Will Model S be redesigned to include new tech from Model 3?

Will Model S be redesigned to include new tech from Model 3?

I am interested in purchasing a Tesla, but I have heard so much speculation about all the possible new technology that might be in the Model 3 such as a HUD, etc and wanted to know if/when this technology would be put into the Model S. If the timeline is within the next year or so then I would rather wait to purchase an S once all the new toys are added to it. Thank in advance for any insight into this.

carlk | 8 augustus 2016

People did speculate HUD and the 3 indeed looks like will have a new dash design. However Elon clarified in the 2Q ER that any new technology will go to S and X first before it goes to the cheaper 3 which makes sense too. I don't know how this going to work. Perhaps there will be no HUD or perhaps Elon did not think it's a significant new tech. We shall see but personally HUD or not it will not affect any decisions that I may be making. As for other stuff like AP sensor suit Elon's comment pretty much says the 3 will not have anything newer than S and X.

jordanrichard | 8 augustus 2016

If you are going to wait for the latest and greatest tech., to order your car, you will never buy one. I have had my car for a little over 2 years and have 20 new features.

As you said what you have read/heard is speculation. Anything about future versions of the MS would be just that, speculation.

JeffreyR | 8 augustus 2016

+1 What they said.

Don't wait if you don't need to.

David N | 9 augustus 2016

As carlt posted, Elon has stated that any New technology will go into the S and the X first.