Tesla Spotify account invalid

Tesla Spotify account invalid

Yesterday my Spotify stopped playing songs (Tesla built in account, not a private premium one). After several attempts at different tracks etc, I rebooted the main screen. I was then presented with the Spotify login page and also given the option to click 'Use Tesla Account'.
Despite many attempts to use the Tesla account, I am always presented with the same error: 'invalid account'.
Tunein works normally, FM radio works normally, Bluetooth streaming works normally.

I reported this to my local SC yesterday and they were flummoxed. They had never heard of it but asked me to do a couple of shutdowns, language changes etc but then suggested to leave the car overnight (min 3 hours) and test again in the morning.
I tested again and no change. I called them back and they said that this morning they had 2 more cars with exactly the same symptoms. One is their own demo car and another is a customer car. They are working on the demo car to find a solution and will call me once they know what to do.

Has anyone else experienced this issue since yesterday afternoon (around 5pm European timezone)? If so, did you find a workaround or a way to solve it? Did Tesla forget to pay the monthly invoice to Spotify at the end of the month?
Going back to FM/DAB radio with all the associated adverts, news and traffic updates feels like going back to using a 4:3 aspect ratio monitor!

ps: I am 2 months & 3,000km in to owning my spanking new facelift 90D and absolutely looooving it!

dao | 1 juni 2017

Samme issue with my 70D today, from Denmark

ulrichard | 1 juni 2017

I usually get that when connected to a WiFi. Never happened on direct mobile data.

J-Dan | 1 juni 2017

I don't exactly remember when, but sometimes I have several issues from Spotify (no change of songs in shuffle play of the playlist, no way to stop songs because it is constantly "loading", and so on...).
Sometimes it fix itself, sometimes it needs a reboot, sometimes a re-login.
I guess it's a Spotify server issue rather than a car one, but I could be wrong.

carlk | 1 juni 2017

Well ours in the US never worked. ;)

kjell.persson | 1 juni 2017

Same situation for me too

Victorg-90D | 1 juni 2017

I had the same problem for the several days. Today I stopped at Dublin CA service center to charge, and while charging asked receptionist about this Slacker problem. He fixed it in 5 mins and updated my MS settings right from his computer. I did not even need to enter any passwords into Slacker. He also gave my account id and password for future use.

alex.sanders | 2 juni 2017

Mine is a Norwegian car, currently in the UAE. Same problem since yesterday. I cannot use either Tesla's account or my own - both with the same message "Invalid Account".

Siggy101 | 2 juni 2017

Hi guys,
I just got a call back from the Geneva SC. They have identified that the issue is affecting many, many, many cars.

They have now found the reason for the Spotify login issue. It is not car or Tesla s/w related, it is because Spotify made a change to their environment (no explanation as to what sort) and that is affecting the Tesla login method.
He said that they are all over it and expect to have a Tesla software patch released next week. It will probably be an OTA update but there may be a need to go to the SC...
It sounds like we will be without Spotify over the bank holiday weekend and then fingers crossed we don't need to go in to the SC next week.

Incidentally, does Tesla reimburse mileage for repeated visits to the SC when you have a mileage restricted lease? I am starting to rack up some kilometers having to take the car back to them after issues are not fixed at the last visit... If I am over my km at the end of the 5 year lease, I won't be happy to pay 0.70CHF per km when it has cost me 280km so far and another trip planned in 2 weeks' time when they get some more parts and time booked at the bodyshop. That's well over 200 bucks in excess mileage!
I am kind of joking but I am getting to the point of wanting to ask for something by way of recompense for all these warranty visits. Perhaps they will install me a home wall charger for my time and bother? 4 trips and counting now (plus a breakdown whilst abroad in their loan car!)

alex.sanders | 4 juni 2017

It's been 4 days and no spotify. All accounts continue to be invalid. I tried changing the language to German and back to English, I tried creating my own Spotify account and using that, same. None of my fellow Tesla owner friends with an EU car is facing this issue except me. :'(. I checked with 2 rangers and they hadn't heard of the issue...

I hope an update comes soon...

alex.sanders | 8 juni 2017

Well after 8 days it started working. No idea why; I had been checking every day. Maybe Tesla convinced Spotify to bring back their old way of logging in.

mduzi | 27 juni 2017

From 2017/06/14 car write "invalid account" for Spotify Tesla Account logining. Tesla still only promises fixing... :( :( :(

Captain_Zap | 27 juni 2017

Maybe Spotify heard that Tesla is planning on starting their own music streaming service.

ryan | 2 juli 2017

Mine isn't working on either the Tesla account or my own private one. If anyone finds a solution please let me know!

stigguldager | 18 juli 2017

My Spotify stopped working on July 17. I find it a little bit strange that this should be caused by a change in Spotify as it impacts over such a long period.
Any suggestions?

marion.delcroix | 29 juli 2017

mine stopped 2 days ago. same symptoms. still no solutions?

billiecs | 29 juli 2017

Mine stopped 4 days ago, from Hong Kong

dhsparkey | 31 juli 2017

Mine stopped also, occasionally i can get my personal one to log in but that stops after I park car overnight.
I contacted Spotify and they have no idea, Also contacted Tesla HK and they say its a Spotify issue and will be resolved.

wim.beazar | 13 augustus 2017

Same problem. Tried via Wifi of direct connection. Have done reset of the car's computer. Nothing works.

steve | 16 augustus 2017

Mine has also stopped working. Tesla is in Sweden.

casamli | 17 augustus 2017

Mine stopped working on 13 August in Hong Kong... what a drag!
Logging in with my own Spotify account does not work either.

duvelke | 25 augustus 2017

It seems to be spreading like wildfire. Mine stopped working today in Belgium. Tried both Wifi and direct connection, no success.

robek4 | 26 augustus 2017

I stopped working on August 25th,2017

albert.levy | 27 augustus 2017

Worked and then an update and did not work today at 3am London time

omega | 27 augustus 2017

I dont really understand what is Tesla waiting for to make spotify available in US? An invitation from the government????

Thib78 | 2 september 2017

Hi from France, same issue here, spotify stopped this morning...

Thib78 | 4 september 2017

Hi all, spotify working this morning again without doing anything. Only 2 days off. Good news.

Thib78 | 20 september 2017

Not working anymore for 2 days...

terry.hillier | 21 oktober 2017

Hi had my P100D 5 days then back in garage for 5 weeeks. Picked it up yesterday and no Spotify. Plus the loan Tesla they lent me also didn’t work I used the Tesla account and my own premium. No joy!
It appeared to happen after the last up date......
Nothing but issues with this car, the company and their tech.

ug | 22 oktober 2017

Same Issue here in Denmark - NOT working anymore for two days...

ug | 22 oktober 2017

Now it works again - how to fix it:
Reset the mcu (hold both scroll wheels for a few seconds until the display goes out), then all gets back to normal.
Try it and see if it works for you as well.

rollandng | 21 februari 2019

I've been unable to log in to my Spotify account. Even test account from Spotify doesn't work either

omega | 21 februari 2019

Wish Tesla would provide spotify in US instead of the crappy slackware...

petri | 16 april 2019

Spotify needs to be Premium subscription. That is what invalid account error message means.

That's why it does not help if one makes new account.

So money helps to solve this "Invalid Account" issue.