Big Oil moving towards EV chargers at gas stations: Shell to start installing EV chargers in Britain/Netherlands

Big Oil moving towards EV chargers at gas stations: Shell to start installing EV chargers in Britain/Netherlands

jordanrichard | 1 februari 2017

At least here in the states, the trade group representing the gas station owners say that they don't really make any money on gas/diesel sales anyways. It's the grab and go stuff people buy. Already there is a trend to build a all in one store at gas stations. It's part convenience store, coffee shop and sandwich shop. If any developer had any clue, they would design/build a site that accommodated EVs. They can sell far more food/drink since EV owners will be there the longest. Plus just from a marketing stand point, your station covers all of one's needs. They sell all types of "fuel" for your transportation needs and food and drink.
Every business tries to differentiate themselves from the competition and being able to "fuel" every type of vehicle on the road, would be one way to do that.

dyefrog | 1 februari 2017

That's an excellent point especially in light of the fuel sales are a loss leader to draw the customer in. Kind of an EV lounge like the coffee shops have done with Wi-Fi. Not a whole lot different. I could see hanging out at Paneras with a laptop, coffee, and plugged in.

DonS | 1 februari 2017

If Supercharging speed gets to that 350kWh or beyond, I see charging fast enough to become a business for gas stations. It would be long enough to hit the store, but not so long that limited charging spaces would be filled for an hour or more.

carlgo2 | 1 februari 2017

Well, of course! More money in RedBull and microwave burritos than gas or electricity! Big Oil will try to squash EVs? Not if they already have stations in place everywhere and can make more money off of them. I have said forever that people will prefer to go to attended stations if given the chance.

As DonS said, fast charging does indeed make this a realistic thing to do.

Silver2K | 2 februari 2017

The SC's in Kingston, NY are located in a gas station :)
There are also SC's in a gas station in Connecticut and JFK airport that I have visited. Those moves are great for the convenience store gas stations and Tesla for better exposure.

sosmerc | 2 februari 2017

Sounds like a very promising trend to me. The big oil companies are looking to the future and their survival.

stevenmaifert | 5 februari 2017

I don't see Big Oil running scared. Quite the opposite; this is just another revenue stream opportunity. JR is right; they make most of their money off the convenience store operation, not fuel sales. That's why 7-Elevens here in SOCAL have hosted EVgo fast chargers for several years.

Bighorn | 5 februari 2017

Tesla has sited quite a few superchargers at gas mini-marts throughout the country but most consistently in Nevada.

jordanrichard | 5 februari 2017

Silver, I am in CT and no superchargers are at stand alone gas stations.

Silver2K | 5 februari 2017

I was in Connecticut when I sa2 my first gas station supercharger site.. maybe on border of westchester? I'll look in a minuter for it on the map.

Silver2K | 5 februari 2017

Sorry on phone. Laptop playing the game and desktop fixing a hd.

I was in Connecticut to buy a Parrot stand from a lady and went to one of this SC's!AihnWpuO55swh7AhvYXE-9Pu7SFlZQ