Cancelling a reservation - how do you do it?

Cancelling a reservation - how do you do it?

We made a reservation a while ago. Things have changed and we need to cancel the reservation.

Does anyone know where to start that process? I try calling an 877 number on the contact us page of the website and it just offers recordings about different things for existing owners or offers to switch you to a local facility.

And we charged it on a credit card. Does the credit go back to that card? Or do they mail a check? We don't have that credit card anymore (although, yes, I guess it would still accept a credit and then I can ask the credit card company to refund the credit balance. Just a bit of a chore / takes longer).

But I did hear the cancellation process can take a while to actually get the money back? People feel Tesla doesn't want to give up the free loan? Or was that an old situation?

Is there a way to tell how far down the list we are? Do these reservations have any value? Do people pay to get your reservation to move up the list? Or are they not transferrable?

thanks for your time with all these questions!

Frank99 | 26 juni 2017

Cancellation is easy - go to My Tesla on the website, click on the "Manage" button for your Model 3 reservation, and there's a link at the bottom of the first paragraph to "...request a cancellation".

My understanding is that, if the card isn't active anymore or if the deposit was taken more than a year ago, they'll send you a check. But that's hearsay.

A couple of people on here have complained that getting your deposit back is taking a long time - as long as 7 weeks according to this thread:
That's absolutely unforgiveable in my book.

Reservations aren't transferable, and so far have zero value on the open market as a result.

High Plains Drifter | 26 juni 2017

There is a cancellation link (in red) in the My tesla page under "What's Next". One click and it takes your to your cancellation request page. Fill out form, click "submit" and your request will be processed.

How long does it take to get money back? I don't have that answer. As long as I get it back... any period under 9 months is fine with me. I've waited longer for rebate checks.

Rutrow | 26 juni 2017

There have been horror stories here on the forum about how long it takes to get your refund, but those may be a non-representative sample of refundees. Think about it, if you no longer wanted a Tesla and got a speedy refund, would you be visiting the forum to talk about it?

I hope your refund comes quickly, and that you were ahead of me on the reservations list. :-)

andy.connor.e | 27 juni 2017

You hand deliver your reservation to me. Thats how.

Thegagers | 27 juni 2017

It's been 2 months since I cancelled (hated to do it but OBE). Yesterday my query to Tesla was answered with an apology and a promise that a check would be in the mail (I had used a now-extinct credit card) within the next 5 days. I'll post when and if the check arrives.

Lonestar10_1999 | 27 juni 2017

If it takes too long to get your refund, and you used a credit for your deposit, you can always contact your credit card issuer. They could put the $1000 purchase in dispute and work with Tessa on your behalf to settle the dispute. If you used a debit card, you have less protection.

COrich | 27 juni 2017

I had a second reservation that was ultimately for my son. We cancelled it online and received the refund to the credit card in less than a month. There was no problem at all.

Thegagers | 27 juni 2017

I used a credit card that no longer exists - Amex/Costco. Amex told me that there wasn't much they could do. Regardless, Tesla says they are now writing checks instead of dealing with credit card refunds... I'd better go check the mail.

Lonestar10_1999 | 27 juni 2017

I'm as much a fan of Tesla as anyone else on this forum, but making folks wait a long time for their refund tarnishes Tesla's reputation. There is no excuse for it. Hopefully Tesla will read this thread and shape up their Accounts Payable Dept.

alaba40000 | 6 oktober 2017

The cancel order button has been removed... makes me even more suspicious and now I want to really cancel my order... correction: I have sent requests to cancel my model S order as a result of Tesla removing the button. I have lost trust. That sort of behaviour smells... come on Mr M, your better than that!

Frank99 | 6 oktober 2017

My "My Tesla" page has a line: "To cancel your reservation, submit a request." with a link from "Submit a request".. I'm not really willing to try that, as I don't want to accidentally cancel, but is that missing from yours?

If there used to be a button, and now it's gone, it may be because a few people reported accidentally cancelling their reservation and having a hard time getting Tesla to reinstate it. This may be Tesla's way of making sure that someone who asks to cancel, is actually trying to do so.

mntlvr23 | 6 oktober 2017

Frank +1

locnguyencalalum | 6 oktober 2017

I need a boost-my-spot-in-line

2015P90DI | 6 oktober 2017

Took me 7 months to get a refund from Tesla on a cancelled warranty. Based on posts here, sounds like they just don't like giving money back to people and take their sweet time doing so, no matter what the refund is for.

They offer the token "I'm sorry for delay", but when you have to apologize more than once for the same thing, you don't really mean it. Clearly refunding money is not something high on their priority list.

Maybe it's their way of thinking it might get you to change your mind? To me it's the opposite. People having to chase down their money does not make them happy and probably less likely they'll want to return as a customer. Quick refunds might get people to say "wow, this company is awesome". Instead, most needing a refund are left annoyed at the effort they have to put in to get what's rightfully theirs.

cheryl | 24 april 2018

I tried to cancel my reservation about a month ago and they claim to have sent payment to my PayPal account which I do not recall providing to them. Needless to say, the funds are not in my PayPal.

Ryantbonham | 24 april 2018

Its interesting when i go to follow these steps, i click manage and once I do that the page just stays blank no matter what. can anyone help? or did i just lose my money.

spuzzz123 | 24 april 2018

Yep! You lost your deposit. Thanks for the subsidy!

andy.connor.e | 25 april 2018

They give refunds back through the same payment method in which it was received.

Jokedog | 30 mei 2018

Cancelled 2 months ago after bought my Nissan Leaf, but still haven't gotten my check. :-(

lilbean | 30 mei 2018

Just ask @corycapaldi. He knows it all and he says he is not an @$$&0/3.

bayareakid2008 | 30 mei 2018

Andy, wrong. You choose how to receive your refund. I was given the choice of providing my debit card, credit card or bank info. I chose debit and got the refund 2 days later.

tim | 31 mei 2018

Just initiated cancellation. Options presented for refund were following:
Debit Card 1-3 days
Bank Account 3-7 days
Check via US Mail 3- 60 days

I chose debit, and will update with results.

Bakerbunch21 | 1 juni 2018

My refund is overdue. Tried calling Tesla and was routed to a recording saying they were too busy to answer the phone.

tim | 4 juni 2018

My refund took 1 day. I chose debit card as the refund method.

SeaDoc | 16 juni 2018

I cancelled today 6.16.18 via debit - I'll let you know how it works out...

rammoha137 | 17 juni 2018

I am for sure considering canceling. It's a cool car but its sooo expensive to get all the decent features. Might as well save for a Model S.

Plus I've seen a ton so far, not an impressive looking car. Cool on the inside.

SeaDoc | 19 juni 2018

Follow up on $1000 refund - next day it was in my account via my debit card. Have fun everyone...

MSteg | 22 juni 2018

I cancelled on June 15th and requested payment by check. They said allow 30-60 days. I received the check from Tesla, June 21

MSMD | 1 juli 2018

Just requested cancellation of 1 of my reservations. I selected bank account ("3-7 business days")...

Will update with results...

keerthi.singri | 1 juli 2018

Cancelled with return to debit card. Reason: "I waited long enough to get an optimal price for a model3 and unfortunately the current price is no where close to $35,000, bummer. It is time for me to give up, focus on an immediate, affordable car i will enjoy."

Shock | 2 juli 2018

"Andy, wrong. You choose how to receive your refund. I was given the choice of providing my debit card, credit card or bank info. I chose debit and got the refund 2 days later."

This appears to vary. When I cancelled I was not given any choice in refund method. It went back to my credit card within two days.

MSMD | 6 juli 2018

Bank account refund received 7-6-18 (requested 7-1-18).

darin.randal | 7 juli 2018

I can’t find a cancel reservation link anywhere on the Tesla website or within my account or my reservation. What’s the proper way to go about this now?

plwin1983 | 9 juli 2018

I cancel my reservation for model 3 on June 28, 2018. It was a very unpleasant experience, I have to wait over 45-60 mins on the phone, the operator advised me she can't do anything for me I will have to login and cancel myself, I did the same day. I chose debit card refund (fastest option: 3-5 business days). Today is July 7, 2018 still no refund and I'm back on the phone waiting 45 minutes and counting. It seem like they want you to spend hours getting your refund back and it is pathetic the way they are handling the refunds. Tesla is a big piece of shit company and they are very inefficient. I HOPE THEY GO BANKRUPT FOR STEALING PEOPLE MONIES & TIMES!

lilbean | 9 juli 2018

What? I've had no problems cancelling all my cancelled cancellations.

Xerogas | 9 juli 2018

@plwin1983: I have a solution for you -- don't cancel, and instead buy the most amazing car you've ever experienced. No 'stealing' -- purchasing a product for a predetermined amount of money.

Also, try using the internet. Nobody waits on the phone these days -- you go to the same website where you purchased the reservation, and you cancel from there. Why waste your time on the phone?

mokes26 | 12 juli 2018

@Xerogas: Maybe because of this
Unfortunately, we were not able to process your cancellation request at this time. Please call one of our specialists at 1-888-51-TESLA between 7am-6pm PST and we will help resolve this for you.

billlake2000 | 12 juli 2018

With several lines up your nose

jdelshad | 19 juli 2018

Yeah I am also looking for a cancellation Link. Looks like they took it off the website to make it more difficult to cancel.

I imagine Tesla's having problems paying back the deposit. Maybe they should have delivered on the $35k promise!

Tuning In | 19 juli 2018

Well .... bye.

qi | 19 juli 2018

The way it goes today:

No CC reversing of charges.
They will reverse a Debit Card.
They will reverse if you send the acct # and routing # of your bank acct.
Or you can wait 30-60 Tesla Days for a check in the mail.

sosmerc | 19 juli 2018

I got my deposit refund check in the mail within 4 days of putting in my request. (this month)

andy.connor.e | 19 juli 2018

+1 @Shock

Same with me. I was not given a choice.

spambait | 24 juli 2018

At least you get options with cancelling a model 3. I cancelled a model X in the first 72 hours and they initially said that the VIN had already issued so there would be no refund. I said the sales agreement provides 3 days to cancel and I'm within it, so they can refund or I'll dispute with CC company and they can try to sue me if they disagree. 50 minutes on hold later they agreed and apparently I'll be waiting 30 - 60 business days. 6 - 12 weeks is ludicrous.

vincecaltagirone | 24 juli 2018

I originally cancelled my deposit about a year ago. Took about 2-4 weeks if I remember correctly. Did it through My Tesla account.

TommyJenkins | 25 juli 2018

Just initiated cancellation.
Go to your my tesla page - log in
Options presented for refund were following:

Debit Card 1-3 days
Bank Account 3-7 days
Check via US Mail 3- 60 days

I will check back in once I get my refund

beubanks | 8 augustus 2018

I cancelled my order on July 11, 2018. I have not yet received the refund. And there is no where to go to find status of the refund. And no way to find out by phone. Tesla support: How do I check on the status of my refund? This is crazy.

beubanks | 8 augustus 2018

Correction to the above. I just found the refund. However, my complaint remains: there should be a way to check the status (when/how) of the refund on my Tesla account page.

beubanks | 8 augustus 2018

Correction to the above. I just found the refund. However, my complaint remains: there should be a way to check the status (when/how) of the refund on my Tesla account page.

mralexander25 | 20 augustus 2018

I am looking into getting a refund as well. At this point it is much cheaper to buy a used Model S when I'm ready and if the company gets bought out I would rather not have lost a$1,000. Is anyone else concerned about putting in their cancellation too late based on the results of them going private? Not sure how that would impact things.