For the 60/40 Model 3 seats lie flat?

For the 60/40 Model 3 seats lie flat?

For those of us who like to lie down in our Model S, we are wondering, do the Model 3 seats lie completely flat, and can you put both the 60 and the 40 portions down together????

Inquiring minds want to know.

KP in NPT | 29 juli 2017

I'm not Bighorn ;-) but on my test ride we were told that yes, both sides together do fold flat. I don't know if that means totally 100% flat or just mostly flat.

elephant in a bottle | 29 juli 2017

Hello sbeggs! Yes they do fold flat , EM confirmed that via twitter sometime back.

eeb9 | 29 juli 2017

I had that as a working assumption- good to see it confirmed

elephant in a bottle | 29 juli 2017

Mollum keeps blocking whenever I paste the link, but here's the twitter conversation:

@elonmusk I roadtrip ALOT and sleeping in my car is quicker/cheaper than setting up a tent. Really hoping back seats can fold down on the 3.

Replying to @_amwolo_
@_amwolo_ They can. Will be great for road trips and camping
12:46 PM - 3 Apr 2016

jcgoddard | 29 juli 2017

Anyone know if bag of standard golf clubs can fit in the trunk?

PhillyGal | 29 juli 2017

@jcgoddard - I think I read somewhere this morning that 2 can definitely, possibly up to 4.

Coastal Cruiser. | 29 juli 2017

Would love to see a post from someone who sleeps in their M3. That opens up the possibility of [nearly] free road trips to some of the goofy places we have discussed over the months... hamburger joints... Route 66 exploration... etc.

Coastal Cruiser. | 29 juli 2017

elephant in a bottle: "@elonmusk I roadtrip ALOT and sleeping in my car is quicker/cheaper than setting up a tent."

Love the notion of a Billionaire paying attention to motel costs. Very Gates like.

jcgoddard | 29 juli 2017

@phillygal- is that in the trunk alone or with seats down?

elephant in a bottle | 29 juli 2017

@CC It's one of his intrinsic attributes that makes him great .. empathy.

PhillyGal | 29 juli 2017

@jcgoddard - Seems like he is talking about trunk itself, without the seats down:

jcgoddard | 29 juli 2017

@Phillygal- thanks. Wonder if the author of that article is a golfer; not a deal breaker for me (cuz seats down would hold it) but I sure hope that they are spot on with this estimation of the trunk size.

Bighorn | 29 juli 2017

I didn't know the answer, but last trip I took I slept in the back seat and never used my bed. A Tesla engineer I met said he sleeps in the car 90% of the time and his back was full of tools and a spare tire. He said it was common practice for Tesla employees doing road testing to sleep at superchargers and rest stops. Adding Walmart to the list of options opens up sleep and bathroom stops.

Mike83 | 29 juli 2017

Costco has $2 pizza but membership is required unlike Walmart.

Mike83 | 29 juli 2017

At Costco one can watch cars waiting for 15 to 20 minutes to get gas if you feel the need to visit a gas station.

Maxxer | 29 juli 2017

Do they Stow N'Go?

ReD eXiLe ms us | 29 juli 2017

EVolution: Prolly not. Even the newish Chrysler Pacifica PHEV minivan loses its Stow-N-Go function for the second row seats... and it's battery pack capacity is much, much lower.

NKYTA | 29 juli 2017

This thread is just Ludcrious.

And yes, I watched Spacebals while staying at a Holiday Inn Express.


kkchan67 | 29 juli 2017
looks like a nice flat trunk space even before folding the 60/40 back seat.

JK_PA | 30 juli 2017

@Coastal_Cruiser ... I'm trying to repost this politley... the spam filter blocked me.... (ignore the spellingmistakes.. trying to fool the robots).... SO.... sorry dude... but putting Musk in any category with Gaites is a huge insult to Musk. Gaites intentionally held back computing for profit. Musk shared is designs from the beginning hoping to boost progress. AND HE DID. I hope only hope Bill follows Jobz to the graive soon. Musk even shared his Hyperloop technology. Bill Gaites is a profiteering whoorr. Musk has a vision for the future... and struggling against the tide of Capitalistix protectionism. Amazing what he's done so far.... Sorry.. wrong forum to bring this up... Bighorn... don't hate me... after all.. I'm going RWD because of you.

KP in NPT | 30 juli 2017

Kkchan - where thecseats fold down is where there might be a slight incline - like on the S. That's what we do not know. How much is that incline, if there is one.

Based on what they did with the S and now the 7 seater X, I'm guessing it's not much.

RP3 | 30 juli 2017

@jcgoddard - As a fellow golfer, I would also love to get a few sets in the trunk. When someone says 'looks like you could get two, maybe four sets in there' I would be skeptical. Non-golfers don't realize how long those drivers are. It's a pain to have to remove the driver, fit the rest of the clubs in with the bag and then jimmy in that driver. I'd love to see someone put clubs in the trunk rather than guess that 2, maybe 4 sets would fit! (at least with that lid, we don't have to worry about some support swinging back into the trunk space and potentially bending a club shaft!)

jcgoddard | 30 juli 2017

RP3- I hear ya. That is what I was hoping to confirm as well.
Maybe I will ask a current owner in another thread.

gavinmcc | 30 juli 2017

Tesla needs to hire some people to show the size...

"Our trunk can hold 187 kittens, or two Stephan Currys (and his adorable daughter), or one carefully folded Kevin Durant...with his MVP trophy. We aren't sure how many Marshawn Lynchs we could fit as he wouldn't stop talking about how much he loves the model 3 to actually get inside the trunk." Use those Bay Area people...and the visuals would be great...curry getting out, and then another curry...and he reaches back for his MVP trophy being moved out by a long arm and then Durant climbing writes itself...


Mblaze76 | 30 juli 2017

Golf club test is key. Mine barely fit in my A4 so I highly doubt the 4 bag theory is anywhere near accurate.