Would you rather a M3P or MY?

Would you rather a M3P or MY?

Ok, now that EM has tweeted that it will be about a year for the performance model to come out i have to pose this question. Before I do this is a disclaimer that assumes the Model Y will be out within a year of the performance model being out and that all tax incentives, except maybe the lowest $1750 one, are gone by the time the performance model comes out.
Which would you rather the MSP or the MY?
Personally I would probably wait for the Y at that point as I'd rather the SUV/hatchback style.

bmalloy0 | 24 maart 2017

Assuming I could afford either, M3P. I have absolutely no use for an SUV (nor do I have any use for a high performance vehicle, but at least with that I can show off from time to time).

Carl Thompson | 24 maart 2017

Elon tweeted that it will be a few years for the Model Y.


slasher0016 | 24 maart 2017

I still have zero interest in the Y. Not a fan of crossovers/SUVs.

gavinfaulkner | 24 maart 2017

Utility and practicality over flashy or sportiness for me. I traded in my Ford Mondeo for a Nissan Leaf because it is more practical (low running/maintenance cost, more manouverable) and more useful (larger boot/hatch opening). The Leaf just happens to be a much better car in every other aspect but range and refuelling speed. The better driving experience was a very welcome bonus but it was not the major factor in my decision to buy.

Performance vehicles are trouble. When you make use of the performance function you not only put yourself and other road users at risk you also (in all likelihood) are breaking the law. Unless of course you only use the car to its maximal capacity on private driveways or racetracks. I don't want to break the law and I don't want the temptation either and I seriously doubt that most humans are capable of resisting such power. Safely. People can't even stay the hell off their mobile phones when driving never mind stick to the speed limit.

So. Model Y over performance model 3.

Red Sage ca us | 25 maart 2017

I want a Coupe. What's the point without a Performance version?

gavinfaulkner | 25 maart 2017

@ Red Sage ca us

To make suggestions about the dimensions of ones genitalia. Not a reliable indicator sure, but the power of suggestion is strong and subconscious (erroneous) belief can inflict even the smartest. Its like religion, only fun and more sensible.

sosmerc | 25 maart 2017

It does seem there is alot of technology in all of these new cars that can create serious driver distraction. I am not a big fan of self driving cars, but I can see how some argue it will be much safer. And as I get older I do feel safer being able to use features such as adaptive cruise control and lane departure warning.

Red Sage ca us | 25 maart 2017

gavinfaulkner: To paraphrase a response I gave on another forum ages ago, "Oh, great. The LAST thing I need is bigger [DIMENSIONS]."

gavinfaulkner | 25 maart 2017

@ Red Sage ca us

Understood, but when it comes to cars, its not the reality that's important, its other peoples perceptions of the reality.

In terms of Model 3 perceptions I will hazard a guess that they're significantly more positive than those of the Leaf, Zoe, Kia Soul, even the Ioniq and Bolt. Maybe in reality you don't need bigger dimensions, but at least with the Tesla cars people won't immediately perceive them to be small.

bj | 25 maart 2017

Neither. I just want my M3, maybe M3D (by the time M3 RHD comes out, D should be on the menu). Not interested in P or Y.