Better spam filtering

Better spam filtering

My initial experience as a Tesla reservation holder and waiting for delivery on this forum was pretty bad due to the Mollum spam filter. It appears to work based on a system of user permissions. Users who haven't taken delivery of their car can't post photos or URLs and things like that are basic for a forum. I had to have an exception granted before I could participate to the level I wanted.

The forum is built on a content management system called Drupal, and there are three spam-fighting solutions for it: Mollum, AntiSpam and Defensio. AntiSpam has the ability to tie into external filtering services like Akismet for spam detection. I run a blog with over a quarter million comments on it, and Akismet rarely makes a mistake (maybe 50 in 8 years). It doesn't require user registration to work, much less a permissions level. My background is with WordPress, not Drupal, but I know Akismet and I think that it via AntiSpam could be a better solution than Mollum.

EVRider | 16 september 2016

I don't think the forum or spam filters differentiate between reservation holders and people who have taken delivery. I'm not even convinced the spam filter differentiates between reservation holders/owners and anyone else with an account. It seems the spam filter blocks some owners from posting URLs and pictures, but not others.

By the way, posting pictures is tricky for everyone, and some people who try but can't are just not doing it correctly; it's not necessary the spam filter.