allow customer to move delivery date

allow customer to move delivery date

i am wondering if tesla will let customers delay they order in the line. unlike model s customers who can effort to handle multiple cars at a time, most model 3 customers will have to figure out when their current lease ends. if the delivery is very unexpected and totally dependent on the ramp up of production, it will be very difficult to determine how long to lease the current vehicle. missing your position in line is not fair, if you say want to delay pick up by 3-6-9 months. i am guessing others in line will appreciate the small bump up.

stevenmaifert | 12 juli 2016

If you work your way through the Model S ordering sequence, you'll see there is a delivery preference box that ranges from first available to up to six months in the future. No reason to think that will be any different with M3.

jordanrichard | 12 juli 2016

Perhaps one shouldn't get into leases and be restricted on when they can off load a car......

PhillyGal | 12 juli 2016

+1 stevenmaifert

PaceyWhitter | 17 juli 2016

You don't have to give the car back to the leasing company. A place like Carmax will buy it. You may owe a little, you may get a little, depending on how good the leasing company was 31st determining the value at the end of the lease.