Will Elon be invited onto councils championing action against Climate Change

Will Elon be invited onto councils championing action against Climate Change

Elon has now left the Trump councils.
Organisations, cities, states etc are coming out saying that they will fight for, and execute, action on Climate Change.
Given Elon's high, and positive, public image, I hope that he is invited onto some of them.

pagrimm1 | 2 juni 2017

Did you hear the part of President Trumps remarks where he said the US will sit down and renegotiate the agreement so it won't be penalizing the US to the advantage of all the other countries. All the left wing communist media left that part out. Another win for America

bb0tin | 2 juni 2017

If you understood the Paris agreement, you would know that it does not penalise the US at all, never mind to the advantage of all the other countries. There are no mandatory actions, and each country sets their own targets.
You have simply regurgitated a false talking point without any understanding of the topic.
Apart from that, your post is not concerning the OP.

SCCRENDO | 2 juni 2017

@Pagrimm1. Let's make our planet great again
Macron to US: Make our planet great again

222 | 2 juni 2017

First you quote the New American, now this?.......... how adorable.
Thanks for playing. Come back again.

JayInJapan | 2 juni 2017

I saw reports that Trump would renegotiate. I also saw Paris Accord members stating there would be no renegotiations. 195 nations already in agreement. Syria, Nicaragua, and now the U.S. out. Say goodbye to the U.S. as a global player for the time being.

Haggy | 2 juni 2017

This has nothing to do with left wing vs right wing or conservative vs liberal. Almost every country on earth went along with this regardless of whether they were conservative or liberal, and Syria an Nicaragua stayed out for economic reasons, not climate change denial. The notion that liberals support this because it's a liberal issue is absurd. It's a scientific issue.

I don't know how much Elon's voice will help. It's about balance. If we had 99 scientists on Fox News talking about climate change, and then one person came on and spoke out against it, that would be balanced and would give people perspective on how the scientific community feels. But when they have one person giving each view and acting as if both have equal weight, that gives the false impression that they are equally viable points of view with equal merit. But they don't even do that. They have the climate change denier giving intentionally false non-scientific information and leaving out the truth completely. They act as if it's a political position and that scientists are somehow being political when it's not a political position to begin with. The EPA was founded by Nixon. Environmentalism was never a liberal issue. Scientists have to do work subject to peer review and it would end their careers to have studies that could be refuted easily by reputable scientists.

It's legititmate to ask whether we want to support an economic policy that favors specific jobs over the environment, knowing that we are balancing it out with long term damage. That would at least be an honest debate. Then we could have people arguing that the environmental damage is too great, while others can argue that it's not the role of government to regulate at that level or tell private companies what they have to do, especially if it will cost jobs. Then we could at least have an honest debate about what the role of government should be. But pretending that climate science is not real and ignoring the entire world is absurd and embarrasses the US in front of the entire world. It makes us look as if we are living in the dark ages.

carlk | 2 juni 2017

Nicaragua did not sign because they felt it does not go far enough. Syria because the country was under war and sanctions. US is all alone in that lonely place. Like Haggy said environmentalism was never an ideological issue. Global warming became one only because of the recent religion vs. science fight started by evangelical fanatics. Just read news like this and you can figure out where it all came from.

bb0tin | 2 juni 2017

Elon has already retweeted some posts supporting Climate Change.
He now has a free hand to do more.
He will be a powerful figurehead on councils fighting for a decent climate.