Missed Opportunity

Missed Opportunity

Very disappointing presentation from my point of view. Why did he not show a closeup at least of one of the 30 employees getting his/her car?

Why not do a walk through for the large percent of reservation holders who are not already owners?

Why not show of slick new features specific to M3 such as the vent controls and the key card/phone access in lieu of key fob?
There's a great video showing the vent control feature available:

Too bad they didn't put a little more effort into the presentation of the actual car.

carlk | 29 juli 2017

Elon thinks marketing is a waste of resources. He thinks product should sell itself and he wants to put all resources and efforts into engineering. This is I believe you don't see what other companies usually do. Be a little patient we will eventually know everything we want to know.

carlk | 29 juli 2017

May I also add there is nothing wrong even if you have to find out things after you get the car if you believe in Tesla. Many of us early adopters bought our cars sight unseen and few were disappointed.

mikepisko | 29 juli 2017

He doesn't want to pay for marketing certainly but this was an opportunity to show this car is absolutely worth waiting for, as there will be a wait for those thinking they could get a base model.

mikepisko | 29 juli 2017

Yes, I understand that as I'm already a MS owner. I'm referring to the large number of new customers looking at the "model for the masses".

PhillyGal | 29 juli 2017

@mikepisko - I would have liked to see a little more detail last night too. Particularly, them actually handing over the cars. "Bob, design engineer, 8 years with the company. Max, Human Resources, 6 years..."

95dawg | 29 juli 2017

Agree the presentation could have had more info about the car.
We're not talking about or asking for more marketing, in fact just the opposite. We wanted more specs about the car in the presentation.

mikepisko | 29 juli 2017

Exactly PhillyGal. That's what I wanted too, just to see some enthusiasm and see brief biography even if just title and years with Tesla. Elon was needless to say very appreciative of his employees as they enter into "production he#*" as he called it, but it would have been nice to showcase maybe 2 or 3 of them during the handover.

topher | 29 juli 2017

Tesla tries to maintain the privacy of their employees. I can appreciate that.

More info. Even some wild showing off would have been welcome however.

Thank you kindly.

jefjes | 29 juli 2017

Guess us non-owners but pre-reveal reservation holders will still be waiting for a real 2nd reveal from Tesla, that may never come, while we anxiously glean over ever blog, video, opinion provider from every source out there. At least them holding my $1k for over a year plus my belief in a good BEV from Tesla that will someday prove affordable for me, has kept my attention so far. Still have hope, but until I get the information on the $35k car I have hope for, will still be waiting. The later in the fall comment isn't very satisfying after this long a wait but continue to wait I will. Not sure if everyone will be willing to wait but that is the cards Tesla has handed us for now.

Bighorn | 29 juli 2017

This was an employee event--I can see why it was handled differently than a customer or shareholder event. Tesla gave generous access to the press and most questions seem to have been covered in video and print. I'm sure plenty of those people went right back to their work stations, especially after that "pep" talk.

Haggy | 29 juli 2017

There didn't seem to be any real surprises, and everything Elon said about expecting the reservation count to jump after the second reveal makes no sense. He made it clear back then that they were holding back on something big. He also talked about the spaceship thing, and how the lack of a dashboard display will make sense. The talk about not needing it with FSD sounds like revisionism. The car is sold with or without autopilot so the explanation is iffy. He said it would all make sense after the second reveal, but autopilot (and the fact that the hardware would be there) was made clear at the first reveal.

I think it's a matter of Tesla not wanting to let schedules slip as they did with the Model X, and the 2019 will have some nice features that will be missing for now. It's on time and will still be a great car, but the order count is so high that Tesla need not add more to it at this time. I expect to see a nicer version down the line with a moderate to hefty price for the new options.

From a practical standpoint, I don't expect those sorts of chances to affect performance or functionality. It could be that Tesla legitimately decided to drop certain planned features since they thought they wouldn't matter with FSD.

eeb9 | 29 juli 2017

There's a bit of a split-personality thing happening with the Model 3. One the one hand, those who've driven it say that it feels every bit as sporty as it looks - great handling, very much a "Driver's Car"

And then... EM says that we really shouldn't care about any of that since it's built for FSD and the driver is really just another passenger who could/should be reading, browsing, watching a movie or whathaveyou.

They are trying to please two *very* different demographics with the same car, which means the neither side gets all of what they want.

That said, it still looks like fun, it will give me most of what I was looking for with acceptable trade-offs.

The HUD thing is still a head-shaker for me. Drive any car with a good HUD and you'll come out wondering why they've not been made mandatory safety equipment on every car sold, right up there with headlights and a rear-view mirror. The difference is startling - but you don't know what you've missed until you actually experience it.

Oh well - hope springs eternal! :-D

JK_PA | 29 juli 2017

I think he's trying very hard to meet deadlines to kill that "anit-Tesla, deadline" narrative, yet still undersell the 3 because as of right now it's sort of a "break-even" car, and needs to sell more S & X. It's all gonna work out....... I HOPE!!!

carlgo2 | 29 juli 2017

I think Haggy is right and that there was going to be a this fabulous 2nd presentation showing off the HUD and associated space ship stuff. When that went away, the presentation became that sort of listless time-filling thing it was because there was nothing new to say.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 29 juli 2017

Eventually, dozens of media outlets will have an opportunity to show everything there is to know about the Model 3 in coming weeks, months, and years. The internet will be a great place to make sure information regarding the car propagates at a steady and enormous rate of growth. I don't expect Elon Musk to do what the guys at MotorWeek have been doing for decades.

[ YouTube -- xMnRXBrThkw ]

[ YouTube -- WtGM3fI7_P0 ]

Mikeware | 29 juli 2017

Yeah, there was almost more info in the pre-show than the actual presentation. I was hoping for a bit more.

I was really hoping for a HUD though too. At least with no normal dash, there's lots of space to install an aftermarket one.

kkchan67 | 29 juli 2017

Obviously Elon is not trying very hard to sell Model3. Without trying it already has half a million "back orders". Even if 10% of deposit holders bails it is a gonna be a "production hell" for them. No question the newer version in a year or 2 with be a "better" car, just like your iPhone 7 will be better than iPhone 3. If you want to stays on the sideline to wait for your perfect iPhone you can wait forever! I'm going all in for the first Model 3 that I can get my hands on.