I just ordered another one!

I just ordered another one!

I just ordered another one. I ordered my first one on 31 March of last year. 300 in line before me at 9 am at Buena Park California. I bought two Model Ss since then, and promised the Model 3 to my daughter. But I really wanted the smaller car.

And tonight I ordered one for us.

theo.lagendijk | 30 januari 2017

Congratulations with your second Model 3 reservation. Cool!

vp09 | 30 januari 2017

We have 2 Model Ss but they are so damn big. Maybe I'll trade in my S for the Model 3 in mid 2018 when it finally gets built.

cars | 31 januari 2017

Why not? YOLO! ;)

What colours do you have in mind for the Model 3s? What colour are your Model Ss?

PhillyGal | 31 januari 2017


tedirelan | 31 januari 2017

Are they going to match?

andy.connor.e | 31 januari 2017

Must be pretty nice to be able to buy 4 cars in 1 year....

noleaf4me | 31 januari 2017

I agree Andy - must be very nice! It has been 4 years since I got my last car. (but happy 4U vp09 - no doubt you work hard 4 it)

vp09 | 31 januari 2017

Hey Andy
I drove my 1987 Acura Integra for 30 years, while my friends were trading in their cars every 3 or 4 years. I figure I saved up enough to pay cash for one or two Teslas! Or 3 or 4. Giving one Model 3 to my daughter.
Might trade in my S for the 3-- really don't need that many cars-- but when you look at what other people do with their money (eat at restaurants? buy stupid clothes? )-- you really have to wonder ...

vp09 | 31 januari 2017

Hi Cars,
Colours-- silver on my S and red on my wife's.
Not sure on the Model 3-- I'm sure I'd be happy with anything.
Not pumpkin orange, and not metallic pink. :-)
Saw an old S the other day in an awesome brown--

vp09 | 31 januari 2017

Andy not trying to beat the expired horse, but I really haven't spent money on much else-- have not used power to dry clothes in 45 years or more-- (always hang on clothes line)-- I did spend $23,000 for solar panels, so we are driving on sun light. Trying to work into "enjoying" the stupid crap things "normal" people waste their money on (traveling, eating out). But being part of Elon Musk's vision is something I'm very proud to be part of.
Vern Padgett

andy.connor.e | 1 februari 2017


i said one thing. Dont get so defensive.