Why no partial/full self-driving option?

Why no partial/full self-driving option?

I completely understand Tesla's strategy in keeping the first cars simple and adding more features gradually. But since enhanced autopilot and full self-driving capability are software options and don't have to be "manufactured," I can't see why they can't make those available right off the bat. Anyone know why?

ReD eXiLe ms us | 19 juni 2017

Who said they weren't to be available immediately?

brian | 19 juni 2017

I agree with ReD here. I think everyone has gotten extremely carried away with a literal translation of his wording regarding the "color and wheels" - it is VERY likely that there will still be a few other options. And yes, I agree that with SOFTWARE variants like EAP or FSD, those can easily still be offered at time of purchase.

Also... let's do some quick math if I may... they have also said they wanted to keep the config options <100 at the start. Well, let's say we've got even 7 colors to choose from... and two wheel options. That gives us 14 possible options. Even without roof, AWD, battery options, etc... you can still conceivably get to choose interior colors and options... and let's say there are 4 of those... 14 * 4 = 56... so there's still room to play under the 100 config option limit.

My point is simply, I do think software will be available (that only helps them boost margins while also allowing them to say they did indeed have a 35K car available.

SUN 2 DRV | 19 juni 2017

"since enhanced autopilot and full self-driving capability are software options and don't have to be "manufactured," I can't see why they can't make those available right off the bat."

Maybe they don't EXIST yet for the Model 3 platform......

hoffmannjames | 19 juni 2017

EAP and FSD will definitely be available on the Model 3 since they are just software enabled and the Model 3 will have the necessary hardware. The "color and wheels" comment only applies to physical options, not software options like autopilot.

KP in NPT | 19 juni 2017

+1 hoffmanjames. AP/FSD hardware comes standard. It is only an option to turn it on. You can do that at any time.

todd | 20 juni 2017

@KP in NPT. Yes, but I believe that, in the case of the Model S/X, you pay about $1000 more if you add the option after purchase.

PhillyGal | 20 juni 2017

@todd - yes it will have to be worked out by Tesla whether they'd want to include a discount for enabling at config vs later.

Of course for those of us in the vast majority who will not be paying straight up cash for a car, the benefit to upgrading at config even if the same price is rolling it into the loan.

Haggy | 21 juni 2017

I think Tesla's goal is literally to make cars as fast as possible, which means make them all the same, but allow different lines in the paint shop to have different colors since that's not a design issue in the sense that it affects how anything is built. Likewise, which wheels to bolt on is not a big deal.

I think Tesla was talking about what configurations they would build, and I'd be surprised if they don't offer autopilot and FSD, given that they won't slow anything down. The hardware has to be there for safety reasons.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 21 juni 2017

Haggy is correct.

Hence, infinite black hole pit of doom interiors for everyone! ... Yay?

vicmgvaz | 21 juni 2017

Don't forget full self driving with HW2, like Model 3 will have, still in development for actual S/X fleet.

Maybe not so simple to activate a level 3 out 4 yet in new Model 3, just because the software.

I believe we only would buy self driving in 2018...

kzodz | 22 juni 2017

OP is probably right. The base 'cars' will need to be the simplest and cheapest model 3's they can build. Not only will they not have HW2, but I bet they don't even have pedals! It's going to be a flintstones style self-propelled vehicle. Better start building up your leg muscles!

dsvick | 22 juni 2017

@kzodz - lol

Just to make sure someone doesn't get that you're joking though ....

All Tesla vehicles, including the Model 3, will come standard with all the level 2 hardware.

They'll probably have pedals too :)

ReD eXiLe ms us | 22 juni 2017

Recent closeup photos of Model 3 Release Candidates show the cars come with the full Autopilot hardware. Maybe someone missed the blog post last year that announced that EVERY vehicle from Tesla would have that capability going forward?

All Tesla Cars Being Produced Now Have Full Self-Driving Hardware

Haggy | 22 juni 2017

It's already unquestionable that the hardware will be there. Tesla is not about to take away safety features, and in some countries there are requirements for some active safety features that would require the hardware. If Tesla wants to limit options, they would definitely not do it by making some fundamental hardware features optional.

Also, whether they charge for FSD when you buy the car has nothing to do with whether it will be ready. It has to do with whether you want to pay less to order it with the car than to order it later, whether you want its cost spread out with your car payments, or whether you need to get it later because you live somewhere that has a cap on car prices for determining rebates or tax credits.