Model 3 Delivery Party this Friday @ SPACEX/BORING/TESLA/HYPERLOOP - Updated Location

Model 3 Delivery Party this Friday @ SPACEX/BORING/TESLA/HYPERLOOP - Updated Location

Want a tour of SpaceX? Want to see the largest evacuated tube outside of CERN? Want to see the Tesla elevator? Come to our Model 3 delivery party in Southern California.

WHO: ANYONE who loves Tesla, SpaceX, Hyperloop and Boring and want to eat, drink and then stream the Model 3 Delivery Party (but especially Model 3 reservation holders).

WHAT: MODEL 3 DELIVERY PARTY Live-Streamed direct from Fremont, California

WHERE: EUREKA TASTING KITCHEN - 12101 S Crenshaw Blvd, Hawthorne, CA 90250 until 845pm, and then Los Angeles Ale Works
12918 Cerise Ave, Hawthorne, CA 90250

WHEN: 715pm/Eureka & 845pm/Supercharger Lounge & Patio

WHY: Because we are excited to join the revolution and become Model 3 owners.

Prizes awarded. Tesla shwag. SpaceX employee t-shirts, hats, custom launch gear. Have a drink and experience a piece of history being made. You can watch the Fremont first Model 3 handovers on this Friday at 8:45pm PT

I will be providing updates and tweeting throughout the evening at


Thread RSVPs:

rnbows +1
dannywalter +2
Madatgascar +1


I've cross posted this onto the Model 3 Owner's Club.


30 people ended up showing up and turned a small get together into an incredible party. Thanks to everyone who made the effort.

KP in NPT | 23 juli 2017

Aww sounds fun, SamO! How are you gonna stream the event from the supercharger? ;-)

ReD eXiLe ms us | 23 juli 2017

This sounds like a good time... Unfortunately, I now reside about 1,900 miles East of there, instead of about 8 miles away. ;-)

SamO | 23 juli 2017


Tesla provides wifi at the Supercharger.


I was thinking of you when I decided to have this party ;-( . You will be there in spirit. I will post to you throughout the event. :-)

Rutrow | 23 juli 2017

Hey ReD, can I ride with you? I'm only 1700 miles away so I must be on your way.

Shesmyne2 | 23 juli 2017

SamO loves a party!
Great idea. I might have to sneak over to Fremont and just lurk.

Still Grinning ;-)

SamO | 23 juli 2017


Please come. Hawthorne isn't the same without you ;-)

ddrmadness | 23 juli 2017

Man, would love to make it if I already had my model 3. Unfortunately I can't since the car I have is shared and unavailable at that time. Hope it's great and will definitely be watching the event!

noleaf4me | 23 juli 2017

Great idea SamO....I'm far away as well and will be there in spirit.

SamO | 23 juli 2017

@dd @noleaf,

Will bring updates from the Supercharger Dashboard.

mntlvr23 | 23 juli 2017

Very cool SamO, I send my regrets due to the right coast proximity thing.
Have fun, post pics

SamO | 23 juli 2017

I wish we could still post pics here.

SamO | 24 juli 2017

Title edited for tricksiness.

noleaf4me | 24 juli 2017

Thanks SamO -- maybe upload something to YouTube?

Captcha back in action in the US!!

eeb9 | 24 juli 2017

Wish there was a way I could be there - have fun!

elephant in a bottle | 24 juli 2017

enjoy! Post pics so we can see all your happy faces ( some probably grumpy, bec. they did not reserve soon enough)

Coastal Cruiser. | 24 juli 2017

Love the grumpy comment.

This is a worthwhile celebration for sure. One of the dates that you know will be in the history books. Certainly in the book of electric vehicle evolution. And, any general history book worth its salt, as a marker of hitting critical mass toward the mass adoption of the BEV. And, a possible turning point in mass consciousness regarding recognition and acceptance of sustainable lifestyles without compromise.

And who knows, those history books may well include a photograph of a group of Tesla enthusiasts gathered round a Supercharger celebrating the official unveiling of the Model 3. ;>

SamO | 24 juli 2017

I have an assortment of Tesla/SpaceX give-aways for guests. 7 RSVPs so far.

PhillyGal | 24 juli 2017

I wish I wasn't so far away! I'd be there in an instant. Have fun.

JayInJapan | 24 juli 2017

You're making me want to fly back, SamO! Argh!

MarlonBrown | 24 juli 2017

Is there any product in history that has motivated to people ti gather like that? Unheard of.

Rutrow | 24 juli 2017

@PG, you can ride with ReD and me.

Rutrow | 24 juli 2017


I called it first PG, you're in the back seat.

mntlvr23 | 24 juli 2017

I guess that this kills my hopeful theory that SamO actually had a secret invitation as one of the 30, but had to keep it under wraps due to a NDA

quinney | 24 juli 2017

@mntlvr23: don't you know misdirection when you see it?

bj | 24 juli 2017

Thanks SamO for the invite but it's a bit far for me to travel. I'll be watching though and with you in spirit!

SamO | 25 juli 2017


Never too late to have a party outpost in Philadelphia;-)

Same goes for you in Japan @JiJ


This release is going to be epic. The reservation queue is about to explode.


I wish I was, 'cause my 7/31 guess might still win me the hat ;-). But my 9/26 guess is the real sleeper.


Hawthorne is next door to Los Angeles Int'l Airport, so not impossible.

mntlvr23 | 25 juli 2017

@quinney - ah yes, mis-direction, why didn't I think of that. SamO you are clever and tricksey

JeffreyR | 25 juli 2017

Hey @SamO, I'm down South for the next two weeks. I'll be heading over from Agoura Hills, so I'll be hitting a wall of traffic and may be a little late. I'll bring my wi-fi brick just in case.

Do we need to bring snacks for the SC Lounge?

SamO | 25 juli 2017

Yea @JeffreyR. Take PCH instead of 101. :-)

I'll have snacks and drinks. Wifi provided at the Hawthorne Supercharger.

It will be great to see you and catch up again.

SamO | 25 juli 2017

@CraigW can't wait to see you again. The more the merrier.

SamO | 26 juli 2017

Anyone interested in (outdoor) tours of SpaceX, Tesla Design Studio, Hyperloop test track and The Boring Company, please attend.

The longest distance traveller will be awarded a genuine Tesla item.

eeb9 | 26 juli 2017

Ya know, I have enough frequent-flyer miles to get there... need to see if the boss will cut me loose for a day.


SamO | 26 juli 2017


You'd be almost guaranteed a prize :-) . This place has a special memory for me:

First Tesla event (Battery Swap)
First Supercharge
First Coast to Coast meet up
First Coast to Coast (start and end)
First hyperloop pod competition.
First Boring hole viewing.
First rocket visit.

teslu3 | 26 juli 2017

Details of SpaceX tour?
Anyone else heading up via Irvine CA?

SamO | 26 juli 2017

Don't want to spoil the surprise. But it involves actively flown rockets and a Boom Boom Room.

Coastal Cruiser. | 26 juli 2017

A Boom Boom Room?

Maybe you guys should be streaming your event too.

weluvm3 | 26 juli 2017

How do I RSVP?

SamO | 26 juli 2017

I invite the tech savvy to make recommendations.

SamO | 26 juli 2017


You just did.

weluvm3 | 26 juli 2017

Can I bring my family? :-)

rnbows | 26 juli 2017

Hello there,

Well, seeing that I just claimed my space in the queue and I'm reasonably close to the event, I'm/we're in!

SamO | 26 juli 2017



elephant in a bottle | 26 juli 2017

Hey @SamO, what's with the prizes for? You having a bingo party? "custom launch gear" sounds interesting ..

SamO | 26 juli 2017

@elephant in a bottle,

Prizes are awarded based upon criteria such as furthest distance traveled, vehicle transitioning from, and trivia contest.

KP in NPT | 26 juli 2017

Sounds like it's gonna be fun, SamO! I woulda made the trip if I weren't already committed. ;-)

Mr.Tesla | 26 juli 2017

@ KP

Just ask your doctor for a day pass. A family member will have to sign you out of the facility as your chaperone, though.

elephant in a bottle | 26 juli 2017

+100 SamO . I'm sure most will attend for the experience and camaraderie . Hope TM or Elon chimes in on your prizes though.

SamO | 26 juli 2017

@Mr. Tesla,

KP has a +1 to the Fremont Delivery Party that night.


That would be fun.

noleaf4me | 26 juli 2017

I wish I could be there -- ATL is just too far away!

dannywalter | 26 juli 2017

Yes!!! Please RSVP for me, my wife, and 6 month old daughter who will be in "ludicrous mode" ;)

Thank you for throwing this!