I am new to this forum and not sure how it works. My question is this, when somebody responds to a post, will I be notified via email that there is a response to my forum inquiry? Otherwise, I have to keep checking back, and if there are 150 or 200 new posts it could be on page 3, 5,15...



McLary | 27 januari 2017

There are no notifications or any modern amenities on the Tesla forums. Only the original poster can edit any post. Only Tesla owners may report any posts. It's actually disgraceful for a company such as Tesla, to subject people to such horrible, outdated, forum software.

codyb12889 | 27 januari 2017

Unfortunately no this does not exist.

I cant say for sure but you might be able to do something with Google alerts to make your own version of notifications.

codyb12889 | 27 januari 2017

@McLary you are exactly right. I am pretty sure that nearly every free forum setup for wordpress beats what we have here and the options available for just a couple hundred dollars make these forums feel like we still have 56k modems and AOL accounts.

Rocky_H | 27 januari 2017

This isn't real forum software. Someone picked up on that it is more like a really basic kind of blogging software, where it is meant for posting things and really basic comments, but not for any kind of forum-like "conversational" features that people would have with answering comments or notifications or direct messaging, etc.

EVRider | 27 januari 2017

@Brodave: If someone replies to your post, it will move to the top of the list. If you check the forum once a day, your thread should be on one of the first few pages (if there are any responses), even in the most active forum (Model S).

Since you have a unique forum username, you can also find your threads by searching for davesimpson.2222 using one of the search techniques documented here:

Frank39955 | 1 april 2019

I took delivery of my model 3 at the end of September 2018, and now trying to include the $7,500 income tax credit in my tax return. The instructions for filling out IRS form 8936 call for certification by the manufacturer to the IRS " that a specific make, model, and model year vehicle qualifies for the credit and if applicable, the amount of the credit for which it qualifies" These instructions further say " The manufacturer or domestic distributor should be able to provide you with a copy of the IRS letter acknowledging the certification of the vehicle"

Can anyone share information on how they satisfied this requirement?

jimglas | 1 april 2019

your purchase agreement has all the information you will need.

EVRider | 1 april 2019

@Frank39955: The IRS knows which cars qualify because the automakers tell them. You don’t need to submit any documentation with the form.