Model 3 software update/other limitations?

Model 3 software update/other limitations?

With the release of the v8.0 software, it got me thinking about any possible features that wouldn't be available on the Model 3. I understand that the S and X will always be the premium models and will have all the bells and whistles. For example, will the remote cooling and heating and cabin overheat protection be included? Will Tesla move the center display information onto the touchscreen? It isn't realistic to think the 3 will be able to do everything, so what will be cut? Thoughts?

gabrielwklam | 22 september 2016

With my extremely limited knowledge as I don't have any tesla car cause I'm poor but have pre-ordered the model 3,
is that anything related with safety software wise should be available (for purchase perhaps).

Haggy | 22 september 2016

Remote heating and cooling will be there. What I can't say is whether they will be part of the base car or part of a package. That's all done with software and the software is already written. It wouldn't make sense for Tesla not to offer it, unless they thought a car at the base price wasn't worthy of it. But then it would still make sense as an option. They need to try to cover a wide range of prices ranging from the base price up to close to the price of a Model S. It's not likely that people would pay more for a Model 3 than a Model S, even if it meant that the Model S would lack options. But Tesla wouldn't want a Model 3 to do more than a Model S overall at a lower price. Compromising safety seems to be one of the things they are most likely not to want to do so automatic cooling above a certain temperature seems like something Tesla wouldn't charge for.

topher | 23 september 2016

If Tesla is smart, and there is no reason to think they are not, they will only have a single version of the software. With some configuration for model and trim, and some optional items. There is no reason not to keep a single stream in the software.

So any questions of 'will this bit of software be included with the Model ≡', come down to, will it cost you extra. While it doesn't actually cost nothing to add auto-pilot as some have said (they need to amoritze ongoing development costs), making the actual switch from off to on, doesn't cost Tesla anything. It would be silly to put artificial barriers against selling another copy of the software.

Thank you kindly.

dsvick | 23 september 2016

Additionally, it actually would cost them more to go back and reconfigure certain things as options or toggles based on model or trim level.

Mireille and Conan | 24 september 2016

I'm pretty sure Tesla will continue to include all safety features w/base models. (Safety features are active on all MS, not just the ones with the AP purchased. Of course, older models don't have all the hardware.)

I'll be really surprised & disappointed if the full app features aren't standard for every Tesla vehicle. It's such an important part of the experience. We got our first MS before the app was available & it was such a great convenience when Tesla released it. Precooling was a factor in our decision to get an all black interior with our 2nd one.