Rode in a Model 3 today

Rode in a Model 3 today

I guy from work drove his brand-new Model 3 in today and was gracious enough to give me a tour of the car and a quick ride around the block.

I've test-driven a Model S before and ridden in one a couple of times, but I'm certainly no Tesla expert. The 3 seemed extremely quiet from a road noise perspective, and the upgraded stereo cranked. The screen was bright and easy to use, the climate controls are dead simple, and the spartan dash made me feel bad the minute I got back into my car. I didn't want to go back to the world of buttons and levers and indicator lights. I'm a little sensitive to bright sunlight, so I was very concerned that the glass roof would be a problem for me, but it's well-tinted and was not the least bit annoying even on a bright sunny California day.

The door handles look like the Model S, but they are manual. You push on the end of the handle and the other side pops out. To exit, there is no handle to pull, just a small button. The interior materials seem high-end, with the exception of the middle console's front sections. I'm referring to the covers on the storage areas that are made from a glossy black plastic and look like they would scratch easily. While the Aero wheel covers don't look too bad in person, mine will look much better in a box in my garage.

There are some software bugs that still need to be ironed out, like you can't stream music from your phone over BT yet and there's no support for Homelink at this time.

My delivery date is Feb.-Apr., so I'm trying not to get excited, but every time I turn around, I'm finding another reason to get more excited.

SamO | 23 september 2017

Thanks for the update. We are all hungry for details and yours were excellent.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 23 september 2017

Chomp! Devour. Mmmm...

Koz | 23 september 2017

How did a guy from your work come to own a 3. I thought deliveries were still only to Musk companies' employees.

KP in NPT | 23 september 2017


AlMc | 23 september 2017

@koz: Good question. There is already one person who works for Tesla that got one for his father. I suspect this is a similar situation.

SP_H | 23 september 2017

Thank you for the info.

gajbhat | 23 september 2017

how do you find out when is your car expected delivery?

AJPHL | 23 september 2017

Good update thanks. I'm surprised BT streaming doesn't work yet though.

Coastal Cruiser. | 23 september 2017

Most excellent report dgstan.

dgstan | 23 september 2017

> How did a guy from your work come to own a 3. I thought deliveries were still only to Musk companies' employees.

IFAIK, this is true. His wife works for Tesla. He said theirs was #198, although I didn't look at the VIN.

dgstan | 23 september 2017

Oh, on another thread, people mentioned NDAs. The owner told me that his particular version of the car is not currently under NDA. There are cars on the road that have updated/beta software that are, but not his.

Captain_Zap | 23 september 2017


That is the first description of the NDA situation that makes sense to me,

Carl Thompson | 23 september 2017


Are you saying that _newer_ versions of the software are under NDA? (As opposed to older less finished versions.)

Maybe that means we can expect a pleasant bonus surprise when we get our cars!


rxlawdude | 23 september 2017

@CT, yeah - like everything working. :-)

dgstan | 23 september 2017


It could also mean that cars with EAP are NDA'd. I don't believe he had that.

noleaf4me | 24 september 2017

@dgstan - thanks for the post and you have not helped my anxiousness situation one bit!!!

brian3x | 24 september 2017

Seems unacceptable to me that someone would PAY full price for a vehicle and Tesla says...oh wait, these advertised and frankly rudimentary functions aren’t even operational yet...think it’s fair to assume Tesla got 100% of their money up front, why are Homelink and BT Music streaming not functioning ? It’s becoming a trend in the tech world that I personally find unacceptable. I’m not saying this is a deal breaker or a travesty, just sad.

Brought up another question after IRMA as well, does Tesla off a HACKING guarantee ? Meaning, if they get hacked and all their vehicles are held ransom and NON-functioning, will Tesla pay us for their breach and our loss of vehicle use? ( rhetorical ) This is a broader question that can also apply to all manufacturers not just Tesla.

Equifax, HBO, SS, Military, it’s not a matter of IF they get hacked, it’s when, then unlike a bricked iPhone you have a $40k brick in the garage.

carlk | 24 september 2017

Don't buy it if it's not acceptable to you. It's just that simple.

RSavage_92024 | 24 september 2017


Don't try to confuse him with reason and logic

ReD eXiLe ms us | 24 september 2017

RSavage_92024: Shall we promote rambling and rhetoric instead? ;-)

Shock | 24 september 2017

It is a bit, um, surprising that something as basic as homelink doesn't work in a $49k car made in 2017 that can partially drive itself.

mntlvr23 | 24 september 2017

1) I personally find this unacceptable.
2) I’m not saying this is a deal breaker ...

Which one is it?
Unacceptable = Deal Breaker

dgstan | 24 september 2017

I'm new here. Are people on this forum always so rude to one another? Is it some kind of inside joke? Or is it that certain Tesla owners behave like jacka$$es?

That said, at least with Tesla, we have a pretty good chance these features will get turned on. I bought a Honda HRV for my daughter a few months ago and it doesn't have Homelink. It never will. Unless you want to buy a third-party rearview mirror and somehow run PWR to it, you're stuck driving around with a clicker.

Sure, it's not ideal to follow up with upgrades after-the-fact, but given the alternative (waiting longer for my car), I prefer this route.

Carl Thompson | 24 september 2017

"I'm new here. Are people on this forum always so rude to one another? Is it some kind of inside joke? "

No, that's the way it always is. There are some core people here that feel it is their duty to protect the honor of Tesla from anything they consider FUD by being the biggest DBs possible. Their definition of "FUD" is anything that isn't isn't 100% Tesla cheerleading. So legitimate criticism or even talking about real Tesla shortcomings with earn you their wrath.


Xerogas | 24 september 2017

People do realize these cars have not been released to the general public yet, right? They told us a year ago that they would roll out the first ones slowly to Tesla employees first, so they could work out the bugs before a larger rollout to everyone else. So it’s not surprising at all that some of the software is not finalized yet.

Have you heard one single Model 3 owner complain?

jordanrichard | 24 september 2017

Ddstan, I thought the same thing when I started coming here in Nov 2013. However after being here regularly since then, I can tell you that what you are "Seeing" is a reaction to people who are just trying to start trouble. Meaning, there are people that do once on here and purposely spout off mis-information. Then what you see as people being rude to these posters is basically calling those "trolls" out on their postings. Much of it has to do with the way one posts a question.

An example would be someone coming on here and starts spouting off about the "problems" they have with their newly delivered car, like the seat belts not having heights adjustment. These types of posts are highly suspicous because one would have certainly noticed the lack of seat belt height adjustment on their test drive.

There are numerous people that want Tesla to fail and spreading false information is one of the ways to help create doubt and possibly stop someone from buying one.

No one here will say that Tesla is perfect.

SHeaton72 | 24 september 2017

Brian3x asked some good questions. I currently have the Model 3 reserved but I am definitely doing my homework before I decide to buy one.

@brian3x Brought up another question after IRMA as well, does Tesla off a HACKING guarantee ? Meaning, if they get hacked and all their vehicles are held ransom and NON-functioning, will Tesla pay us for their breach and our loss of vehicle use?

Brian3x's above question is a good question. I live in the desert and I would hate for something like this to happen when traveling out in the middle of nowhere. Not saying it would happen so easily but it could. Then what?

I've noticed too that even though I have the 3 reserved I've received emails and phone calls trying to get me to test drive the S. What is up with that? Why test drive the S knowing damn well it is going to drive way better than the 3. Did more people reserve the model 3 than anticipated? A part of me feels like there is something wrong with this picture.
None of these cars that I've seen have been advertised on TV. The only advertisements I've seen are on the internet and word of mouth. I guess you could say I'm a little skeptical. In my opinion I have every right to be. These cars are a full on computer. It's a big change from what we're use to driving so you definitely want to know all the info you can.

I'm well aware of new cars, style, model etc with their bugs. I bought the Hyundai Sonata SE 2011 back in 2010. So needless to say I bought one of the first ones of the new style. In 2010 the Sonata was a square shaped gma car. After buying the 2011 model the bugs started coming out and to this day some of the problems have not been fixed because they can't get it to duplicate the same problem I was having and I'm still having. For example, after having my car for about 2 weeks or so I started my car and was driving and realized the AC wasn't working. All hot air. I took in to have it looked at. It didn't happen with the mechanic but it continues to happen to this day. I have to put the car in park, shut it off and restart. It's also a push button start. Sometimes after putting my car in park and shutting it off, then engine turns off but inside lights don't. Engine light, all the lights that come on when starting the car. I'll have to start the car again, put in park and back up or pull forward, put back in park and turn off the car. Then it turns off. Sometimes I have to do this a few times before the car will turn off.

So with that being said there is a lot that could go wrong with an all electric car. I am very interested in the Model 3 but like I said I am also skeptical so the more we know the better.

Efontana | 24 september 2017

"No one here will say that Tesla is perfect."

Err. I might, if narrowed to the Model 3 and the task that it was deigned for: Dominate the sedan market.

No, it is not everything to every body, but for task:

The Tesla Model 3 is as close to perfect as you will see in a lifetime.

rxlawdude | 24 september 2017

@heatonshannon, you seem to reiterate the same old issues that people who clearly WERE trolls posted.

That said, and taking it on faith you aren't another troll, your concerns are not well founded.

Does Apple offer a "no hacking guarantee?" Does Mcafee or Symantec offer a "no hacking GUARANTEE" on their anti-malware/anti-virus tools? Does Amazon Cloud offer a "no hacking guarantee?"

The answer to those and the answer to the question "does Tesla offer a no hacking guarantee" are all NO.

I understand there are things called "old cars" that have distributors and coils. Perhaps those might be hack proof.

As to the offer to test drive an S, you're under no obligation. Tesla is doing that because many people are impatient, and once you drive a MS, you'll want it (or your M3) NOW! Since you cannot get a M3 now, but can get your MS now, Tesla is merely doing what any responsible company would do. Yet you see this as somehow suspicious.

Your skepticism is misplaced.

SHeaton72 | 24 september 2017

Like I said @rxlawdude I have a right to my own opinion as do you. To answer your question, I am not a troll.

As for Mcafee or Norton offering a "no hacking Guarantee" Well they are used to protect your computer from viruses etc.and they don't catch every little thing but for the most part they do their job. However, the Model 3,S, and X are the computer, a computer can't protect itself, with that being said I would want some protection for a car that is a computer. It doesn't have to be 100% guarantee but knowing that Tesla would have something in place if something like that happened would be a good thing or include protection for a full computerized car.

I don't think my skepticism is misplaced. I've been reading a lot about these cars and there is a lot of feedback. Positive and Negative. Rxlawdude, you and I are totally 2 different people and I am female so I for sure think much different than you and my concerns are different. It doesn't matter to me what you think. My concerns are my concerns and that's it. Have a great evening.

SHeaton72 | 24 september 2017

Also I haven't seen the model 3 other than pictures online. I've asked a few times when will I be able to test drive the model 3 and I'm told soon. Some have said they didn't get to test drive the S before purchasing it. I of course will not purchase before test driving but I would hope I would get a to test drive before receiving the email to purchase the car or receiving the email to choose options and such.

dgstan | 24 september 2017

> Tesla is merely doing what any responsible company would do.

I'm not sure I agree. Tesla is doing what any other CAR company would do. Car dealers are notorious for the hard sell. I was hoping Tesla would be different. I'm getting calls out of the blue asking me if I want to take a test drive. They don't mention what model until you ask them directly. I find that to be a little disingenuous. They know I'm on the list for a M3. I would expect any communication from Tesla to start with "We know you've reserved a Model 3, but we'd like to talk to you about our other cars". That's not how these cold calls go.

I would love a Model S, but the damn thing wouldn't fit in my garage.

phil | 24 september 2017

dgstan | September 24, 2017 "I would love a Model S, but the damn thing wouldn't fit in my garage."

Will the Model 3 fit? At 76.1" wide, it's only one inch narrower than the Model S.

dgstan | 24 september 2017


It's a foot shorter. I'd like to have room to work in the garage without having to back the car out.

phil | 24 september 2017

I see. Yes, it is significantly shorter. My garage issue is different - I have plenty of room for the length, either a 3 or an S will fit easily, but the width is tight for either model.

stannous2 | 24 september 2017

My wife got her Model 3 last Thursday 9/21/17. We absolutely love the car. It's beautiful inside and out. It has a very simple layout with a steering wheel and screen.
Music streaming via BT is not yet working. Tech support is looking into the issue.
We had put 370 miles on it already. Took a road trip from San Diego to OC (190 mile round trip) and back with ~80 miles left.
Love it.

Carl Thompson | 24 september 2017

Congrats @stannous2! Please give us any thoughts or review of the car you may have.


sbeggs | 25 september 2017

That's fantastic! Are we just dreaming? Have we just heard of the first owner of an X or S take delivery of a Model 3?

Or, perhaps your wife is an employee and we shouldn't ask you questions, right?

dsvick | 25 september 2017


Yes, you'll be able to test drive one before you have to configure. Depending on where you are in the queue you may not be able to test drive one before you're invited to configure though. You'll certainly be able to defer your configuration until you're ready.

As far as hacking, yes, it could be a concern. Personally though I wouldn't expect any sort of guarantee from Tesla except that they will guarantee to do their best to prevent it from happening and that, if it does, to correct the issue as soon as they can. I don't know of any other piece of tech that is connected to the internet that offers anything like what you're requesting. Will GE replace your internet connected refrigerator and all of your food if hackers brick it? Probably not.

Like you said though, you're entitled to your own opinion.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 25 september 2017

dgstan: Beware The [IGNORED]. He often posts misleadingly with ample amounts of misinformation that is easily proven wrong. Everyone here is welcome to post their opinion. Understand though that in a public forum on the internet someone else may post an opinion contrary to your own.

As to the definition of 'FUD'... That is respectively, Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt.

Fear -- Various 'what if' scenarios proposed without evidence or example that paint Tesla as untrustworthy.

Uncertainty -- Lots and lots of sentences expressed with imagined authority that typically state 'I don't think...'; 'I don't see how...'; 'I don't believe...' proposals, again without evidence or example and in direct opposition to what has been observed of Tesla thus far.

Doubt -- Multiple statements claiming 'they won't do it'; 'they can't do it'; 'they'll never do it'; 'no one else has ever done it' or similar, usually followed up by something related to the Uncertainty phrases like 'how are we supposed to believe'; 'they might go bankrupt'; 'they have never made money' and so on.

These patterns are easy to recognize when used by Astroturfers and Trolls because they comprise the extent of their vocabulary and compositional skills. There is also a propensity for name calling, non sequitur, off-topic attemptsto derail discussion, and display of false 'hurt feelings' whn facts are brought to bear, ruining their agenda. Those who are willing to engage in honest discussion of Tesla with a truly skeptical or pragmatic point of view do not use such a limited playbook.

Yodrak. | 25 september 2017

Ms Heaton, please chill. rxlawdude did not question you about being a troll, he specifically stated his assumption that you are not.

As for calls and e-mails to Model 3 reservationists, I can add that I, too, have received a phone call from my local Tesla sales center. In my case it was not hard sell at all. I told the person my situation, when I would be ready to consider a purchase, and at that time I would be looking at a CPO Model S v. waiting for my turn to come up for a Model 3. I invited them to call me back when that time arrives and I have not heard from them again in the meantime. Based on my experience, I assume that hard-sell, soft-sell, or no-sell is coming from individuals at the sales centers, not from higher up in the organization. Unwelcome contacts should be reported to higher levels and hopefully rogue individuals will be dealt with.

SHeaton72 | September 24, 2017

Like I said @rxlawdude I have a right to my own opinion as do you. To answer your question, I am not a troll.

Carl Thompson | 25 september 2017

"Took a road trip from San Diego to OC (190 mile round trip) and back with ~80 miles left."

So it looked like a total range of 270 miles after your trip? Do you mind if I ask how high you charged (80% or 90% or 100%)? I want to get a sense of what real-world range I can expect (and also put to bed @ReD's mistaken theory that the Model 3 gets 334 miles.


ng0 | 25 september 2017

@stannous2 congrats!!! I'm so jealous! I actually live in San Diego! Any chance for a Model 3 meetup!?! :)

RSavage_92024 | 25 september 2017

@stannous2 Awesome! Out of the blue we decided to drive around the Service Center last Thursday in hopes.....there was a sea of S and X....wish I had wandered inside : ( Hope to see y'all around town ! Have fun !!!

PhillyGal | 25 september 2017

@dgstan and Sstannous2 - Awesome!

I took great pride last March in being one of the very few who had either ridden in or driven all 4 Tesla models. That will not be the case much longer, which is a great thing!

ybbor | 25 september 2017

@stannous2 Awesome!!! I'd love to see it! I live in San Diego about 5 minutes away from the Super Charger. If you have some extra time next time you're in town, let us know :-)

evchathaway | 25 september 2017

dgstan: Thank you for this information. I too have been concerned about the glass roof and appreciate your perspective. (Also, not to leap into the fray too much, the early Model 3 releases to employees have ALWAYS been identified as subjects for feedback and improvement. It sounds like this is exactly what's happening. As far as I'm concerned, it's great that they are even built, not to mention liked by pretty much everyone who has experienced one.)

jordanrichard | 25 september 2017

Carl, "....@ReD's mistaken theory that the Model 3 gets 334 miles" umm ReD was not pulling this out of his ***, he was citing an article from Electrek discussing numbers obtained by the EPA filing Tesla had to do for certification of the car.

Second, what the OP got falls under the YMMV category. It's like comparing insurance rates.

stannous2 | 25 september 2017

Thank you all for your warm wishes.
We got it early since I have few relatives working at Tesla.

The total after full charge is 282 at 90% (setting recommended by Tesla).

We love the car. It's very fun to drive.

We can meet up at the super charger if anyone interests looking at the car. I'll be out there around ~9:30pm tonight.

jordanrichard | 25 september 2017

282@90% = 313 miles at 100%

What is really impressive about is that is more range than my S85's "pultry" 265, while being a physically smaller battery pack.