What audio system comes with the $5k premium package?

What audio system comes with the $5k premium package?

Let's talk about really important stuff. Who is the manufacturer of the audio system? How many speakers and where are they installed? I want to know total watts and how much bass.
People need to know these things : )

stevegs | 5 augustus 2017

All I've seen is 15 speakers with the Premium Package and 7 speakers without it.

MarlonBrown | 5 augustus 2017

What is the brand in the X and S?

gwjoeymed | 5 augustus 2017

Tesla's own brand. And the premium package just has more of them. I don't think they're any higher quality. (You do get a bass module, I believe).

rxlawdude | 5 augustus 2017

Still no word on whether XM is included in the premium version. We know FOR SURE there is no AM radio in either version.

jefjes | 5 augustus 2017

On the Model S, I believe it says XM if the sunroof option is selected. Since the sunroof doesn't even appear to be an option on the Model 3, your guess is as good as any other.

rxlawdude | 5 augustus 2017

@jefjes, but there is a frame bar across the roof, and that's analogous to where the XM antenna is in the MS' pano roof.

There are still some really basic facts about the car that haven't been released... or leaked.

MarlonBrown | 5 augustus 2017

I guess Tesla is using their own audio system aiming to gain know how. Then use it to differentiate themselves. Sure Thing the first releases will likely be inferior to Bose etc

Tâm | 5 augustus 2017

Don't know about Model 3 but according to

Audi, Bentley, Porsche, Tesla S & X use s1nn from Harmon International Group which owns other brands also: Harmon Kardon, Infinity, JBL, Lexicon and Mark Levinson,

Rutrow | 5 augustus 2017

For anyone missing AM radio I'll bet that the streaming internet radio will have your favorite local station.

stevenmaifert | 5 augustus 2017

The only thing that really matters is how it sounds to you. There's a 99.9% chance all the test drive vehicles will have the Premium Upgrades and you can judge for yourself then.

rxlawdude | 5 augustus 2017

@Rutrow, you would lose that bet badly.

jefjes | 5 augustus 2017

AM for road conditions or emergency weather notifications are pretty common across the US. Having said that, I rarely tune in but don't usually need to.

jefjes | 5 augustus 2017

Don't need to

jefjes | 5 augustus 2017

Darn recaptcha... I don't usually need to because the info is easier to quickly find on my phone with automatic traffic and weather updates enabled.

dd.micsol | 5 augustus 2017

It's an Alpine i109-but with tesla name on it.

dd.micsol | 5 augustus 2017

That's a joke really as it runs from the tablet obviously.

Alvin27 | 5 augustus 2017

@Tâm - thanks ... that is interesting.

slasher0016 | 5 augustus 2017

No AM sucks because of sports. That is by far the most disappointing thing missing from the Model 3.

dd.micsol | 5 augustus 2017

I like npr radio and that isn't on fm either.

rxlawdude | 5 augustus 2017

@dd, NPR is on like three stations here in SoCal. All FM.

weluvm3 | 5 augustus 2017

All I ever listen to on my radio is AM. I just like talk and news. Why wouldn't they include it? Makes no sense. Even if Internet streaming might work in a pinch, won't we have to pay for data after 2 years? Radio is free, and I kind of like getting my local stations anyway. Ads and all.

rxlawdude | 5 augustus 2017

@Fiddlesticks, the reason for omitting it (BMW does it on their EV, too) is the RF noise generated by the inverters and motors can cause AM to be static-prone except in strong signal areas. It's essentially inherent to EVs and hybrids. Tesla believes this is a dissatisfier, so rather than spend engineering resources to address this, they quietly pulled AM out of the MX and now the M3. Odd that it remains on the MS, but I am advocating for it on all Teslas.

MarlonBrown | 5 augustus 2017

AM is the only thing I hear. Besides heavy metal.

mntlvr23 | 5 augustus 2017

@dd -100

Shock | 5 augustus 2017

Most of what I listen to is XM satellite. I don't stream it over the net.

weluvm3 | 5 augustus 2017

@rxlawdude I've got AM on my 500e, listen to it all the time. Yeah, sometimes a slight whine, but only when accelerating and only weak stations. Living with the slight whine is certainly preferable to not having AM at all. I think that should be up to me to decide if I want to listen to it, not Tesla.

rxlawdude | 5 augustus 2017

@Fiddle, agree.

JayInJapan | 6 augustus 2017

My AM is good only for listening to my car's motor. Not surprised they're leaving it out of M3.

leadfoot_ed | 7 augustus 2017

AM station workaround is slightly annoying, but not a huge deal. Potential lack of SXM satellite reception is more concerning. Not a huge deal around town, since I have the app on my phone, and I can stream over BT. However, on a big road trip through areas with sparse cellular coverage, it would be a major bummer not to have tunes. Hope this will be at least an option in the premium pkg.

DrewCrew | 7 augustus 2017

Back to the OP, do we know the brand (I saw "it's Tesla's own"), the watts and amp of the system, the speaker configuration and locations, compatibility with aftermarket speakers/woofers, etc?

circleo12 | 7 augustus 2017

As long as XM works, the rest doesn't matter to me.

Jon Canada | 27 november 2019

I'm able to find all the AM channels I listen to (TSN/Sportsnet 650/CKNW etc.) on HD2 or HD3 channels of FM stations.

lajones | 2 december 2019

I do not know the point of spending money to upgrade the sound system when the source delivery is streaming or Bluetooth unless you rip to a USB. Both streaming and BT are compressed.

MegaWatt | 2 december 2019

This video shows the hardware details at 8:10 onwards. Some of the rest of the video is mildly interesting too, but not all of the content is completely accurate about how sound works in cars.