Tesla App before owning car

Tesla App before owning car

I reserved a M3 and hoped that downloading the app would have a similar reservation screen to when I sign into the My Tesla page. It will not let me sign in, saying "there are no vehicles linked to your My Tesla account"... at what point will this sign in page work? - not until I'm sitting in the car? when the configurer becomes available? upon shipment? Maybe MS or X owners could weigh in based on past waiting experiences..

Rocky_H | 10 maart 2017

Yes, when you are actually sitting in the car. They don't let it become active until delivery.

KP in NPT | 10 maart 2017

The app does not become active until an actual car is linked to it- usually soon after you take delivery. I think ours was active the next day but I don't exactly remember.

SoFlaModel3 | 10 maart 2017

Yes we just took deliver of an S as a surprise 60th birthday present for my dad and the app didn't work until later in the evening that day.

dman | 10 maart 2017

Question answered, thanks all. I guess I'll remove the app for the next year and a half so it's not sitting there teasing me!

PaceyWhitter | 10 maart 2017

Yeah, they don't want you to be honking the horn when the car is on the car carrier.

Haggy | 10 maart 2017

It can take a day or two after you get the car, but perhaps once Tesla has such high volume, they will automate it better.

Garyeop | 10 maart 2017

When they swab your cheek and put the new DNA chip in your phone. The good news is your M3 can then smell when you are close. Especially with right wind.