Exterior Design

Exterior Design

Front: I understand this is controversial, but when there are a large group with opposing opinions, this topic will be difficult to ignore. When the Model 3 was first shown, I must admit, though I love Tesla, I was a little disappointed with the exterior design. It did grow on me since then, but over the last few week, it started to look plain. Please make the front more aggressive overall. At some angle, it looks a little sad / frowning, hope they will make some adjustment to that part too.

Headlights: Love the Model X headlights, the led strip on the bottom side of the headlights. Please implement the Model X or a similar headlight into the Model 3.

Rear: Please add a chrome trim to tailgate. Otherwise, it looks fine as well as acceptable, but wouldn't mind if slight changes were made.

What do you think?

Red Sage ca us | 6 juli 2016

What I Think: Today there is a strong trend to make the front end of new cars look as if they are sad, angry, or frowning fish. If the Model ☰ must follow suit for the sake of aerodynamics, I don't mind one bit that it does so by looking like a shark instead of a guppy. The cab forward design makes good use of the space between front and rear axles. Though I'm a longtime fan of the Corvette, American performance cars no longer need the profile that proclaims 'FRONT engine, REAR wheel drive!' with Testosterone infused enthusiasm.

As for disappointment... Once I realized that the front end really only looked bad from the low angle camera shots that make ICE vehicles look good, and saw that the front end is actually very low to the ground, I was perfectly happy with it as is. When driving on the street or parked at the curb, it is simply beautiful.

Tesla Motors has used chrome pieces in a very artful and pleasing manner thus far. That doesn't mean the Model ☰ needs chrome in all the same places. Having its styling flair inherent to the turn of the bodywork itself is just fine. No doubt there are numerous aftermarket accessories companies that are champing at the bit for the opportunity to offer all sorts of dohickies and attachments that will allow someone to customize their car in a wholly inappropriate gaudy fashion if they wish. It seems that nonfuctional chrome hood vents are all the rage these days.

draselder | 6 juli 2016

Shark is good, and hopefully an artful front license plate mount will make sense of the flat design. I'm beginning to think the culprit(s) are the short creases under the headlights conflicting with the shark-like nose statement.

I wouldn't mind the tail lights being just a bit larger architecturally.

No extra chrome please!

topher | 7 juli 2016

I don't understand the obsession with 'aggressive'. Why do you want to convey the impression of violence on the road? Are there enemies there, or merely people you need to cooperate with to achieve your goals?

Thank you kindly.

jordanrichard | 7 juli 2016

I hope they put the current Tesla "face" (MX/MS nose) on the Model ≡.

CC396 | 7 juli 2016

Agree with Red Sage, but the Model 3 just look sad / frowning instead of angry.
Response to Rjelder, definitely wouldn't mind larger taillights.
jordanrichard, yes I completely agree with you! The Model X and the updated Model S nose / front looks good, really hope Tesla will take design from Model X and Model S. Still like Model X front more than the updated Model S though.

grashelm | 7 juli 2016

I think the front end looks exquisite just as it is.

draselder | 8 juli 2016

topher, point taken...I myself have promoted an "aggressive" look as being a good thing, but I admit better words would be "animal power" as in a pouncing Jaguar.

draselder | 8 juli 2016

...continued...or "Crouching Tiger"

Red Sage ca us | 8 juli 2016

Among cars that I almost, but don't quite like, is the AUDI TT. Reports are that the latest version is a joy to drive. This, even though it is based upon the same basic platform as the Volkswagen GOLF. From certain angles it is attractive. From others it is simply hideous. Almost as if they borrowed styling cues from other cars and melded them together to create a perfectly bland approximation of a mostly boring sports coupe. Once again, the latest version certainly looks better than the original, but nowhere near as striking as the AUDI R8 it vaguely approximates in styling. This is mostly my bias against Porsche styling that is showing, though. But let's face it, even the Porsche Cayman makes the AUDI TT look like bootie. Even though there is no Coupe version of Model ☰, and it has currently only been shown in Sedan configuration, it is rather telling to me that I would get one over the TT or Cayman anyway... Because I think Model ☰ looks better than both, and believe it potentially will outperform them both in street legal situations.

jimehlers | 8 juli 2016

I'll admit I liked the "aggressive" look of my cooper roadster when I bought it, still do. Not why I bought it, but it was a +feature. Even added the stripes however, I like the sleak simplicity of the M3. Why do we want a facade of an S when it's completely non-functional? It's the inherent human tendency of resistance to change. A torpedo point nose would logically attain better aerodynamics, but none of us are ready for that. Why do we personify a vehicle and consider it frowning or smiling? It's a car. Simple association, "I like that song because I was having a good time when I heard it." Tesla has done a great job with the front end making it fashionable yet practical and a forward step in how we perceive a "grill" to look. They'll immediately see you're driving a 3 when they see that front end, and I'm sure tesla is integrating this design into our consiuosness for that very reason...other than they think it looks cool too. Life is an evolution and tesla is doing their part to push those boundaries to new directions. Cheers, tesla!

Jarocho | 10 juli 2016

we have to remember the aerodynamics of the model 3 is to cut wind n get as much miles per charge as you can , I'm sure they will add the front logo Tesla to it, to make look like the rest , I would like to see the door handles like the S,X , i love that.

grashelm | 11 juli 2016

I'll admit I liked the "aggressive" look of my cooper roadster when I bought it, still do.

Lol...aggressive look? That thing looks like a Herbie the Love Bug with a tooth ache!

CC396 | 11 juli 2016

Jarocho, understand aerodynamics is important, but some design should be taken Model X and Model S as front looks better and pretty sure they have good aerodynamics as it is important for them to get better milage per charge. Also agree with the door handles! Love the door handles on the Model X and Model S. They should provide an option for us to choose the door handles. Understand those door handles maybe more expensive, but I wouldn't mind paying a reasonable extra amount for those door handles.

dave.m.mcdonough | 11 juli 2016

I'm actually kind of annoyed that every single car out there is trying to look angry

Badbot | 11 juli 2016

gen 2 m3 angry bird !

topher | 12 juli 2016

Well the Chevy Bolt looks like Grumpy Cat.

Thank you kindly.

draselder | 12 juli 2016

OK, OK, how about no mustache... BUT have the flush door handle design from the S & X without the trick mechanism(s) and just work with a thumb push like 2 of the prototypes at the reveal. The handles then become the "family" look without slipping back into the 20th century by way of the toy grille.

Badbot | 12 juli 2016

People are NEVER satisfied with anything !

mos6507 | 13 juli 2016

Mustache, wider trunk opening. Dashboard is the big mystery but I suspect regardless of what they originally planned that they will nix the dangling LCD screen and go for something that won't be so polarizing.

CC396 | 13 juli 2016

@Badbot agreed, but we all have different opinions which is why there can never be 100% unity.