Will this Charger work with a Model S?

Will this Charger work with a Model S?

Hi Everyone! Im looking at purchasing my first electric car (Model S) and had a question about the charging station at a condo (Toronto Canada) that Im looking at moving into within the next three months. Just wondering if it will be compatible (think i might need an adapter). I sent a message off to the Condo Board but haven't heard back as of yet. The charging station looks like its never been used. Literally has cobwebs on it. The info on the side of the charger shows...Input/output as 120/208Y, 120/240V 2x30A-60Hz, Type 3R Enclosure, EV230PDR, Schneider Electric. Please forgive my ignorance, any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks Todd

Galve2000 | 4 december 2016

this should work with a J1772-to-Telsa adapter that comes with the Model S. does this EVSE have to charging cords? I did a quick google search and a dual cord option came up. I also note from your description that it says 2x30A output.

personally. i'd be weary of stuff w\ cobwebs on it.. but test it out. u never know.

Galve2000 | 4 december 2016

sorry does this EVSE have TWO charging cords.

krissu | 4 december 2016

You need J1772 adapter, thats it. You will get ca 30 kms of range per hour charged.

t_hold | 4 december 2016

Hi, yes it does have to two charging cords. Thanks for the quick replies guys...appreciate it!

DLebryk | 4 december 2016

The car comes with the adapter you need.