 9 months so I bought a spec car over the phone from an out of state dealer and had it shipped home. It was well worth it. I just sold it in January 2016, and it had no squeaks, no wind noise, or any major problems....just replaced the tires, a couple software upgrades, and a couple manufacturers recall items like a battery shield and hatchback struts. By hypermiling, I realized I could live with a battery only vehicle with no worries, which made me move up to the big brother, the Model S 85. Nothing beats the TESLA , and after almost 5 1/2 years of electric driving I could NEVER permanently go back to an ICE car.
The VOLT was no TESLA! but it was great while it was here. Diamond White with all the options !

inconel | 8 mei 2016

By re-reading my post I realized that if I buy the Model 3 it will be the first time in my life that I am re-buying the same brand. It must mean something :)

bob.b | 9 mei 2016

1957 Ford Retractable Hardtop (loved that car! A true land yacht)
1962 Borgward Isabella TS (weird but fun)
1964 Pontiac GTO Convertible (wish I'd kept it)
1961 Sunbeam Alpine
1960 Corvette
1967 Firebird
1969 BMW
1973 Porsche 914 2.0
1979 Datsun 280ZX
1986 Honda Accord LXi
1956 Corvette with dual quads--completely original
Then kids arrived
1989 Plymouth Voyager
1987 BMW 325 (for the autobahns in Germany)
2001 Chrysler Minivan
2006 & 2010 Prius (current vehicles)

Kiwi | 10 mei 2016

1968 Dodge Dart convertible (never should have sold it)
1973 Volkswagen Panel Van with 48 Webers,gene berg shifter,couch/bed in back
1974 Detomaso Pantera (600+HP W/nitro)never selling it
2003 Dodge Ram1500/hemi,single cab
2008 Honda Accord lxe,40,000miles

sp_tesla | 10 mei 2016

Coastalcruiser | May 4, 2016

28 cars, cool.

warren_tran | 10 mei 2016

how much that Pantera value right now?

PeterPlt | 10 mei 2016

Memory Lane...

1964 Honda Cub 50cc motor bike (new) in Hawaii, legal for 13 1/2 year old riders
1956 Austin Healey 100-6 - freshman year at Boulder in 1965 (proof that you cannot buy "cool")
1959 VW bug
1967 Mustang 289 2+2 (her dowry - she's cool!)
1969 Mercury Montego - first new car (yep, I was the only buyer of that model...)
1972 Honda 600 Sedan
1974-2010 numerous Honda and Acura products (about 12 ranging from Civics to RL)
1991-2003 three Mazda Miatas
2007-2015 three Mercedes SLKs (230, 320 & 350)
2010-2013 Mercedes E550
2013-2015 Audi S4
2015- Mercedes C300 FWD
2015- Tesla S85D
2017- Tesla PL3D (mine, to replace the 85D)
2018- Tesla 3D (hers, to replace the C300, I hope)

My favorites: 1. S85D, 2. A-H 100-6, 3. Race prepped Miata, 4. Audi S4, 5. M-B E550
Her favorites: 1. Mustang (I may never live down selling that one...) & 2. M-B SLK350 (broadsided last December, she's fine). Lots of great memories!!!

Kiwi | 10 mei 2016

@warrentt re.Pantera...Iv'e had mine for 40 odd years,nowadays a sorted daily driver starts around $50k.Retail price in 1974 was $ 11,600,many on e-bay around 75k.Cheers! Oh I forgot the 1995 Volvo 850R wagon black on black nice wagon.