Configurator first look

Configurator first look

jsanford | 29 juli 2017

Interesting. What I'm not clear on is if I need the $5k autopilot to get summoning. I was really hoping our Model 3 would back itself down our driveway, especially in the wintertime, when it's dark early.

rxlawdude | 29 juli 2017

Yes, summon is part of autopilot.

jsanford | 29 juli 2017

Thanks for the quick reply.

So, no autopilot means no summoning.

Between that, $1k for any color that isn't black, and stock wheels that look like cuisinart blades, and no HD radio option...I'll see how we feel when we're invited to configure in six months.

jordanrichard | 29 juli 2017

Do keep in mind that the car won't just drive itself down your driveway while your re finishing your morning coffee. You have to be near the car at all times.

Balistarama | 29 juli 2017

Using those pictures and other sources I've compiled a highly detailed look at what the Model 3 should cost in Australia.

lar_lef | 29 juli 2017

Using this opportunity to salute the brillance of Tesla offering two battery options re 3. At some point will probably have to put 400 range battery in S and X, unless agreement with Panasonic to take old batteries to bolster their Japanese plant production (?) will delay.