Car Commercial

Car Commercial

Hey guys,
So, I have noticed that Tesla does not have an official commercials for their different models of vehicles. While we are very passionate and informed consumers with regards to Tesla's products as well as their strategy of allowing consumers to deal directly with them as opposed to going through a dealership, I feel as though the average everyday consumer has no clue as to what Tesla's products are, how their direct dealing with consumers makes the purchasing process better, or the benefits of owning a Tesla. Do you guys think that at some point in the future Tesla would be willing to film a commercial in order to help inform the consumers that still, generally speaking, rely on commercials to sell them a product? I look forward to your responses.

David N | 27 september 2016

"Do you guys think that at some point in the future Tesla would be willing to film a commercial in order to help inform the consumers that still, generally speaking, rely on commercials to sell them a product? "

Perhaps, but it'll be quite awhile.
There is no need for it.
Word of mouth is the best form of getting the word out, and it costs Tesla nothing. Zero, nada, zilch. Can't beat that!
If it aint broke, aint nothing to fix.
Add available test drives, 300,000 Model 3 reservations. I don't think Tesla is having any issues "selling the product".

KP in NPT | 27 september 2016

I agree with David N - no need right now as they can barely keep up with demand and they have 370K+ Model 3 reservations. Plus Elon has stated he hates commercials. As of now I think word of mouth and supercharger stalls are all the advertising tesla needs.

That said, I would love it if they would come out with commercials eventually. Something inspiring regarding BEVs, that shows how easy they are to own and fun to drive. And that they are good for our planet. Wondering if they'll come up with something in the future, when the Solar City merger is complete and will educate re: solar/home battery/car charging.

Hank Scorpio | 27 september 2016

Agree with above

my opinion>> tesla's targeted demographic don't need commercials. doesn't seem like they are in the business of twisting people's arms to buy something.

I actually admire their lack of ads and their lack of 'coercion'
I take it as somewhat of a humble/proud stance that their product can speak for itself.

Deecortez- definitely agree with your position that there is a huge percentage of people that have no clue about this company which again leads to some of the appeal to the company.

Sometimes the best way to catch fireflies is to let them fly into a jar instead of chasing them with the jar... i feel that's why those that can afford tesla become tesla for life

sp_tesla | 27 september 2016

"Hank Scorpio | September 27, 2016
my opinion>> tesla's targeted demographic don't need commercials. doesn't seem like they are in the business of twisting people's arms to buy something."

Yes, no twisting, the preference is to give nice discounts at qtr end. | 28 september 2016

It pays to advertise but it's even better is advertising is free. That seems to be the Tesla strategy for now.

jordanrichard | 28 september 2016

"Different models"? they have only 2 vehicles.

No advertising needed. I assume you have heard of Ferrari, RR, Bentley. When was the last time you saw an ad on TV for one.......

gguinto | 28 september 2016

Been an LR enthusiast for as long as I can remember and still own 4 of them (the real ones-LOL). RR (Jaguar/Land Rover) advertises quite heavily these days, including sponsoring sporting events, etc. Our local news in Orange County NY is sponsored by JLR. Billboards, commercials, the works! Of course, JLR, specifically Land Rover, is not the same as it once was - it's now "for the masses." Just look at the ugly new RR and the so-called "discovery sport". bleh. Even their dealership don't feel like they used to back in the 90's. It's more for the yuppy crowd now a days. All about image I guess.

Back to Tesla, I too agree that their products sell themselves and that something that they need to manage. Selling big volumes quicker than they can expand their support infrastructure will destroy Tesla and ruin the very thing that separates them from all the others. I ventured into Tesla ownership due to my love of gadgets and techtoys, but I am slowly drinking the Kool-Aid and my wife is now seriously considering the Model X. :)

SO | 28 september 2016

Someone should create a commercial with a Tesla driving on Mars. No ICE could do that (without their own oxygen source).

jordanrichard | 28 september 2016

Sponsoring local events and it making the news is not the same as taking out ads on national TV and in magazines.

makobill | 28 september 2016

Agreed on the point its too early for advertising - need to get production above demand first. Who should be the actor or spokesperson driving the car in the commercial? I'd vote for Elon himself but was trying to think of an actor that best fits the Tesla image....

rlwrw | 28 september 2016

In case you haven't noticed, Tesla does have a lot of professionally shot footage, and could edit some of it into a commercial very quickly.
However, as long as demand exceeds production, no need for advertising.

Watt fun | 28 september 2016

As it is, fans are busy producing quirky YouTube 'ads' for Tesla that Tesla doesn't (need to pay to) show. No need for paid advertising when word of mouth is so much effective. You don't really need paid advertising except when WoM and the odd Tweet can no longer sell every vehicle that you might manage to build in the next few years. It for when ' we could build 5 million but can only sell 4 million' is muttered in executive offices. 0% financing and leasing over 84 months and employee pricing or $15,000 in savings in year end clearouts!! are those sort of desperation moves.

ram1901 | 28 september 2016

Does McDonald's have to advertise...with a burger joint every other mile just about everywhere in the world you'd think not.... so why do they do it... Madison Avenue types call it TOP OF MIND awareness.
When you think of a burger you think McDonalds...

As the Model 3 approaches and/or as Tesla sales decline quarter to quarter one could argue that it may be time for Tesla to do what it can to make it's EV Top Of Mind for consumers. That could be done through product placement in popular TV shows or streaming sites. It may already be done by making certain that when someone does an Internet search, that Tesla EV's are first on the page.

Marketing/Advertising, since the advent of the Internet, continues to evolve. Old methods are not as effective.

For a small company like Tesla (compared to a GM or Ford) -Word Of Mouth- i.e. -Ask the man/woman who owns one- may be the best tool available for the time being.

It up to Tesla owners to be Tesla's best marketing tool. That includes how we represent our car on public forums as well as how we talk about the car when asked about it by the curious. We should be Tesla's best ambassadors if we believe in the product and the company.

nadurse | 29 september 2016

Heres a fan created ad to hold you over:


alnrench2 | 29 september 2016

I think they should advertise....perhaps a few 15 sec spots that "breaks the myths" . Think about this: how many times have you spoken to someone that has NO CLUE how an EV, BEV, EREV, or even a hybrid operates. How many times have you spoken to someone that "knows all about EV's", yet, they are totally wrong, they think a Tesla can only drive 50 miles then must park and charge overnight for 12 hours . It wouldn't hurt to educate the masses.......the word of mouth thing just goes so far..............

JAnnen | 29 september 2016

These are great:
"Modern Spaceship"

“Not A Dream”

"An Ingenious Caveman"

Hard to believe that BMW and not Tesla paid for this one. "Wait or Drive"

'Betty & Clive'

JAnnen | 29 september 2016
gguinto | 29 september 2016

@alnrench2 - I think that's exactly the point. Tesla, like any business, must manage their growth and make sure they have the proper infrastructure for it. Imagine if they quickly doubled (or tripled) their sales in the shortest amount of time - do you think that would be good for them? Their infrastructure needs to grow with them, not just sales.

I'm personally concerned with the amount of Model 3's about to hit the streets in a year/2 years time. What if the Service Centers are overwhelmed? What if the Supercharger network couldn't handle it?

I think, at this point, given that they apparently made a killing this quarter, should double-down on the Supercharger Network as well as keep expanding their service centers.

bmalloy0 | 29 september 2016

Oh my god I love that spaceship one

bmalloy0 | 1 oktober 2016

Just came up with one for the company, and not just a car.

Montage of American ingenuity and engineering (heavier-than-air flight, AC power, etc) throughout the 19th and 20th centuries. Then showing the Gigafactory, Freemont, solar panels (once merger is complete, of course), grid-scale battery field, and the cars. "Welcome to 21st Century American engineering"

Tesla-David | 1 oktober 2016

@JAnnen, +100, thanks for the links, fantastic Tesla adds. With all the enthusiastic Tesla owners out there, no need to hype the car, it sells itself. Our local news station in Seattle always pays homage to any Tesla news, so I think the Tesla strategy of not advertising is Genius personified.

Ross1 | 1 oktober 2016

Some above is not true.
I know Tesla bought a video ad from a kid / nerd who made one.

jordanrichard | 2 oktober 2016

The difference between McDonalds or any other food joint, is that you see a product from a car company, everywhere you go and literally for 45 mins straight when following a Ford, Chevy, Etc., while traveling on the highway. Cars are rolling ads.

I have noticed in the last few months that each person I talk to about Tesla, tell me that they have been noticing more and more of them on the road. This starts to make people think there must be something to these cars. That peaks people's interest, which is what advertising is supposed to do.

For those thinking that this is all well and good for selling a "low volume" car and that selling a million M≡s will require a traditional advertising campaign, think about this. Tesla shouldn't be in existence by the traditional way of business thinking, and yet.......

Red Sage ca us | 6 oktober 2016

"Do you guys think that at some point in the future Tesla would be willing to film a commercial in order to help inform the consumers that still, generally speaking, rely on commercials to sell them a product?"


brando | 9 oktober 2016

Build the best available product, safest, cheapest to operate reasonable price. Known by some as compelling.
A few stores to show, inform and demo.
Add word of mouth.

We don't need no stinkin advertising.

flight505 | 9 oktober 2016

Tesla should create commercials to put up on their website and for circulation on the net.

brando | 30 oktober 2016

flight505: I would suggest that this strategy is already in place. Do some searches on YouTube.
and have a look at:

and also scroll down when you visit the below page

It seems great minds such as flight505 and Tesla motors think a like.

PS - if you find particularly mentionable videos, please post and let us all know.

Ross1 | 31 oktober 2016

Advertising is so last century.What we have now is targeted to us on our personal media.
The future holds more accurate targeting, partly and largely due to Tesla and every other car mfacturer selling your logged data from your car.
It is interesting how no one has responded to that mind blowing article I posted/ passed on concerning this

brando | 1 november 2016

After Snowden, car related log files seem tame compared to all financial transactions, all phone and text communications, all browser history, right? Does selling of data by Tesla show up in any SEC filings?

"No Independent Use.  Tesla does not share, sell, or rent Personal Data to unaffiliated third parties for their own use (i.e., for purposes unrelated to products and services of Tesla and its affiliates) without your consent."

BozieB | 1 november 2016

To repeat an old cliché, 'We are the World', well, We Are Tesla's commercials.
What we say and do, reflects on Tesla, because the world is curious about Tesla,,