Biggest innovation unnoticed . Forbes magazine

Biggest innovation unnoticed . Forbes magazine

I was surprised to read this but it seems some people are catching on. | 19 augustus 2016

I love the positive article (so many are made up garbage), but I'd be remiss in not pointing out that Tesla has stated the batteries in the Powerwall are not the same as used in the cars. They may be very similar, but the design need are a bit different and each are optimized for the specific application. Anyway, it doesn't detract from the objective and nice to see a positive take on Elon and Tesla.

bmalloy0 | 19 augustus 2016

If I understood the Gigafactory videos correctly, the CELLS used in Powerwalls/Powerpacks will be the same as used in the Model 3. For the average person, cells is synonymous with batteries (though technically speaking this is indeed incorrect). Not surprising the article would say battery instead of cell.

Though you are correct, the arrangement of the cells in the battery packs will be different in the Powerwall/pack and the M3

Dwdnjck@ca | 19 augustus 2016

Finally, someone in media figured out Tesla's "secret", as if Tesla has been hiding it

Mike83 | 20 augustus 2016

Sometimes the obvious is hidden like the hippopotamus in the room.

carlk | 20 augustus 2016

As any visionary would do Elon has his mission to focus on but he would sense any opportunities along the way and take advantage of them too. Another example, although he decided that he does not have time to work on it now, is the hyperloop. That also has the potential of becoming a huge business opportunity. My guess is when Elon was working on extending the EV range he realized that efficiency would increase dramatically if he can get rid of air drag. Thus comes the vehicle in low air pressure tube.

fgaliegue | 20 augustus 2016


As far as I know this secret is just 1650-type cells. The "innovation" just has to do with packaging them differently...?

Ohwell. A positive take for a change, this cannot hurt, right?

carlk | 20 augustus 2016

It's using the same battery for energy storage that could revolutionalize the utility industry. You can say now every thing is so obvious but it's hard to be the first person to see it.