How long does it take to cancel Model 3 reservation?

How long does it take to cancel Model 3 reservation?

I canceled my order about a month ago but I still haven't received a refund to my credit card. The site just says the request is being processed but I've received no update or even an email. It took 30 seconds to give them a down payment, why has it taken a month to get it back?

Anyone else have problems with refunds?

vitzpatel | 13 juli 2016

Have you reached out to customer support?

I accidentally reserved two cars when I thought the first transaction had failed (because I was using a Debit Card). I think it was just over a week for the money to be transferred back to my account - however the reservation took much longer to drop from their system - not that this was an issue.

Still, it's one fewer cars they have to build now my 'second' car has been cancelled.

I would recommend contacting customer support.

Cary | 13 juli 2016

I did the same thing as vitzpatel for a similar reason. (I didn't get an e-mail confirmation so I thought I hadn't finalized the first transaction.) Anyway, there's an article on (Tesla: My Model 3 Cancellation Experience) today by someone complaining about that situation and speculating about the reasons. Upon cancellation, a message popped up saying it could take a month for the cancellation to go through and a couple of weeks for the refund to appear. I cancelled my second reservation today so don't know how long it will take, but I guess I'll be checking my credit card statement more than to find out.

stevebretzke | 15 juli 2016

Cancelled mine June 10. No refund or communication yet.

warren_tran | 15 juli 2016

http://seekingalpha dot com/article/3988153-tesla-model-3-cancellation-experience

This article indicate roughly 2 weeks.

ccsccs7 | 15 juli 2016

I accidentally made two reservations as well because the system reported an error for the first one (and I didn't immediately receive a confirmation email, however the charge on my card was immediately present). I cancelled a few minutes after I realized I had a double reservation.

I got a cancellation processing confirmation on the site immediately. I received a refund about a week later (as seen by my card transactions).

Glc44 | 16 juli 2016

I also accidentally made two reservations and cancelled with a few minutes. Took 8 days for the refund to show up in my bank. Another week or so for the website to be updated.

jennadkinsdo | 16 juli 2016

I did the same thing. The initial transaction appeared to fail so I repeated it. I then checked my email and both reservations were there. I canceled the later one, of course. I will see how long it takes for the $ to show back up on my credit card.

Gaurav.sanghavi | 17 juli 2016

Even I had accidentally made two booking I had requested for cancellation but still I have not received the refund.

Linemanap | 17 juli 2016

Good luck i posted a whole thread call customer support fail took almost two months and hours of emails and calls I was double charged for one reservation so it was a little more complex but i would be on them just the same. In the end it only really took 3 days for the refund the rest was finding someone at tesla to make it a priority