EAP what else do I get for 5K?

EAP what else do I get for 5K?

I find much of this confusing with the Enhanced auto pilot from

Model 3 will match speed to traffic conditions..... ok this sounds like ACC, is it?
keep within a lane.... ok
automatically change lanes... and how does work, when would you use it?
transition from one freeway to another.... say what?
exit the freeway.... confusing
self-park at your destination...... I get this.

Tâm | 4 augustus 2017

Basically, it describes a handsfree driving from on-ramp to off-ramp.

You do not need to do anything but to watch or babysit the system and make sure it doesn't kill you.

It will even automatically change lanes for you all on its own free will whether you want to or not.

Once you are at off-ramp, you take the control over to a parking area for automatic-parking.

Currently, the system still needs human skills and judgement a lot. You can turn on the turn signal and it will go to the next lane but it might hit the car next lane so you have to make sure the next lane is clear before letting the system change lane.

Frank99 | 4 augustus 2017

I'm not a Tesla owner, so don't take this seriously, but....

I've always thought that the lane-change ability was pretty silly - you have to clear the lane, then initiate with the turn signal. At that point, frankly, I'd just as soon move the wheel also.

TACC and lane-keeping seem to me to be the meat of the feature - that's what I'm buying it for. Bonus points if it stays vigilant about the cars around me, and will try to move me out of the way of someone who tries to occupy the same space as I'm currently in. Self-parking is kind of "meh" to me - it'll be cute to do it for friends, but I can't remember the last time I thought "Geez, if the car would only park itself, life would be so much better". Now, if it's autonomous enough to go searching through the parking lot to find a space, park itself, then come back and get me when I summon it, it'll be a feature worth its weight in gold - especially if I can configure it to find a parking space with empty spaces to either side to minimize door dings.

Rutrow | 4 augustus 2017

When it self parks does it know that since I have a brand new car I prefer parking way out in the empty part of the lot, away from other cars, taking up two spaces so nobody dings my doors?!?

*I'm kidding...

hoffmannjames | 4 augustus 2017

--> Model 3 will match speed to traffic conditions..... ok this sounds like ACC, is it?


--> automatically change lanes... and how does work, when would you use it?

Basically, you just tap your turn signal like you normally would to signal that you are preparing to change lanes and the car will automatically change lanes for you. It is used in highway driving.

But I think I read somewhere that Tesla eventually wants the car to be able to automatically change lanes for you when it is appropriate to do so like when you need to be in another lane to get to an exit or when your lane is slow but the passing lane is free.

--> transition from one freeway to another.... say what?

This feature is not available yet. Presumably, when the highway splits into two highways, the car will be able to automatically switch to the lane that becomes the new highway based on your destination.

--> exit the freeway.... confusing

This feature is not available yet. Basically your car will be able to automatically take the right highway exit when you need to get off near your destination.

hoffmannjames | 4 augustus 2017

It sounds like Tesla hopes EAP will be eventually be self driving for the highway whereas FSD will be self-driving for highway and local roads. So auto lane change, transitioning from one highway to another, exiting a freeway, are all features designed to allow self-driving on the highway. Say you are driving and at one point, you need to be in the left lane in order to merge onto another highway and then eventually get off at a exit, the car will be able to handle it all on its own. So you can get on the highway, engage EAP and it will self-drive until you need to exit the highway. At least, I think that is the idea.

Tâm | 4 augustus 2017


Currently the system is just like a baby who's trying to learn so yes, it is silly that I have to manually make sure the lane is clear before letting the system move over.

But some day, it will change lane on its own without the input of the driver. The driver won't have to turn on the turn signal any more. It will make sure the traffic is clear and change the lane on its own.

However, as the name autopilot implied, a human "pilot" is always responsible if there's an accident just like in airline industry.

If you don't want to be responsible for accidents, then you have to pay extra for self-driving because there's no driver to blame on.

jrwells2007 | 4 augustus 2017

@Tam, using auto-steer with AP2 when you indicate to change lanes the car will decide if it is safe - enough clearance ahead, enough clearance behind and no vehicle alongside. It is much more cautious than I would be if driving manually - sometimes it can be a pain waiting for the AP2 to decide that it is sufficiently safe to change lanes.

Tâm | 4 augustus 2017


It's an evolution not a revolution with AP2.

Right now, only 1 or 2 front cameras are being used.

So to see something behind, it has to rely on ultrasonic senors which is too short of a distance to be reliable.

More cameras needs to be activated, at least 4 and then ideally 8 to aid for traffic clearance for a lane change.

That will come, but we don't know when.

Elon Musk thinks may be this coming December 2017 or shortly after that as Tesla will do a LAX to NYC autonomous road trip with no human intervention at all, including charging stops!

garyjtate | 4 augustus 2017

Thanks for all the clarification, the TACC is what I want.

I spoke with rep yesterday and was told that ACC should be standard.... will see.

hoffmannjames | 4 augustus 2017

Tâm | August 4, 2017
Elon Musk thinks may be this coming December 2017 or shortly after that as Tesla will do a LAX to NYC autonomous road trip with no human intervention at all, including charging stops!

If Tesla pulls that off, it will not just be amazing for the future of FSD but I imagine that Model 3 reservations will skyrocket!

jrwells2007 | 4 augustus 2017


Ok, I get what you are saying - if a vehicle in the next lane is approaching from behind at a large speed difference, the ultrasonic sensors do not have adequate range. This had not occurred to me as I would be using auto steer when I was already up to near the speed limit.

Maybe without auto steer this scenario could be a problem anyway as many drivers do not appear to judge the approach speed of other vehicles very well but then it would be more clearly driver error.

CraigW | 4 augustus 2017

I have used AP1 for almost two years. jrwells2007 is correct.

You do have to pay attention and you learn that there are types of situations where you want to pay extra attention, but the car does drive itself. It does change lanes by itself (an area where you don't want to go asleep), and it does park itself. Also, you have summon to help you get into/out of your garage. You will be surprised how handy this is, particularly when you have two cars and your partner has parked too close, or when you want to pull the car out so everyone can easily get into both rows of seats..

Remnant | 4 augustus 2017

@garyjtate (OP, August 4, 2017)

<< EAP what else do I get for 5K? ... I find much of this confusing with the Enhanced auto pilot from >>

Here is the SAE International Summary of levels of driving automation:

L0 No Driving Automation
L1 Driver Assistance
L2 Partial Driving Automation
L3 Conditional Driving Automation
L4 High Driving Automation (EAP)
L5 Full Driving Automation (Driverless AP, or FSD)

What you get for those $5,000 is the so-called Hardware 2 and EAP v.9 or above, for 8 cameras and 12 upgraded ultrasonic sensors that have nearly twice the range of those found in prior versions of Autopilot, which will be able to monitor activity around the vehicle, including blind spots. Forward-looking side cameras mounted to the vehicle will be able to track cars that unexpectedly enter into a driver’s lane. The side cameras will also provide another level of safety for the driver when entering into an intersection or four way stop. In addition, rear-side cameras will detect vehicles that approach from rear blind spots, thus allowing for safer lane changes, especially when merging into traffic.

But in the future, Tesla is apparently planning to use an NVIDIA Scalable Supercomputer For Autonomous Driving, such as NVIDIA DRIVE™ PX2.

But NVIDIA's latest Volta-Based Tesla V100 Data Center GPU Shatters Barrier of 120 Teraflops of Deep Learning.

The Volta, NVIDIA's seventh-generation GPU architecture, is built with 21 billion transistors and delivers the equivalent performance of 100 CPUs for deep learning.

It provides a 5x improvement over Pascal™, the current-generation NVIDIA GPU architecture, in peak teraflops, and 15x over the Maxwell™ architecture, launched two years ago. This performance surpasses by 4x the improvements that Moore's law would have predicted.

Note that EAP, even in the v.9 or above iteration (for Hardware 2 of MS, MX, and M☰), is not yet FSD, in that EAP still requires Driver stand-by monitoring and intervention, which is L3 or L4, but not L5.

Tâm | 4 augustus 2017


There's no commercial available SAE Level 3 yet.

Level 0-1: hands on

Level 2: Hands off (Autopilot, take your hands off wheel to select radio channel...) but human is still the primary monitor.

Level 3: Eyes off (you can watch Harry Potter). Human no longer be the primary monitor because machine does but be ready to take over when it hands off back to you.

Level 4: Mind off: Take a nap. It can handle most situations that human can.

Level 5: Mind off: No human controls/lever/knobs/gear/shifts needed (no steering wheel, brake pedal, accelerator...)

The term "autopilot" itself is always SAE level 2 because it shifts the responsibility to human as a primary monitor, not machine.

On the other hand, Audi will come out with SAE Level 3 but not until 2019 and only at speed of up to 37 mph. With that level, you can watch Harry Potter. The system will be the primary monitor and it will give you plenty of time for about 10 seconds to tell you to stop watching the movie and take over soon in case it cannot handle a scenario.

Rutrow | 4 augustus 2017

What if I get tired of Harry Potter? Are there other movies I can watch?

gwolnik | 4 augustus 2017

I'm hoping it will automatically parallel park, including on the left side of a one-way street.

hoffmannjames | 4 augustus 2017

I would point out that many of us will get our Model 3 some time next year. By that time, I am sure Tesla will have released more updates for EAP and maybe even a couple partial FSD features. So many of us will get a more functional EAP/FSD when we get our Model 3's. Something to remember.

Darkon | 4 augustus 2017

"What if I get tired of Harry Potter? Are there other movies I can watch?"

Nope...Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone...over and over and over, though there may be upgrades in the future that let you watch the other Harry Potter movies ;-)

Tâm | 4 augustus 2017


May be later, but right now, the choices very limited. Thank you :)

Tâm | 4 augustus 2017


Since early of this year, AP2 has been performing paralell parking very well: