Will X and S get the model 3 fobless entry?

Will X and S get the model 3 fobless entry?

Anyone know if model X and S's will get the Model 3 phone based key?

sberman | 30 augustus 2017

I'm not sure I understand your question. The iOS Tesla app currently allows keyless driving.

SO | 30 augustus 2017

@sberman- I think the OP is referring to blue tooth integration and unlocking the car (like a keyfob). When the car detects your phone, it lets you in.

sberman | 30 augustus 2017

@SO - Thank you! Your explanation makes perfect sense. I'm just guessing, but I suspect Model S and Model X would keep the keyfob, as it allows additional functionality (e.g., unlocking the frunk) over the keycard.

SO | 30 augustus 2017

I think the Model s and x will keep the keyfob functionality. But I do think the current hardware could support the Bluetooth outside the car to unlock the vehicle. This would also help in the scenario where you don't have your keyfob and you don't have cell service to unlock your car with the app.

healy | 30 augustus 2017

Currently you need an internet connection for both the phone and the car for the app to unlock your car. With the Model 3 the phone acts as the fob using blue tooth or NFC (not sure of the details). So in an area without internet or cell connection the phone will open the model 3.

Anthony J. Parisio | 31 augustus 2017

If it is well received on the three I would think so. After all it may save the expense of making key fobs. Besides wouldn't the blue tooth connection be more secure than the fob?

inconel | 31 augustus 2017

We need to retain the functionality to easily and remotely open the trunk and frunk (and various doors on the X), so maybe there will still be key fobs but their use will be optional, the car can unlock upon communication with our cell phone via bluetooth. And to open the trunk or frunk maybe once the car has unlocked the cameras can be used to detect the owner's body language: stick out your tongue to open the trunk, rotate your head to open the frunk :)

storm3163 | 31 augustus 2017

Or it can use and app on the phone to open the trunk and frunk

Haggy | 1 september 2017

It would make sense to add it, not to replace fobs, but as an additional feature. People (at least one anyway) have been stranded because they expected to use the phone instead of a fob but there was no reception. It would be so much better if the phone used Bluetooth when within range and Internet otherwise.