Why no "open all doors" button?

Why no "open all doors" button?

I love using the close all doors button on the screen, but also find when we get somewhere, it would be cool to have something similar that would open all doors? Think this is not there because you might hit something? All the doors sense though right? Just wondering what others think.


inconel | 26 september 2017

After reading this I am worried about an option to open all doors

nathan | 26 september 2017

wow, could be but you can open all doors individually from the screen for each passenger, so this would just speed it up on exiting I think.

lilbean | 26 september 2017

Wow, inconel! That's crazy.
There were already enough problems with the door opening with the fob. Automatic opening of all doors would be a disaster.

mathwhiz | 26 september 2017

Ain't gonna happen.

packpike | 27 september 2017

He's not asking for auto-opening of all doors. He's asking for a 'shortcut' button on the door screen that would be for 'open all doors'. Just like what we already have for 'close all doors'. I too think that it would be convenient because in my short time of ownership I have found that when the family is together and we stop I sometimes push all 4 buttons on the screen to open everyone's doors, instead of a simple 1 click. It's just a shortcut, not a new function because the opening of all 4 doors already exists there on the screen.

Vawlkus | 27 september 2017

IMHO, an ‘open all doors’ button is a bad idea. You know some nitwit will hit it without looking to see if the doors are all clear and either KO someone walking by, or open one or more doors into and obstacle.

No, open doors one at a time, checking to make sure each one is clear as you go along.

packpike | 27 september 2017

Vawlkus; I hear you, but that same argument can be made, and has many times on this forum, for a lot of the features that are on the MX. When I pull into a parking space I can easily see that everything is clear and I quickly, one after the other with no looking around, push all 4 open door buttons.I don't open one, pause and look around, then the next, etc. That's when I would like this feature to be available. In fact the same argument could be made for 'close all doors', because clearly everyone should check to ensure that no one has an arm/etc dangling around before closing all of the doors. Don't we care enough about our children/families to look around as we close each door individually? If we're going to use the argument that some not-so-intelligent, or careless individual can use it wrong, then we need to remove most of the tech.

packpike | 27 september 2017

jds_solo: already posted at the top. The 'all doors open' feature had nothing to do with that. In fact, that post could possibly be used as an argument to take existing functions away from us. I don't think you're looking at this objectively. If you wanted a car that you have to open the doors manually you shouldn't have bought the X.

NumberOne | 27 september 2017

This is clearly a matter of the fob being pressed four times, as I had surmised after seeing the video but before reading the article. There is no one visible in the video, so no one was close enough for the door to open by itself. The doors are not dangerous, and it is amazing that Tesla actually agreed to buy back the car, just to make the customer happy. Perhaps he had the fob in his pocket, but I cannot imagine what he might have been doing that made it double click twice. One has to at least bend down while wearing tight pants or something. On the other hand maybe he has ADHD and was using the fob as a fidget device.

nathan | 28 september 2017

Right, that video is not a good example as he says he used the fob and you could have opened it from the touch screen as well. Either way you would want to be aware of your surroundings. It sounds like he's saying he accidentally pressed the fob and the doors opened but he just wanted the driver door to open. If you had an open all doors button on the screen you could still choose to open each door individually just like you can to close or pick close all.

peter | 28 september 2017

I also think that an open all doors key fob command would be a bad idea.

What I would like would be an option to open just the passenger's front door with the key fob. Right now the only way is to open the driver's door and then the passenger's door.

There could be an option that when the self-presenting driver's door option is turned on that the double click of the fob would open the passenger door.

inconel | 28 september 2017

Before pushing the "Close All" button we always announce "doors are closing" and wait for the "all clear" acknowledgements before hitting the button.

santhu_pp | 29 september 2017

I had the same request for open all doors. but with this incident i am not quite sure. May be a way to open from inside option is perfect.