Effect of becoming a Tesla owner after placing M3 reservation?

Effect of becoming a Tesla owner after placing M3 reservation?

I'm sure this has been asked but I didn't find the previous threads.

The delivery estimators I've tried are predicting I won't take delivery of my M3 until July 2018. I reserved online around 11am on 4/1/2016, east coast, non-owner. Changing the calculator to indicate I'm an owner predicts I'd get the M3 5-7 months earlier, depending whether I hold out for AWD.

Does the ownership status apply just at time of reservation, or does becoming an owner later have the same effect of increasing priority order in line? Does it matter if it's CPO? I could imagine driving a CPO S for a short while if it will help me get M3 up to 7 months sooner.

MarylandS85 | 24 juni 2017

I bought a CPO Model S in March 2017 and was told I am prioritized for my Model 3 (which I had preordered in May 2016) the same way any other owner is prioritized. Which is unclear at this time, it seems. There are several variables that will predict who will get the Model 3 first. Being a current owner is one, but date you placed your preorder, geography (west coast USA first, then move gradually to east coast USA, then other markets), and desired options are others. Which variable carries how much weight has not been officially announced as far as I know.

KP in NPT | 24 juni 2017

I think all owners go ahead of non owners regardless of when they made their reservation, and yes CPOs count.

I wouldn't put too much stock in that estimator btw.

MarylandS85 | 24 juni 2017

I don't know how the delivery estimators you are using come up with their dates. I personally put no stock in what they predict.

carlk | 24 juni 2017

Owners at the time ordering page opens will get the priority above non-owners either of the same region or contry-wide. That is my understanding.

CraigW | 25 juni 2017

If you buy a CPO S - IMO - you are not going to trade it in for a Model 3.

Perhaps the Model 3 will be used by your spouse/partner, but I suspect you will not relinquish your Model S.

akgolf | 25 juni 2017

I'm still up in the air on a Model 3 or a CPO S.

I like the thought of the smaller 3, but would like to take lots of road trips and the S is very roomy.

Either way it won't happen until next year.