XPEL or Opti Coat

XPEL or Opti Coat

Hi Everyone,

Anyone thinking about getting any protection for the paint of their new model 3? I have heard that XPEL and Opti Coat are good options. Anyone have experience with either of these products? Is one better than the other? What about the costs of these products?

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lilbean | 28 september 2016

Xpel is a protective film. Opticoat is a coating. They are two different things. I got Opticoat. Xpel protects against rock chips. Opticoat does not.

andy.connor.e | 29 september 2016

Personally, nothing extra has ever been done with the paint on the cars in my family, and they're fine. The only reason rust ever showed up was either because it was painted over steel, or because the paint got completely scraped off an area. If i plan on driving this car into the ground, the paint job is the least of my concerns.

Red Sage ca us | 29 september 2016

I never seem to have time to wash my car. I will probably find a way to 'make time' for my Model ☰. But I will probably do something ahead of time as well. It would be nice if that process could be made easier. OptiCoat is beautiful. Xpel is stunning. OptiCoat would probably be fine for my own car, but I'd probably go with Xpel when it came to a car to be used at my Mom's house, as it's down a long gravel road in a rural area.

The photos at this website convinced me that it would be worth the dough:

makobill | 29 september 2016

I've never used either product, and have struggle historically at keeping cars clean in the daily grind. The Model 3 will be a long term vehicle for me - likely my longest (10 years is the most thus far) so may look into them. Any issues with yellowing of the film?

KP in NPT | 29 september 2016

We did neither. Got our rock chip in the first two weeks, along with our door ding. Felt good to get it out of the way. ;-)

NomoDinos | 29 september 2016

I have the Opticoat pro plus on my Model S with full-body stealth XPEL over it, and my wife has the opticoat with partial clear Llumar wrap covering her X.

The opticoat adds a hydrophobic layer of protection bonded to your car, and like others have said, it is too thin to protect well against rock chips, scratches, etc, but it makes it much easier to clean (according to the guy we use). The XPEL and other films protect against most minor scratches. I've had several light scratches completely disappear, although a couple deeper ones remained.

The stealth wrap is opaque, so of course no problems with yellowing, and my wife's Llumar is too new to tell.

Our awesome installer (Extreme Autowerkz, can't recommend them enough) actually suggested Llumar this time, as they've found that the company is much more responsive with their warranty when necessary. I've seen a few cars with the clear XPEL a few years out, and absolutely no visible yellowing.

If you're anal about the tiniest scratches on your car (I have issues), and would go through great lengths to keep that original factory paint intact, then both are useful. Otherwise, wouldn't bother with more than the Opticoat.