Will you spend the 20k to upgrade your 'old' P90DL?

Will you spend the 20k to upgrade your 'old' P90DL?

I'm on the their list... but haven't 'signed' yet. Decisions decisions.

Made in CA | 26 augustus 2016

No - my car is only 9 months old. I am good going to wait for the 110 or 120. Or maybe the next gen MS in a few more years.

I would be interested in upgrading our older 85D to a 100D if that ever becomes available.

bill | 26 augustus 2016

What does the upgrade give you?

zubinanary | 26 augustus 2016

What list are you referring to? I didn't see anything on the Tesla Web Site to place a deposit or order it. Did you talk t your local SC and get on their list?

WattsThatGrin | 26 augustus 2016

@zubinanary Yep, local SC

tstolz | 26 augustus 2016

I'd wait for the gigafactory to start churning out next gen packs at 125 kv

Darthamerica | 26 augustus 2016

Probably not. I'm absolutely happy with my P90DL and would never use the extra power and range is never an issue. But I would consider TRADING my car for a new P100D Model X because I gain the two additional adult seats, vented seats and towing capability. The 100kWh battery offsets the loss of range and acceleration when you compare it to a P90DL Model X vs my Model S. Then I could sell my SUV. My only hesitation is that I lose the panoramic sunroof which is a feature I love. So if the Model 3 I ordered has that then I'll consider. Unless I get another streak or profligacy and ignore my logic above lol

TeslaF1 | 26 augustus 2016

I'm going to wait for AP 2.0 and other upgrades. The larger battery and speed is nice, but my P90DL with its' 2.8 sec time and 270 miles is just fine for now.

ST70 | 26 augustus 2016

no way...I'm wating for the'll be out early Jan