App function request

App function request

I would like to be able to suspend the battery while it still holds a charge. Either on a schedule or ideally on a combination of SoC and a schedule window.

Here we are on a dual tariff supply. The battery often will not last through the night. Either the car charge drains it or later in the season we will not be able to get enough charge into it during the day.

In the morning the solar panels commonly do not kick in before the low rate tariff ends so breakfast time is a real bummer :)

What I'm trying to achieve is the ability to then resume the battery to cover this window.

Of course I could achieve this by putting a SW controlled breaker on the battery feed but would prefer a nuanced approach.

sashton | 1 oktober 2017

PS I'm not after charging the PW from the grid, just being able to control when it discharges.

thesurfbreak | 6 februari 2020

Under the title of "App Function Request".

It would be great if there was a way I could display the system (energy flow and battery life) for renters of my bnb but not allow them to change settings.

An alarm (email/text) that the Grid is down would also be great.

gregbrew | 6 februari 2020

If you set up a cheap tablet or old smart phone to connect directly to the TEG's WAP, it will display energy flow and PW charge. Without the TEG login credentials, tenants can't change anything on the TEG or PWs, but they certainly could muck with the tablet/phone display and make it not display the PW info.

You can set up the Tesla app to send a notification of grid loss. On the main page with the picture of a Powerwall and its % of charge, click on the gear icon in the upper left corner for Settings. Select "Notifications", and enable the check mark in the little circle next to "Power Outage". You also need to make sure your phone allows the Tesla app to do notifications.

popcornandnachos517 | 8 februari 2020

It would be nice if the app or even the website could access the Billing Portal. Why would Telsa take down the SolarCity portal before getting a functional website and portal made?!?!

j.bowden | 13 februari 2020

Put the tablet in a locked box with a glass front!

gary | 24 februari 2020

It would be very useful to add the ability to create a second “Off Peak” time slot. I’m on a 1/2 changing tariff and the the neither “peak or off peak” feature does not adequately cover the ability to avoid the higher rates over the morning period.