60 battery limits

60 battery limits

Tesla says you should set daily charging to 80% of battery limit. But, if I have a 60 (aka software restricted 75) am I causing any issues long-term if I fully charge it (up to the 60 max) each time or is it a non-issue because in effect I am never actually using the full battery capacity?

Leli001 | 17 april 2017

This has already been discussed here:

I always have mine charge to 100%, even my DS said I can do that and ignore the message. The 60 is already 80% of 75 and the software does not know the difference so it is a generic message on all Tesla's.

teslamodelx | 17 april 2017

I say forget about your concern since us MX 60D owners major concern now should be that why aren't we getting the same offer to upgrade our battery to 75D as the MS owners are able to buy the upgrade starting today for only $2,000!!! +tax. That's not fair! My Tesla page $6,000! For the same upgrade. It just does not make sense at all.

Leli001 | 17 april 2017

I noticed that too but MyTesla page shows the upgrade cost at $6500. Not sure why the MX carries such a higher price for, essentially, the same upgrade on the same hardware as the MS.

At $2k, it is an option to consider at some point but at $6500 (still better than the original price of $9500) doesn't seem worth it for only 37 more miles of ideal range that we would only need/use during long trips.

Model_D | 17 april 2017

It makes sense to me. Tesla just dropped the price of ONLY the Model S 75 to nearly the Model S 60. To make the Model S 60 owners happy Tesla lowered the upgrade price. If you are patient the same will probably happen to the Model X.

Leli001 | 17 april 2017

hmmm, but then I must ask, why did they not do the same thing with MX after they took away the 60 option back in October? It happened just a few weeks after I placed my order but the upgrade remained at $9500 until this past weekend.

teslamodelx | 17 april 2017

I couldn't resist it! I decided that I had to tweet this question directly to Elon Musk. I am hoping that we will get some logical answer back.

Leli001 | 17 april 2017

hehe, nice. I wouldn't hold my breath though, I'm sure he gets inundated with Q's every day. A little while ago, I asked him if powered doors (like the front doors on our MX) would be an option on the M3. Haven't heard back so most likely it would not be. Love auto present. MS is seriously lacking that feature.

jaires | 17 april 2017

Read the articles by Elektrek, etc. It seems pretty clear that they wanted to make it easy for owners that just bought an S 60 to get the bigger battery size at close to the new lower price. There hasn't been an X 60 in a while... it may not be profitable for them to drop the price so much. Who knows? Either way, I find there is a lot of complaining about Tesla doing things that are 'unfair' and the complaints are generally unfounded in my opinion. A) Since when is life 'fair' (aka why do you get to drive an X and someone else who would love to can't afford it) and b)without knowing their margins, operating costs, etc., there is actually no way to figure out how they came to the decision. I for one think it's amazing they even dropped the price on the battery upgrade (I have a 60 myself) because they didn't have to do anything, and it makes it more likely I'll pull the trigger. However, I will likely wait longer because maybe it will drop again?

teslamodelx | 17 april 2017

I also have a MS 85! Being a devoted Tesla owner including all of the other MS and MX owners who believed the brand and took part in paving the way to reach Elon Musk's goal and vision to bring the electric car at an affordable price by mass production of Model 3 which I already have a couple reservations! It seems only fair to extend 60 kilowatts battery upgrade discount available to all S & X owners since they share the same battery size and the same floor battery platform. As sercice department said the upgrade process is just a "click" of a button! Where is the difference in margin in doing that? Since there would a little bit of capital for TESLA and less frequent visits to supercharges to keep them a bit less crowded. And by the way you will be fine charging your MX 60D to max. 200 miles since it about 20% below your software restricted 75kw battery. Good luck.

Leli001 | 17 april 2017

Complaining? It is a clear discrepancy in pricing between the two models that share the same platform/hardware. Why?
In terms of profits, if the option is just too expensive for some that don't consider it necessary then there is no profit. The hardware is already in the car, whether Tesla sells the option or not, so selling it for any price would be a profit over not selling.
As I stated before, the option at $2k is worth considering but at $6500, it is not even a discussion.

teslamodelx | 17 april 2017

Dear Leli001, I am here to carry discussions, ideas and solutions. A complainer would not own 2 Teslas and waiting to own 2 more before the end of this year! I am just advocating for all the MX 60D owners including you. I am glad to know that given the chance, you would consider the upgrade at $2,000, so let's create that chance and the awareness we need on this topic. If you wish please feel free to continue this discussion on a topic that I just posted a short while ago since yours is already solved. Cheers.

burdogg | 17 april 2017

You all may hate me for this, but I am going to play Devil's advocate :)

First, who knows why they did the difference between the S and the X. So putting that aside, Lets first look at this - Tesla used to make a straight true 60 kW battery. They since moved to higher and greater and there was no longer an actual 60 battery to buy. So all you could get was (at the time) a 70 or 85. This a little later, the 70 was offered, but limited, as the pack was actually a 75. So, those that bought early 70's were stuck with 70s. Those that bought later 70's had the option now to unlock the full 75 for a price. Then there was just the 75 and 90 options. As time moved on, Tesla decided to try to give a more entry cost to consumers to get more to buy the vehicle - thus the software limit returned, but limited it to 60 now instead of 70. Some complain that why do I have to pay to just have a switch flipped. Here you go - because others DID buy the 75 at the cost.

So my devil's advocate as far as this goes - (again putting aside the difference in cost from S and X, I don't know why). If I was buying back in the day and really struggled to decide, do I get 60 or 75, and the only reason I am even struggling with the decision is the cost - right? I mean if they are the same cost, who wouldn't get a 75. So, I don't want to spend more money but am concerned the 60 might not give me the miles I need. So, I buy the 75 only to find out that I never needed the extra miles I was concerned with. Why is it fair that you now get to upgrade your 60 to my 75 and pay 1/2 the cost I had to pay, for the exact same car?

You see, it is not fair, and that is the point. It won't ever be "fair" Someone, somewhere is going to get something you don't. But, the kicker - we each got what we asked and paid for from the start. So the fact that my 70 can't be upgraded, like the person who bought 1 month later than me is not fair, is completely what I bought though from the start. I agreed to it and was happy about it. The fact that later the price dropped, or other options were added, or someone can get something better for less than what I got, is life.

Alright, shoot me now - just wanted to throw out some other thoughts there to counter the obvious that all are stating - why is the S less then the X. Did we not all get what we asked for though, and were happy with?

SolidWhite60DX | 17 april 2017

They're just lowering prices on the s to try to entice folks waiting for the model 3 into getting an s instead. Lowering the update price appeases the folks that bought a 60 s recently given the new lower price for the s 75d. The price of the x isn't changing because there is no competition at all for it. Folks waiting for a model 3 will not consider a model x.

I don't think they'll adjust the upgrade price for the x further, since the x 60 has been unavailable for a while already. OTOH if they do lower it to 2k I'll be the first one to order it.

Leli001 | 18 april 2017

@SolidWhite, +1

@burdogg, playing devil's advocate is fine. I never said it was unfair to us MX60D owners. I just asked why such a huge discrepancy between the two models that share the exact same hardware. As SolidWhite mentioned, the MX has no competition, while many are waiting for the M3 so Tesla may be making the MS more enticing to get converts over from the M3.

I'm sure there are a few that reserved the MS 60 last week are now cancelling it and ordering the MS 75 as the price dropped $7500 and includes the glass roof. Great deal! The $2k upgrade price for the previous MS 60 orders seems just right.

Whatever the reason, I would rather use the term luck especially for my case since another brand dropped the ball on my order so I went to Tesla right at the time they offered the 60 battery for a limited time and the solid white color. Both were discontinued shortly after I placed my order. All this occurred during the AP2 switch over so we got that too! Dumb luck, I guess!

With the 60D it meets 99% of our yearly needs as we can always charge to 100% on a daily basis (back to the original purpose of this thread). With supercharger installations growing and other charging stations as well (VW & Nissan), possibly 100% or our yearly needs are met depending on travel times for our trips.

burdogg | 18 april 2017

Yeah - SolidWhite gave a good explanation - I understand the question on why the difference in price for same battery, I was didn't have an answer for that one :) So I was just trying to play more generalities :) Funny thing - there are those on the S side complaining about the 2,000 fee to upgrade. It seems no one is happy. I learned on time in my life that I needed to quit letting money determine my happiness :) Not that I am perfect at that at all but I try to tell my self when I get worked up, it is just money and don't let that ruin your happiness.

Ok, back to the topic though - I have heard various reports on this (the S side may have a lot more on this it seems like). I have heard some saying Tesla does not recommend going to 100% on the 60s - not just a generic statement, but it seems like actual specifically asked to the techs and they said it should be treated like all the other batteries. Then there are others that are very knowledgeable that state it is perfectly fine to charge to 100% all the time on the 60 software limited batteries. I don't know if Tesla has an official stance or not.

ObieX | 18 april 2017

@burdogg on your money philosophy I agree completely. I have been broke before in my life and I am very comfortable today,.i.e. ...I've had money and I've not had money but I'd rather have it if that makes sense.

Anyway my point is this: if you have a problem that money will solve then you don't really have a problem.

I am becoming a big burdogg fan based on how I see you treat people and answer their questions. Take care and God bless.

burdogg | 18 april 2017

Thanks ObieX - I try, and sometimes I knee jerk and feel bad later and hope others forgive me when I do that :)

I have had times where I did not have money too and yet cherish some of the fond memories. At the same time, having money to take care of day to day needs helps a lot and can reduce stress, but then again there always arises a new stress and we still don't have enough money :) So your statement makes complete sense.