Supercharger Charging Speed locked?

Supercharger Charging Speed locked?


1) Does anyone know if future improvements to Supercharger capabilities (higher volts/amps) can be realized by the Model 3 with decreased time to charge? Are limited in how fast they can charge to a permanent 130 miles in 30 min? I'm disappointed in the supercharger charge times as a big attraction to Tesla vs other EVs was supercharging network and getting to 80% charge in under 30 minutes. It looks like the standard battery will take about 40 minutes to get to 80%? (130 miles in 30 min)

2) What about reserving supercharger spaces for long distance travel through the app or console? We could coordinate times through an app and be warned/advise of upcoming reservations on the supercharger we're using. Perhaps a disconnect and penalize could be used if you take/overstay another's reservation, and offer reward/incentive if you move timely. Ultimately, have autonomous feature to let the autopilot move your car to/from the supercharger to a non-charge parking space when reservation is up or charge complete? Would have to automate the supercharger connection.


jordanrichard | 29 juli 2017

You have to realize that it is the smaller size battery in the Model 3 that causes it to charge at that rate.

A reservation system has been discussed here on the forum and it won't work. It would only complicate things.

Bighorn | 29 juli 2017

Bigger battery is 170 miles in 30 min

mfstorino | 30 juli 2017

Both batteries take over 40 minutes to get to 80% charge rate, if they continue at he same rate up to 80% and dont slow down. That is slower than I expected and I'm hearing of better fast chargers coming online. Can the Model 3 charge faster with better high voltage sulerchargers or is it limited to this slow rate?