Let my deposit ride...

Let my deposit ride...

...hoping for a jackpot? Might take a year, but then there are the dual motors and ludicrous. Maybe those compelling turbine wheels! More paint and upholstery choices possibly and then there is that Magical Mystery Bonus Payout if the the HUD makes its appearance. I am totally convinced it exists and was to be offered, but had to be delayed. There might be fast charging upgrades and more places to do it. And of course a space ship steering wheel and a Martian tree wood dash.

Some would also caution against early production cars, but that doesn't worry me much. I think buying now is a perfectly good choice, but I am pretty patient. Also, Musk would prefer that we buy an S or X and so maybe...nah, just too much for me. But, the Y, I want an SUV really. Surely there will be the usual tease about that, but then it will take how long to make a factory...unless the Nevada Gigafactory becomes that all-in-one plant that Musk envisions. Plenty of land, why not?

Just my usual stream of consciousness decision making process, don't worry. It is a safe bet either way.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 29 juli 2017

Well said. I'm hoping for the announcement of a Model 3 Coupe some day myself. Probably won't happen, and I may be able to live with a Sedan again... Though I really don't like them.