Golf clubs in the trunk

Golf clubs in the trunk

There have been a few statements like 'the trunk is huge, it will fit 4 sets of golf clubs easy', but I haven't seen anything, thanks to stannous2 I got a chance to see for myself last night. There was a surprisingly small group of us in San Diego that got a chance to see the first San Diego Model 3 in person. The owner was VERY generous and let us sit in and try out the touchscreen and fold the seats...everything short of a test drive (thanks, actually to stannous2's wife since it's her car...or maybe she's stannous2?). I even brought my clubs and tried them out in the trunk. Based on that, I think 2 sets of clubs should fit fine, 4 sets would not be easy. 4 sets might fit if there's nothing else in there and you remove the drivers and put them in like a jigsaw puzzle. Here's a photo of my carry bag (not a cart bag) in the trunk: https://imgurDOTcom/a/WDfM5 (replace DOT with .)

Xerogas | 5 oktober 2017

If any pictures appear of a 6’3” dude lying full-length in the folded-down back seat, that was me.

RP3 | 5 oktober 2017

Needless to say, with the rear seats folded down 4 sets of clubs will fit easily (especially if this dude fits...sort of): https://imgurDOTcom/a/iiYrf

hsadler | 5 oktober 2017


But what about the four golfers?

lilbean | 5 oktober 2017


dd.micsol | 5 oktober 2017

One answer-Tesla truck.
Bad news. It's 3 yrs away at the earliest.

RP3 | 5 oktober 2017

@hsadler - haha...guess 2 of them will have to lay down next to their clubs!

95dawg | 5 oktober 2017

http://www.smartcarofamerica. com/gallery/displayimage.php?imageid=9141

Rocky_H | 5 oktober 2017

@hsadler, Quote: "But what about the four golfers?"

60/40 split folding rear seat, right? So one can sit in the other side of the back seat and one curled up in the frunk.

finman100 | 5 oktober 2017

Wait, are smart car EVs allowed ON the course? (kidding...kind of)

Gregergregen | 5 oktober 2017

Other tidbits from last night: home link was up and running and he said that he gets 400 kWh of free supercharging.

seattlemag | 5 oktober 2017

@Gregergregen - Now that's a surprising bit of news. Wasn't expecting that!

Yodrak. | 5 oktober 2017

finman100 wrote:
"Wait, are smart car EVs allowed ON the course? (kidding...kind of)"

Why not? Don't the nay-sayers still claim that EVs are just overgrown golf carts?

Flanmansd | 5 oktober 2017

@Gregergregen - Yep, 400kWh free is good news. Wonder if that's an employee perk or will apply to all?

Carl Thompson | 5 oktober 2017

"Other tidbits from last night: home link was up and running and he said that he gets 400 kWh of free supercharging."

+1 to this is awesome!

95dawg | 5 oktober 2017

"Wait, are smart car EVs allowed ON the course? (kidding...kind of)"
Tee to green in 10 seconds flat. lol

Iwantmy3 | 5 oktober 2017

What wheels did he have?
I am curious based on his estimated range numbers.

Gregergregen | 5 oktober 2017

I was wondering about that too...

He had the aero wheels with hubcaps on

Carl Thompson | 5 oktober 2017

"I am curious based on his estimated range numbers."

What estimated range numbers?

Iwantmy3 | 5 oktober 2017

Thank you Gregergregen.

Carl Thomson,
stannous2 commented in "Rode in a Model 3 today"
"My wife got her Model 3 last Thursday 9/21/17. We absolutely love the car. It's beautiful inside and out. It has a very simple layout with a steering wheel and screen.
Music streaming via BT is not yet working. Tech support is looking into the issue.
We had put 370 miles on it already. Took a road trip from San Diego to OC (190 mile round trip) and back with ~80 miles left."

I was curious to know which wheels were in use to get these numbers.

Iwantmy3 | 5 oktober 2017

He also commented
"The total after full charge is 282 at 90% (setting recommended by Tesla)."

Carl Thompson | 5 oktober 2017


Ah, different thread!

Iwantmy3 | 5 oktober 2017

Yes, different thread. But I didn't get my answer over there.

noleaf4me | 6 oktober 2017

It will work. Worst case you'd have to put down the "40" part of the 60/40 seat.

Coastal Cruiser. | 6 oktober 2017

Great report. +1. Thanx.

bp | 7 oktober 2017

When we ordered our first Model S, as golfers, this was an important question for us to answer. Would we be able to get two sets of golf clubs in the rear trunk area, and still have room for suitcases & computer backpacks, while leaving the rear seats up - and having the cover over the storage area, hiding everything?

And, would we be able to get 4 sets of golf clubs in the car - and have 4 adults inside?

We were able to verify this on the car at the local gallery - before we placed the order on our Model S.

In the model S, there's a notch on the left side of the trunk at the very back of the car - two sets of golf clubs can lay down in the very back, and leave plenty of storage space (including the below floor space).

And for 3 or 4 bags, you can fold down the right side of the rear seats - and have the other bag or two extend into that area, and still have room for 4 adults to ride in the car.

We had considered ordering the Model X - and one of the major disappointments was that you can't fit golf clubs in the Model X without either removing the longer woods or folding the rear seat down.

The X doesn't have the same notch in the rear - so there isn't enough space crossways to hold a full set of clubs. If you remove the woods - and you can do it, but it seems like a hassle to do that every time you put clubs in/out of the car.

Folding down the rear seat also didn't seem to be a great option - because it doesn't have the same flat storage area as the S - it's really a ledge, not a flat space.

We're concerned about this in the Model 3. From the pictures, it appears the 3 has a similar notch on the left side of the trunk. Is it possible to lay 1 or 2 sets of clubs crossways across the rear of the trunk space - and still have room for some luggage?

If you can't do that, then laying a bag diagonally may allow the clubs to fit back there, but makes it more difficult to have clubs and luggage. And on a trip, you really don't want to fold down the rear seats - and leave the area visible when you park...

Can anyone verify if clubs can fit in the back, like they can in a Model S???

RP3 | 7 oktober 2017

@BP - I feel like I failed you now! I should have tried the set of clubs in the back where the notch is on both sides. The reason I didn't is that I tried initially to put it there, but the driver wouldn't clear the trunk opening with the bottom of the bag in the rear left notch. That's when I just pushed the bottom of the bad in farther to get the set in the trunk. There's still a chance you can push the bottom of the bag in the trunk then reposition the bag to lay sideways across the very back of the trunk. The notches looked big enough for 2 bags. *if* there's another San Diego meetup I may take 2 sets and try it out for you. Just the fact that I know I can get 2 bags in was enough for me.

coleAK | 25 februari 2020

4 sets will fit easy if you all have moderate (or smaller) size carry/cart bags (like ping hoofer). Just take the woods out of each bag, lay the bags sideways then put all the woods on top of the bags. I’m a retired pro and can fit 2 huge tour bags and 2 carry bags in the trunk of our 3.

spuzzz123 | 25 februari 2020

Flag count +1 on Dangolfy and I’m a golfer