My delivery date got moved up a bit

My delivery date got moved up a bit

The delivery estimator has changed my estimated delivery from "Early 2019" to "Late 2018". Also, all 3 options have the same date of "Late 2018". That's progress. :)

Shock | 3 augustus 2017

Nice. Do you check daily? Mine hasn't budged in a few days. Given their current production rate estimating deliveries is exceedingly hard. I bet we'll start to really have some solid idea about delivery times a few months from now as they truly ramp up production, have a better idea about parts delivery, etc.

hoffmannjames | 3 augustus 2017

Yeah, I check almost daily. :)

I agree that the estimated delivery dates will probably fluctuate quite a bit as production ramps up. Also, cancellations might also be affecting the estimated delivery date.

What I found most interesting is that the dual motor option which is a late production goal has a date of "Late 2018" same as the "1st production" car. Maybe that's a good sign that production is looking good.

bmalloy0 | 3 augustus 2017

I got excited for myself but mine hasn't changed :(

bestmangamer | 3 augustus 2017

Mine got moved up as well. Reserved 06/20/17 and was originally slated for July-September 2018 for Standard Battery, and now it says May-July 2018.

Could be related to the 68,000 cancelled reservations that Musk noted during their earnings report?

Shock | 3 augustus 2017

"Mine got moved up as well."

When did it move? Last 24 hours?

n2scuba | 3 augustus 2017

I suspect many of us are checking the estimator daily. Just wondering if any of those of us who have an April 1, 2016 registration with an estimated delivery of Jan-Mar 2018 have been moved up. I'm hoping at least some of the alleged cancellations were ahead of me in the queue. I would so love to get my M3 before Christmas.

KP in NPT | 3 augustus 2017

Mine hasn't moved. But I'm at the front of the line.

rajalucy | 3 augustus 2017

may be 65k cancel order has to do something

AJPHL | 3 augustus 2017

@bestmangamer can you share if you're an owner? Where are you located? I reserved on 4/1/2016 and my delivery window is only a month sooner :-/

Shock | 3 augustus 2017

"may be 65k cancel order has to do something"

Tesla says these have happened over time, though. No impression that they happened right after the reveal...

jajackson | 3 augustus 2017

I reserved on 3/31/16 and have an estimated "first production" date of Oct-Dec 2017. I was a little [very pleasantly] surprised.

akgolf | 3 augustus 2017

Good for you KP.

I'm checking more often than I should and it hasn't changed.

mntlvr23 | 3 augustus 2017

I have checked mine a few dozen times today, and it is still the same - continually tempting me to bite the bullet for the full monty (less AWD) being delivered as soon as Nov 2017

greg | 3 augustus 2017

My Delivery estimates page has changed, I can no longer select the type I want (First production, RWD or AWD) and the delivery estimate says early 2019 still [for both reservations].

Maybe Tesla are only letting those who have a delivery slot closer to now updating the options as I could and did last week.

dsvick | 3 augustus 2017

Well, darn, mine's still the same ... :(

Bluesday Afternoon | 3 augustus 2017

I'm in the Oct-Dec 2017 First Production Group but hope they offer me a September 26, 2017, delivery date. Wouldn't that make a cool BD gift?

bj | 3 augustus 2017

It would be nice if Tesla upgraded their "manage" page so that the delivery estimate was either on that page directly, or just one click away on a direct link. Instead you have to go to the Model 3 info page to find the link and then on to the delivery estimate page.

C'mon Tesla, you can do better than that!

My delivery in unchanged as "Early 2019" because Australia is totally at the wrong end of the world and RHD to boot. What has changed is that I no longer see the three different variants on offer in the USA. They were there last week with USD pricing, but all 3 options have now disappeared entirely and all it says is "Early 2019".

mntlvr23 | 3 augustus 2017

@bj - they don't list out the separate three options for you, because by that time you should probably have your choice of anything that you want that they have available

bj | 3 augustus 2017

@mntlvr23 - yes I know that, it is one of the few upsides about being forced to wait until 2019 :)

I was just pointing out those 3 variants were visible on My Telsa page last week, but not now. They were probably never meant to be there, Tesla I imagine has being doing lots of tidy-up on their site since Model 3 launch.

mntlvr23 | 3 augustus 2017

@bj - you can borrow mine whenever you'd like

Rutrow | 3 augustus 2017

bj, doesn't 2019 come earlier for Aussies? Isn't there something about date line and the AUD to USD exchange rate that means that "Early 2019" is really April 2018 in English?

bj | 3 augustus 2017

@Rutrow - if only :)

bestmangamer | 4 augustus 2017


My date got updated August 2, 48 hours ago.
I live in Grand Rapids, MI, and am NOT am current owner

I checked July 29 after the launch event and it was July-Sept and by the following Tuesday (08/02/17) it was bumped up to May-July.

For reference, my long range estimate is May-June 2018, although I plan to go for the Standard Range.

andy.connor.e | 4 augustus 2017

Theres apparently been over 60,000 cancellations. (all while receiving new ones) so im sure we all got bumped up a few months.

JustSaying | 4 augustus 2017

I reserved on 3/31/16 in SOCAL and have an estimated "first production" date of Nov-17-Jan 2018, No change..

queen_beezee | 4 augustus 2017

Reserved 3/31/16 in SOCAL, waited in line at the store before the reveal. $49K model with the long range battery and $5K accessories package, est delivery date of Nov 2017-Jan 2018

dd.micsol | 4 augustus 2017

Please don't get cancellation due to duplicate or over ordering. That's about 1/2 of them. People were trying to scalp them.

garyjtate | 4 augustus 2017

Same here, must have been that tweet I sent to Elon requesting to have mine ready by my 70th birthday 11/2018

prsist | 4 augustus 2017

Currently Dec 10, 2017. I've been visiting Troy's estimator for months. I've had delivery estimations from October 2017 to April 2018. Now that the 3's have hit the street and things are getting more concrete, I now show a December, 2017 delivery. Tesla's website shows me with November, 2017 to January, 2018. So things are looking up. Now, if Tesla will let us select seat colors by the time my car is ready....

yordanov1976 | 4 augustus 2017

Did any of you pressed the button save with the third AWD model? It's says that this model will be produced most backward in time. I have done that, but now I want to change it.
Will my choise for AWD model change my place in the queue? Because now, when I am in my profil, I only see the late 2018 opportunity.

socaldave | 4 augustus 2017

My long range M3 delivery window went from Oct-Dec 2017 to Nov-Jan 2018. Boooooo.

JuJo0 | 4 augustus 2017


I originally chose AWD and switched to Standard. You can change it at anytime until you configure. It says underneath the save button that "Your selection will not affect your place in line."