Electric Charging Options in NYC

Electric Charging Options in NYC

Any new developments for electric charging in NYC? I'm on the pre-order list for a Model 3, but have been struggling to figure out how I'm going to charge it. There really don't seem to be many options. To all the other New Yorkers looking to purchase a Model 3...what are you guys doing about the charging situation?

Red Sage ca us | 19 oktober 2016

This subject has been brought up before. Apparently there are locations that have Tesla Destination chargers in the city. There are also some paid lots that have charging stations installed. Try checking Plugshare and the 'FIND US' link above..

louie | 24 oktober 2016

Telsla dealer in Brooklyn should offer super charging ,
Whole fools Brooklyn has charging too

alphacompton | 25 oktober 2016

JFK airport has a super charger nearby and there is a super charger that is a bit further out in Long Island in the form of a service center. I guess we should request a few more chargers. I don't have a garage so I'm going to be running an extension from a dryer plug (Nema 14-50) on my rear porch. I don't plan to drive it much during the week so even a regular 110 V slow plug would be fine for nightly charging but on the weekends I'd probably drive a ton more for fun. I guess I could supercharge on the weekends. The longish drive to a super charger could be enjoyable for that.

Rocky_H | 25 oktober 2016

@alphacompton, It would probably be good to start familiarizing yourself with the names of some of the common high power outlets that you may want to use.
Quote: " I'm going to be running an extension from a dryer plug (Nema 14-50) on my rear porch."

A dryer outlet is not a 14-50. A 14-50 is for a stove or the mobile home outlets at campgrounds. Dryer outlets are 30 amp, so they would be a 10-30 (older) or 14-30 (newer). Here is a good reference site:

md222 | 30 oktober 2016

Having a charger at the Tesla dealership is nice, same for JFK. But that's really not going to work for most people who live in apartment buildings in the 5 boroughs. We are really going to need to see some infrastructure improvement before electric vehicles are going to be feasible on a large scale. I'd love to see some metered parking replaced with pay as you go electric chargers. I have to believe the city is aware of the need to provide charging options for EVs.

KP in NPT | 30 oktober 2016

I agree, md222. As of now, parking garages in NYC are starting to offer charging, some even Tesla destination chargers, and drivers leave their car unplugged until they need to charge, then they park it in one of the garages to charge up. I could imagine more and more garages getting in on this to attract EV customers. Street parking is so in demand but maybe that will follow....

md222 | 19 november 2016

Just saw an article in the daily news indicating NYC will be installing 25 EV charging stations. That's not exactly a lot, but it could mark the beginning of a new direction in policy. If the chargers are used extensively, which I would bet they will be, that number could grow quickly to the hundreds within a couple years.