How often have you Checked Your Estimated Delivery?

How often have you Checked Your Estimated Delivery?

I have to admit I can be a bit OCD about things like this so I have been clicking a couple of times a day. Still at Feb-Apr 2018 for the Standard Battery model, which is what I will probably order. The Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive started Oct-Dec 2018, now at Aug-Oct 2018. First Production hasn't changed, Dec 2017 - Feb 2018. I reserved online as soon as it was available.
Is there somebody in the Tesla IT dept monitoring how often reservation holders check, then changing their place in the queue depending on how obsessed they are? :)

alias4me | 8 augustus 2017

Forgot to add that I do not own a Tesla, and live in Utah.

cascadiadesign | 8 augustus 2017

Daily :)

Mainly curious if the initial estimates were a SWAG and if they would change soon after. I'm assuming the estimates will become more focused as Tesla climbs up the S curve.

Vikman | 8 augustus 2017

Yes I have a feeling the estimates with change(for better or worse) once production really starts to ramp up. I'm hoping they start producing AWD sooner so maybe I would consider getting it.

Carl Thompson | 8 augustus 2017

Thanks for reminding me. I haven't checked it in almost 2 hours!

alias4me | 8 augustus 2017

Carl, you just slid down the delivery queue! Hopefully I was just behind you and am now in front.

burdogg | 8 augustus 2017

I keep checking to see if they get their system fixed - I am a current owner and have been since 2015, ordered the exact same time as you, live in CO and have the same delivery dates - which goes to show somehow they don't have me in the owners category - even though I emailed and they said they have it linked to my account and show me as an owner.

So something is either messed up with their calculator and we can't trust it, or I am just messed up and have to work with them until they get it correct :)

ejunk | 8 augustus 2017

Everyday but so far nothing's change. I don't think it will change until the actual production in October. I think now they are producing for the employees, right? It's taking so long.

12Brent | 8 augustus 2017

I've checked it twice since I started reading this thread.

Rutrow | 8 augustus 2017

The only thing that's changed on my Model 3 Delivery Estimator page has been my Reservation Date!?!
Made it on Jan. 6th (a friday), now shows as Jan. 8th (sunday)?!? What the huh?

gar1116 | 8 augustus 2017

"I think now they are producing for the employees, right? It's taking so long."
Hey, if the employees get their M3 first, won't they all be out driving instead of in the plant building ours?

Only kidding. Thanks Tesla Guys for doing the impossible!

stevenroglen | 8 augustus 2017

Daily. Sometimes i'll check it a few times while cruising the forums (right click open in new window is my best friend)

csmith476 | 8 augustus 2017

Multiple times a day, and my estimated delivery (for standard battery) isn't even until May-Jul 2018. It will be a long year, but I am trying to enjoy the excitement.

Carl Thompson | 8 augustus 2017


I suspect the system isn't broken. There just may not be so many owners who've ordered in Colorado to make the first potential delivery month different than for non-owners in the OP's Utah. If Tesla is counting Utah and Colorado as the same region then you'll get your Model 3 sometime in Feb-Apr 2018 but _before_ the OP (a non-owner) gets his Model 3 in Feb-Apr 2018. Or possibly, Utah is considered a different region there and they'll get deliveries before Colorado.


PhillyGal | 8 augustus 2017

It's been a few days, to be honest. I won't take much stock in it until I see what it says the day I'm invited to configure.

Steam613 | 8 augustus 2017

Daily. Well sometimes Daily +. Awww mostly Daily ++
But I've been off work several days. I'll normalize once I medicate and get distracted by work.

burdogg | 8 augustus 2017

Carl Thompson - yeah, but unfortunately, there are several different East Coast owners with delivery estimates of Oct-Dec. Not sure how in the World Florida would beat Colorado in Deliveries :) Or someone up north east (can't remember who up there posted their dates but again, they were Oct-Dec).

burdogg | 8 augustus 2017

PhillyGal - What are your dates? it seems like you posted once it was Oct-Dec, but then it changed. So just curious :)

Mblaze76 | 8 augustus 2017

Daily. Still says November - Jan for first production and I'll take it for a non owner!

davidtstewart | 8 augustus 2017

My "First Production" version that I'm considering is currently to "Nov 2017 - Jan 2018"...

BUT if the "Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive" bumps from the current "Jul - Sep 2018" to "Mar - May 2018" BEFORE I lock in and confirm my order I'll DEFINITELY switch/upgrade and wait! :)

gavinmcc | 8 augustus 2017

once a day...hasn't changed...and I get sad...but then I think, crap, what if it moved further out...and then I am happy it didn't change.

If it ever changed even just one month sooner I would be soooo happy....

but if it changed one month later I would be soooo sad....

So maybe best it hasn't changed.


Mblaze...yeah, that is great for a non owner...I would love that...mine is 2 months later...but I'm in New Mexico and a non owner, so I guess Jan-March isn't bad...though I am planning on standard battery, so my real date is March to May (please let it be march and not may...)

PhillyGal | 8 augustus 2017

@burr - Right now it's showing Oct-Dec for first production; Dec - Feb 2018 for standard battery.

chris.pribe | 8 augustus 2017

Pretty much daily, though it isn't changing much.

I've been at Nov '17 - Jan'18 for first production for a while.

burdogg | 8 augustus 2017

Thanks PhillyGal - that helps confirm that something is up with my reservation :)

bmalloy0 | 8 augustus 2017

I check multiple times every day. I'm relatively early in the queue (online pre-reveal) so I don't expect it to change much (if at all). But still I check.

bj | 8 augustus 2017

I've checked it once. It's not going to change for me in the next 15 months, so it's a case of move along, nothing to see here.

garyrandwilliams | 8 augustus 2017


We have an S - stood in line on the 31st (Park Meadows mall) and live in CO. It's showing delivery time of Oct- Dec 2017 for me.

Maybe I got up earlier? (Maniacal laughing)

But keep posting and let's see who drives off first- K?

fritter63 | 8 augustus 2017

Estimated dates have disappeared for me on My Tesla. They told me (on the phone) that they've been making changes to it, because the dates weren't accurate, and it should be back online in a couple days at most.

Daryl | 8 augustus 2017

Has it ever changed for anyone?

alias4me | 8 augustus 2017

I am the OP, it did for me. You can see details in the first post.

Shock | 8 augustus 2017

Every day or two and may-jul2018 is the estimate still. | 8 augustus 2017

I can only estimate how often I look at the estimate.

burdogg | 8 augustus 2017

@garyrandwilliams - Thanks for the info - that helps a lot as I can continue to work on Tesla and make sure I get up to where I hope to be - It can affect my decisions on what I do based on timing.

Knarlyd | 8 augustus 2017

I made a confirmed reservation on August 4 2017. When I login I don't see hardly any estimates on my Tesla account.
I live in southern California and wonder when I might b getting an email to place my order?

flwrman | 9 augustus 2017

Check mine every day !! Non owner, live 5 miles from factory, stood in line on the 31st March 2016 and reserved 17 min after doors opened. Want the LR for trips as am retired. It changed from Oct-Dec to Nov-Jan 2018. The change came about a couple of weeks after they started showing delivery dates !!! Go figure !!!!!

Carl Thompson | 9 augustus 2017


You and I must have been pretty close together in line... I'll bet I have photos of you!


KP in NPT | 9 augustus 2017

the AWD estimate moved up 3 months for me.

kayaktom | 9 augustus 2017

All the time.

eeb9 | 9 augustus 2017

I never check it more than 12 times a day. I'm quite patient that way.

joan | 9 augustus 2017

I stood in line in Southern California on March 31st and got my reservation in the first 20 minutes after the store opened. My delivery estimator is currently showing November 2017 - January 2018.

burdogg | 9 augustus 2017

KP - when are your delivery estimates now ( all three options, production 1, 2 and AWD)?

EVMan | 9 augustus 2017

Far too often!!

I am on the East coast, 3/31/2016 10:06 AM reservation. Non owner.
Estimates are:
First Production: 11/2017-1/2018
Standard: 1/2018 - 3/2018
AWD: 7/2018 - 9/2018

KP in NPT | 9 augustus 2017

@burdogg - First production oct-dec 2017, standard dec-feb, AWD Jun-aug 2018. AWD is the only one that changed.

Carl Thompson | 9 augustus 2017


Aren't you on the east coast? Those look like west coast dates...


KP in NPT | 9 augustus 2017

I am - I am assuming I'd be on the later end of each range due to east coast. I'm also waiting for white seats so we'll see when it really ends up being. :) I've seen other east coast owners with the same dates tho.

purplegobi | 9 augustus 2017

I'm on the east coast, an non-Tesla owner and ordered on 4/1/2016. Here is my estimated delivery date:
First Production
310 mile range, Rear Wheel Drive and premium upgrades
Jan - Mar 2018

burdogg | 9 augustus 2017

It seems all current owners that reserved on day one go the Oct-Dec window (except me, i feel left out :(

Thanks KP for those dates - that makes waiting for AWD very risky if you want full tax credit. Some major deciding to do :)

jefjes | 9 augustus 2017

I'm thinking of setting it up as my homepage so it won't take so many clicks and I can just hit refresh a few times every few minutes.

dclesse | 10 augustus 2017

Hello dear Tesla fans,
I'm in Belgium, not owner, reserved on 3/31/2016.
Base version, RN108229897, estimated delivery:
"Late 2018"
Very, very sad...

Furioso | 10 augustus 2017

Same as previous post now - only one estimated date. Changed from showing three options - First, Standard, AWD (which were the same anyway) - that previously displayed "Early 2019".

Yippie - kay - key! :D :D

flwrman | 10 augustus 2017

@ Carl Thompson---That would be interesting to see as well as you!! We might have talked to each other !! I have gray hair, was wearing a cap and had a black backpack.