Supercharging charging

Supercharging charging

Any idea as to how much it will cost to use the SuperChargers for my 3? Will it be pay as you go? Subscription?

El Mirio | 22 juni 2017

Tesla put out a statement earlier this year regarding supercharging, I would imagine Model 3 would be handled similarly.

Haggy | 22 juni 2017

It's almost definite that it won't have unlimited supercharging. It's very unlikely that they would have a different rate per hour or per kWh for the Model 3 than for the Models S and X, so their current schedule should be relevant. Tesla will probably give an allowance as they do for the Models S and X (which don't need it if the buyer uses a referral code) but even if Tesla doesn't give the allowance, that would mean a difference of $80/year in the most expensive states.

Keep in mind that the allowance was determined based on average use from Model S and Model X owners, and they probably used it more than they would have if they would have had to have paid for it. So for long distance travel, people will probably use less on average than the allowance. So if you plan to charge at home and use superchargers for road trips, you will likely pay very little or nothing if you are a typical user. I would think Tesla would want to give the allowance, since it means free long distance travel for typical buyers, and the cost of that is cheap compared to the marketing value.

If you rely on supercharging for all your charging, I'd guess it might come out to 1/3 what you'd spend on gasoline for a similar class ICE. But you'd have to consider your own specific circumstances.

gar1116 | 22 juni 2017

Works for me! No all's I need is a 3 to plug in! Thanks.

gar1116 | 22 juni 2017


quinney | 22 juni 2017

Depends if you fill with regular or ethyl electrons.

gar1116 | 22 juni 2017

I thought Tesla motors only work on premium electrons. Regular electrons will make the motor knock.

KP in NPT | 22 juni 2017

It will vary depending on the rates where you are charging, but EM gave an example of I think $120 to go from LA to NYC.

jordanrichard | 23 juni 2017

No one knows

ddrmadness | 23 juni 2017

Quinney and Gar thanks for that, funniest post I've seen on here in a while

PhillyGal | 23 juni 2017

This is from before Tesla officially announced their payment changes but here are some fun ideas I had: