Tesla Model 3 walk around and first thoughts by OCDetailing

Tesla Model 3 walk around and first thoughts by OCDetailing

gchan641 | 22 september 2017

That's my car!!! Well, not MY car. Yet. But it will be!!! The black looks goood :)

aptwo | 22 september 2017

This is awesome. Thanks.

Musavviradam | 22 september 2017

black looks amazing!

mntlvr23 | 22 september 2017

Very cool, thanks for posting.

Something about this video seems to finally make me realize that the touchscreen is farther forward away from the driver than I had realized before, which is a good thing for not having to look sideways to look at the screen

mntlvr23 | 22 september 2017

I also had not realized that the doors will self open from the inside

batmanasb | 22 september 2017

Hummm, the legroom seems a bit limited. Especially for the driver. Not sure how I feel about that...

Carl Thompson | 22 september 2017

How did he get the car?

I wish there were manual door releases in the back... Just in case.

What did he mean by "Like all good Teslas it came from the factory with defects that need to be addressed" ?


Frank99 | 22 september 2017

I'm guessing that, as a detailing shop, the paint finish wasn't up to his standards.

Carl Thompson | 22 september 2017

I wonder if this car belongs to an employee? If it were my car I'd feel weird to find out that someone from a shop crawled around in it to make a video rather than only doing the work for which he was hired. Kind of like coming home from vacation to find out your house sitter made a porno in your bedroom!

Also this is getting really close to review territory. Assuming employees have an NDA I would expect that it includes not giving the car to 3rd parties to review. If it didn't we probably would already have seen plenty of reviews. If so I wonder if this will get that employee in trouble?

Or maybe this car belongs to the shop owner himself and he is (one of) the first non-employee to get the car?


Frank99 | 22 september 2017

Well, I think well enough of humans that I haven't met that I assumed he'd asked the owner.

I did note that there were no identifying marks on the car - generic paper license plate, not a numbered one, never shows the VIN, etc.

Frank99 | 22 september 2017

Did anyone else think the tires looked too narrow for the wheels? I'm going to close my eyes and convince myself it was just a trick of the light...

KP in NPT | 23 september 2017

He makes a good point about the piano black center console cover. It's going to show every fingerprint and bit of dust. And hopefully it's not easily scratched. That's why we didn't get it as the dash trim on our S. My Lexus has dark brown glossy wood trim and it's constantly dusty - it will be even worse with the black.

He says they're going to wrap it - I'll be interested to see what people come up with. Maybe a clear satin wrap?

zs | 23 september 2017

Overall I really like it. I could use a bit more high end look in the backseat area especially the door area. And the leg room seems tight to me. I’m debating whether I get this or save a couple more years for the S. I’m in Canada sondeivery for me is at least a year away.

KP in NPT | 23 september 2017

@zs the legroom as actually almost identical to the S in the back seat. The difference is in the shoulder width but even that is only an inch or two less.

SpeedyEddy | 23 september 2017

this guy is 6 feet tall and has a few inches legroom left, telling us to get out is easy.. (suggestion: Make this video in your own car with a 6 ft neighbour.. )

JPPTM | 23 september 2017

Joe at OCD is a totally upstanding guy. Does not own the 3. His client gave full permission for him to do the video. No major secrets given away. BTW mntlvr--the doors do not have motors and do not self open. All 4 doors have electronic latches (like the S and X). In the 3 the front and rear door latches are released by buttons as he shows in the video. In case of emergency, the front doors also have mechanical latch releases. Presumably there are hidden rear door releases (like in the X behind the speaker grilles??).

JeffreyR | 23 september 2017

Excited to lots of legroom. I'm even taller than Joe @ OCD so it's good validation.

Frank99 | 23 september 2017

Thanks, JPPTM. Good to hear.

sbeggs | 25 september 2017


Shock | 25 september 2017

This was a really nice video.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 25 september 2017

I still expect the rear window tint installation to be hellish for the installer. That is, unless they decide to remove the rear window...