Power Seats in Standard?

Power Seats in Standard?

Premium has 12 way power front seats, but what about standard? 6 way or manual?

Bighorn | 29 juli 2017

Manual I believe

95dawg | 29 juli 2017

No. Also no heated seats.

PhillyGal | 29 juli 2017

No heated front seats or no heated rear seats? The first thing I read made it sound like heated rear were added with premium but I could be wrong.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 29 juli 2017

Manual is just fine for me. It's fun to play with the 97-way adjustable seats in a Cadillac or Lexus, but it ain't exactly necessary. But... I seem to remember seeing or reading something that said the Standard cars would have a power driver's seat, just not as advanced as those in the Premium equipped cars. I am almost certainly wrong on that recollection, though.

PhillyGal | 29 juli 2017

I was/am really looking forward to driver profiles since hubs and I will be switching cars regularly. But I was sure I'd be able to get my damn textile seats that he vetoed me on our S for.

bethalan | 30 juli 2017

Do the power seats in premium have memory presets?

Chargedmr2 | 30 juli 2017

Yes, and also mirrors and steering. These specs are on Tesla's website.

SP_H | 30 juli 2017

It would be nice to have power front seats, 6 way is better than none. Also it's a $35k car, it should have some power seats right!

topher | 30 juli 2017

It's a $35k ELECTRIC car. You are welcome to find a better car with 7,000 AA batteries included in the price.

Thank you kindly.

gavinmcc | 30 juli 2017

No power seats in the bolt...maybe Leaf 2 will have them?

Currently I plan to go with the premium...but will forgo long range to keep the price down...


Tesla2018 | 30 juli 2017

Are power seats really neccessary for many people? If you are the only one driving the car there is no need to adjust them. Same thing with side and rear view mirrors. Set them once and forget about them. Do most future owners have multiple people that will be driving their cars?

Shock | 30 juli 2017

Lack of power seats is insane at a car costing this much, even on the standard model.

"Are power seats really neccessary for many people? "

Why don't you ask every auto manufacturer and car customer their opinion on this? All but the very cheapest or weird niche vehicles have power seats now. I need them for two reasons: 1) I am not the only one driving it, 2) Manual seats are nowhere near as comfortable as power. They tend not to adjust in as many ways. I remember my 2010 Prius had the worst seat of any car I've driven in decades. It got to the point where even a 20 minute drive to work was hurting my lower back because it wasn't properly adjustable.

No power seats in a car at this price points are like asking if we "really" need power windows. Yes, yes we do.

The big thing for me now given that this is in fact a $48k car (including autopilot) is how good the autopilot will be by the time mine's available. If it keeps maturing at an aggressive pace AND there is still some federal tax credit available, I am still very interested in the car.

SP_H | 30 juli 2017

We're not asking for fancy power seat with lumbar support and memory, just power adjust that go back and forth, up and down can be manual. Because the manual adjust is those clicking standardized length that doesnt fit properly.

tedirelan | 30 juli 2017

I was surprised that the $100,000 Model S didn't have lights on the vanity mirror. So this doesn't shock me about the manual seats. I live, eat and breath Tesla. My family will be in an all electric car that has the title of world's safest car soon. That's what I care about.