Tesla Connect App for Windows

Tesla Connect App for Windows

Has anyone used TESLA connect for Windows Phone and is it secure?

efay | 11 december 2017


fly n lo | 12 december 2017

I had a Windows 10 phone and W10 on my PC when I got my MS VIN mid-2016, so I installed Andy's Tesla Connect at that time. It had a problem only with not showing my sunroof close/vent button. Otherwise was good and I had no problems. Wanted to keep phone an PC on common OS hoping Tesla would make a Windows App eventually.
I added the Tesla Control Centre App to both 25 Sept 2016 which did have a functional sunroof button, so I used both apps from then on still with no problems.
I added the Tesla Connect App 12 June 2017 to both. It had best features of the prior two apps though had in-app ads which I paid the $1.99 to remove from my devices.
I found the TCC app started drawing lots of power from my phone and uninstalled it 8 July 2017.
Mark made some improvements to Tesla Control I asked him to do and I then uninstalled Tesla Connect.

I can't address security as to unofficial Tesla Apps. Never had a problem with my MS or PC relative to this app subject, though I am pretty careful, no social media,l and don't surf all over online.

I recently changed to an iPhone and the official app. Personally, I think the Tesla Control app had more information and easier to use features than the official app, but Windows 10 Mobile OS is not being updated anymore I believe unlike the PC W10 OS. So, I moved on relative to my phone.

S75RedRidingHood | 12 december 2017

I would not use any non-Tesla app since you will have to enter the Tesla login info. This info is much more important than just giving the key FOB to a valet.

dwk1934 | 5 juni 2019

Does the Microsoft Tesla Control App have the summons mode and if so where/how does it work.